Što je Pi network?*tutorijal za početnike*|ep 1

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Hello everyone!!
Welcome to a new video on my channel.
In this video we will talk about the new cryptocurrency Pi.
See you after intro!
First I will explain to you what a PI network is.
Pi network is a big project started by a team of three.
The project was started in March 2019 approximately 1 year ago.
The aim of the project is to build free and secure mining of Pi.
Mining Pi is easy, you need a phone and the internet
To mining Pi you need to spend only 10 seconds daily in the application.
How to mine Pi and how to use Pi network aplication?
You first need to download the application Pi network!
Link in video description!
Next you need to open the application and log in via facebook or mobile number.
It’s easy.
After login application ask you for invation code,type “alanko323” for 25% more profitl.
The next is to click lightning for start mining.
Mining turns off every 24 hours. I said at the beginning of the video you only need 10 seconds daily in the app to click lightning for start mining.
It is important to note that the app does not consume battery or the internet!
For mining PI you don’t risk anything!!
How to see and send link and your invation code to your freind?
When your friend join the Pi network app with yours invation code you get 25% more profit for you and your friend.
This is how you build your earnings team
After 3 day mining you have your security circele and you can add friends in your security circle.
You can add a lot of people in your security circele but you will earn more than just 5 people.
The highest profit you will get from your security circele is 0.20 Pi / h.
Only add friends to your security circle who won’t try to cheat the Pi network because you and your friend can get a block of Pi mining!
In the next episode, I’ll tell you more about the security circuit if you support this episode.
How much we can earn from mining Pi??
Currently, PI has no value!!
This is the most important part of the video, you have to listen to this to know why we mining Pi!
Pi does not currently have value as it did not have bitcoin at the beginning.
Pi network app is now beta version!
In 2020 should come the right version of the application where we will be able to sell Pi.
This app is 101% free and no risk!
Keep mining Pi, when comes sending Pi you will be able to sell.
If you have any questions please ask in comments!
Good luck with mining, Good bye and see you in next episode!!