Starting a Candle Making Business from Home – DIY Luxury Candles Step-by-Step

Hallu Crafters!

I’ve been focusing on making candles the past 2 months, and preparing for both my October 1st Fall Holiday launch, as well as my two markets coming up in November and December.

I see a lot of people struggle online to increase the prices/value of their candles and there are a few things I do to raise the prices of candles on my Etsy shop. Unfortunately, you gotta spend money to make money and if you do it right, it will totally pay off!!

I’ve sold out of my luxury candles within a week, I didn’t even get to posting them on Etsy. I posted previews on my Instagram and so many people reached out that I only had one left by the time I wanted to share on Etsy (so I gave it to my mom lol)


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