STOPPED by Deep Sentinel #43: Live Guards Protecting Homes & Businesses

Check out this compilation of crime stops by Deep Sentinel: live guards on duty, stepping up to prevent crime! Through the use of cameras, AI-technology, and 2-way audio, our live guards are able to PROACTIVELY prevent crime — something that no other alarm or security system can do.

Featured in this week’s crime stop:
• Deep Sentinel guard prevent a break-in at a residential property in Shoreline, WA
• Live guard deters a suspect attempting to tamper with car doors after-hours at a dealership in Anaheim, CA.
• Deep Sentinel guard stopped vandalism-in-progress at a local business in Los Angeles, CA.
• Live guards prevent an auto burglary at a closed business in San Francisco, CA.
• Live guard scares off a group of trespassers tampering with the front door of a residential property in Hemet, CA.
• Deep Sentinel’s AI deterrent scares off a trespasser lurking at a closed business after-hours in Eureka, CA.

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