Starting a Virtual Home Tour Business from Scratch | Episode 1

In today’s video I’ll be walking you through starting a virtual home tour business from scratch. This will be done through multiple episodes so sit tight and follow along my journey to providing a virtual tour business. Replicate my steps and do the same!
This video will outline my progress in the following:

Initial cost of entry / equipment
I obtained a Matterport 250 Lite and a tripod for a total cost of $2750. This is some of the best equipment available to use in the virtual tour industry.

Creating a website.
I have established a basic website to direct clients to for more information and to fill out information so I can contact them.

Business outline
I’ve created an outline on how we can run a successful virtual tour business, create competitive pricing, starting and recurring costs and standing out from everyone else.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to comment below I’ll reply to all comments.