START YOUR WORK FROM HOME BUSINESS FROM SCRATCH (0 TO 7 FIGURES AND BEYOND) / In this video I’m breaking down exactly how to start your online education business which you can start today. By the end of this video, you will know exactly how to start your online course business just by following the steps and using the really simple instructions in this video.

I’ve created a signature formula to help you launch and sell your course before you actually even create it. This system works and I’m really excited to share with you the step by step of what you can do without having any tech set up in your business to start your work from home business, your course creation business today.


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Now the next step is finding your clients.
I’m going to repeat this a few times because
it’s really important to understand, revenue…
[inaudible 00:00:07] I’m so excited for today’s
episode because this has been highly requested.
If you watched this video on the top work
from home jobs, you know that one of the best
businesses to create right now is an online
course business and becoming a course creator.
The online education space is growing every
single day and it’s expected to be a billion
a day industry by 2025.
So I wanted to make a video for you to break
down step by step exactly how to start your
online education business so you can start
I’m not just saying this.
By the end of this video, you will know exactly
how to start your online course business just
by following the steps and using the really
simple instructions in this video.
If you’re excited, give this video a like
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a new video.
Now, why should I be talking about this?
Well, over the last three years since I launched
my first course, which is YouTube for Bosses,
we have generated almost $7 million in revenue
in my business just from online courses.
We’re doing multiple six figures a month,
as you can see right here.
We’ve kept that very consistent, but I started
from absolute ground zero.
I had nothing.
No tech skills, didn’t even know what an online
course was just a couple of years ago.
The business has grown very fast.
I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but I now have
a very streamlined process in how to create
an online course and I’m helping people do
this every single day.
Inside of our Authority Accelerator Program,
I basically created a signature formula to
help you launch and sell your course before
you actually even create it.
I wanted to show you a few examples of just
what’s possible and also how many niches you
can use to create an online course.
We’re going to talk about that and how to
discover and define your niche really, truly,
definitively in just a second.
Take a look at this client right here who
was able to generate his first sale for a
course he hasn’t built yet and he is in these
social skills space.
Even in a time like this, he’s still able
to sell his program and it’s in demand because
he’s pivoted, which I keep emphasizing.
It’s not the time to panic, it’s the time
to pivot.
He pivoted from social skills in person to
building your social skills online.
Now we also have another client who’s in the
health and fitness space and she was really
nervous about selling right now and I encouraged
her that if you have something that’s in demand,
it’s a generous act to get it out into the
At a price point of $500, she enrolled 11
students into a brand new program that she
hasn’t even built yet.
That’s about $5,000 in revenue right there.
Then we had another client who had no sales
Came in completely blind to all of this and
managed to book her first couple of sales
calls and enroll three clients into her astrology
The sky is the limit.
This system works and I’m really excited to
share with you the step by step of what you
can do without having any tech set up in your
business to start your work from home business,
your course creation business today.
Let’s get into it.
First and foremost, definitely make sure that
you grab a notebook or you have a document
open on your computer so you can take notes
throughout this, but the only tools that you’re
going to need are a notebook or a notepad
or just a document open on your computer.
You’re going to need Zoom and you’re going
to need Calendly or some sort of scheduling
system to put into place to get your online
course up and running today.
Those are the main tools that you need.
Now here are the other things that I want
you to know.
If you’re feeling nervous about starting a
business right now or you’re feeling nervous
about selling, I shared something on Instagram
stories the other day that I think will be
really helpful for you to hear.
The first thing is never before have we experienced
this level of crisis in combination with the
The world is at your fingertips and they need
your skillset.
You just have to show up.
Entrepreneurs are problem solvers.
There are a lot of problems to solve right
now and a lot of people who need your help.
Again, this is an incredible time to be starting
a business and to find a true need to fill
as an entrepreneur.
Second, the only reason that you shouldn’t
be selling right now is if your product or
your service sucks.
Period, end of story.
Businesses have always survived throughout
any sort of economic crisis.
There are always businesses.
The world needs business, the economy needs
Don’t use this as an excuse to not show up
and to not sell your programs and your services
and to show up as an entrepreneur in the world.
We need you right now.
Don’t hide behind the excuse that this is
a bad time because actually, through some
of the biggest crisis’s in the world, some
of the most incredible entrepreneurs and businesses
have been born.
So this is your time.
Step number one, is defining your niche.
So we’re going to get into that in just a
second, but the first thing you need to know
is that in order to find a niche that’s actually
going to make money and be profitable, you
have to define the need and the delivery method.
One thing that I’ve noticed, and I’m so inspired
by is I’ve been watching so many entrepreneurs
bring their businesses online and figure out
the delivery methods.
So they already were filling a need, now they’re
just tweaking how they deliver it.
I.e prime example is gyms.
Actually my personal trainer and the gym that
I go to, they’ve taken their business completely
virtual and online.
Because people still want to be healthy and
They just can’t physically go into a gym right
Instead, what they’ve done is they set up
a YouTube channel, they’re doing Instagram
lives and they’re doing virtual classes and
training sessions and people are still happy
and willing to pay for those because they
still need to remain in shape.
There is a need, they just had to tweak the
That’s a really good example.
How can you possibly tweak your delivery of
your business product, service, or skill to
fit the current climate?
Now, how to define what kind of niche is going
to be profitable for you or what your niche
should even be?
There’s four questions to truly focus on and
these will help you uncover your online education
topic or your course topic.
Number one, what is a problem or an obstacle
that you have overcome or solved for yourself
or for somebody else?
Because truly your experience is your expertise.
You can’t teach something that you don’t have
experience in.
Don’t try and go outside of yourself or copy
with somebody else’s doing, it has to come
from your own experience.
That’s the first question.
Second question, what makes you different
than anyone else on the planet?
Generally, your differentiating factors are
the things that people want to know most from
Really tap into what do I have that’s different
about me that other people want to know or
ask questions about all the time.
That again, could reveal your profitable topic.
I know one of our clients has always struggled
with her gut health.
That’s something that a lot of people ended
up coming to her to help them solve and that’s
how her online course was born.
Which brings me to question number three.
What is something that people are constantly
asking you for help with?
What do your friends and family come to you
What do your coworkers come to you for?
What are your skill sets that maybe you don’t
even realize are skill sets?
For me, I used to make movies all the time.
I would make videos and movies just in my
fun spare time as a hobby and I didn’t even
think about it as something that I could build
a business route.
Shocking, but sometimes we take our skillsets
for granted.
Even ask your friends and family, what do
you think my unique genius is?
What do you think I’m really good at?
What would you come to me for?
Or just start paying attention to the questions
people are asking you.
The fourth question is, what skill sets have
you learned in your job or in your business
that are in high demand and that people need
from you right now?
This also means you may need to pivot.
So one really great example of this is I follow
Shaughnessy on Instagram.
She’s a local woman who has this amazing brow
business, brow tattooing business.
She’s really good at it, but obviously she
had to shut down her business.
Now, she’s teaching others how to do brows
the same way that she does because right now
people are investing in their education and
they’re investing in themselves.
She’s giving people an avenue to start a new
business or start a new career by doing brow
She’s the expert at it.
So she’s now teaching it.
Do you have a skill set or something that
you’ve learned over the years or mastered
that you could then teach to others instead
of actually doing the work for them?
That’s the basis for an online course.
Now, the next phase of your niche and figuring
out if there’s actually money in it, is you
just have to look for the demand and profit.
How you do this, is you use resources like
Amazon and Google to find things on the market.
You want to see competition.
You want to see people who are actually making
money covering the topics that you’re wanting
to cover because that’s proof that there is
actually profit in it.
It’s really simple to do.
You just simply Google your niche plus workshop,
or plus a conference, plus convention and
see what comes up.
Then the other way to do this is to go on
a site like Amazon and look up what books
are on the topic.
Are people currently paying for knowledge
in this space?
Are there university courses on this?
How much do people pay for university?
A lot of money.
I can guarantee you that your specific skill
set or expertise, there are either local classes
like cooking classes, et cetera, or there
are classes being taught in university that
people are paying to attend.
That means that they will pay to attend your
online course as well.
I mentioned in this video, my livestream,
that the thing you want to pay attention to
is what we call product zeitgeist.
This was coined by venture capitalists and
it’s a really great term because it basically
shows you the success model and the equation
to create a successful business.
It’s success equals timing, plus product,
plus society’s mindset.
As I mentioned, there are a lot of businesses
right now that I’ve been forced to shut down
or are struggling because society’s mindset
is to consume things more so online.
That’s allowing you to pivot into the online
space and see that there’s high demand here.
Online businesses truly if you have a good
product, are thriving.
That shows you that you can make the pivot
and understand how that formula can be applied
to your business.
The next step is to create your curriculum.
You want to think of yourself now as an educator
and as a teacher.
Majority of you have attended school before.
How did we all learn?
We learned by things like textbooks and we
learned via things like particular formulas
and curriculums in order for us to remember
The same thing applies to online courses.
Really what an online course is, is it’s a
repeatable system that people can use without
you having to reteach it over and over and
over again.
You need to just create a formula that gets
people to the outcome that they’re looking
I always say that people are not paying for
information, they’re paying for transformation.
You just need to ensure that your curriculum
achieves an outcome that is desirable and
valuable to your client.
How do you create your curriculum?
It’s really simple.
All you need to do is start with the hero
outcome that someone would be looking for.
In my case, when people come to me, they’re
looking to create an evergreen business that
can run on autopilot, that revolves around
an online course and can scale very easily.
I know that’s the hero outcome.
How do I get people there?
I then identify the hero outcome, I identify
the zero outcome.
The zero outcome is you have an idea for a
course, but you don’t know how to create it.
You’re not sure how to get more visibility,
but you’re an expert.
You’re not sure how to grow an audience or
build a brand.
You’re stuck basically.
Then I basically take that and I figure out
how do I get someone from that zero situation
to the hero situation.
I need to create a formula.
So I create my signature formula and my signature
curriculum and get people to go through it.
The biggest piece of creating your curriculum
is you actually have to subtract content because
oftentimes people get so caught up in the
information part of this that they just stuff
everything into their online course, but you
have to remember everyone is short on time
and people want to get results quickly.
How do you get people results quickly?
You cut and trim the fat.
You don’t put everything into your course,
you keep it very focused on one outcome and
the exact formula to achieve that outcome.
If you look at our program, YouTube for Bosses,
you can see how we set this up.
For you, if you have your notepad out or you
have a document up right now, all you need
to do is break down your curriculum in that
formula and organize it into modules and then
into lessons.
So if you look at our YouTube for Bosses Program
in phase two, it’s all about creating the
It starts with a lesson on scripting, then
a lesson on filming, then a lesson on editing,
and then a lesson on going live.
That’s the structure.
You want to have module, which basically is
a category inside the course and then the
specific lessons that achieved the outcome
of that module.
Then the entire course and all of your curriculum
and there is going to help you achieve the
overarching outcome that your course is delivering
on and that’s what people are going to pay
The next piece is obviously pricing.
How do you price your online course?
I see so many people undervaluing their skill
set and the outcome of their programs and
it’s painful because it’s a really hard way
to create any sort of real business.
I wanted to share this with you because one
of my clients recently upped her price by
joining our Authorities Program.
We taught her how to properly price her program
and it’s in the health and fitness space,
but because she knows the value of her outcome,
it’s reflected in the price.
She did one sales call and a program that
she used to sell for $97, she upped the price
to $1,500 and on the first sales call that
she had enrolled someone at $1,500.
Because the price of the program was no longer
based on the information included, et cetera.
It was based on the outcome and the efficiency
of getting to that outcome for her client.
People pay for transformation.
Just remember that.
Some things to consider when you’re thinking
about your price is what do people currently
pay to get the outcome that you’re providing?
Let’s say it is fitness and it’s helping women
achieve a post baby fit healthy body, which
is something that our clients actually deliver
on and we have a few clients with courses
on that topic.
If that’s the case, some women will go as
far as getting a tummy tuck.
Some women will go as far as getting liposuction.
Someone women will go as far as going to a
plastic surgeon.
Some women will pay for a monthly gym membership.
Some people will pay for a personal trainer.
That’s a lot of money if you add that all
You have to take that into consideration.
The cost to the client currently trying to
achieve the same outcome that your course
is going to deliver.
They’re paying a lot of money for that.
Why would your course be undervalued?
You have to consider that when you price your
program too low, people don’t take it seriously.
You’re not actually going to get great customer
results and proof and getting that proof from
your clients is a huge piece of how you sell
it because you need to show that it actually
People are coming in at $97 they don’t really
have any skin in the game, they don’t really
Why are they actually going to do the work?
Because the thing is an online course and
program only works and you can only scale
it if people are actually getting results.
They only can get results by doing the work.
People are more likely to do the work if they
actually pay what it’s worth.
Another thing to consider is what are the
I have another client who teaches people how
to play the guitar.
He’s got a really incredible system and he
was talking about, “How do I price this,”
et cetera.
You have to think that a lot of people are
paying for guitar lessons in person and that’s
costing them a ton of time because they have
to travel to and from.
They have to pay for gas, they have to do
all these things.
You take all of those things into consideration
and into account.
You can see that people are currently paying
to get this outcome.
So why would you undervalue and give it away
for free when you know your system works and
when you know you’re going to deliver the
transformation that your client is looking
You’re probably thinking, I’m not teaching
people how to make money or start a business.
Neither are any of those clients that I just
mentioned and they’re still able to charge
a premium.
What you need to look at is, I always referenced
this, it’s Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and
this basically breaks down.
If your course outcome fits into one of these
categories, then you’re going to be able to
charge for it because it is a vital need for
every human being on the planet.
If it can fit into self actualization, so
the desire to be the most one can be.
Esteem, respect, self-esteem, status, recognition,
strength, freedom, love and belonging, friendship,
intimacy, family, sense of connection, safety
So personal security, employment resources,
health and property and physiological needs.
Air, water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing,
If it fits into one of these categories and
solves one of these needs, it is valuable.
If you want further reinforcement for why
it’s important to charge appropriately and
price appropriately, even if it scares you,
watch this video on how to respond when people
tell you your prices are too high.
Now the next step is finding your clients.
I’m going to repeat this a few times because
it’s really important to understand.
Revenue comes from repetition.
Revenue comes from repetition.
Even if you’re not selling immediately, the
only way to get clients is to be known for
whatever it is that your online course is
Why do you think, I talked about YouTube so
Why do you think I talk about online courses
so much?
Because the more I repeat that, the more I
become the goto.
Ask yourself the question, I want to create
an online course about this, but when was
the last time I actually told anyone about
it or actually positioned myself as an expert
or shared any content around it?
If you haven’t done any of those things, how
are people going to know they can work with
you or hire you?
There’s really two ways to find clients.
You’re either going to have people inbound
or outbound.
When you’re first starting your business,
you have to go outbound.
Meaning that you’re going out there and you’re
finding people to build relationships with.
My team and I, we call it planting seeds.
I did a lot of this when it was just me as
a solopreneur starting my business.
I basically would tell everyone on their dog
what I did and what I was good at because
I knew eventually if I cast a wide net, someone
was going to want to work with me.
That’s really how I started from scratch and
built up to multi seven figures a year in
our business.
To this day I’m still telling people my expertise
and what I’m good at because it attracts clients
all the time.
How do you do this?
You can use Facebook groups, you can use hashtags,
you can use the comments on your YouTube videos.
If you have any kind of an audience or you’re
looking for any kind of an audience, there
are clients in those spaces.
You also want to leverage your social media
platforms even if it’s just family and friends
on those networks.
Again, your family and friends are going to
know you then for being an expert on that
topic and they’re going to tell their networks
as well.
That’s really how you get your first clients
in the door.
We have something called A Profitable Content
Template and we follow this model to create
content that’s actually going to make money
and attract clients.
This is what it looks like.
The first thing you’re going to do is address
the pain point.
Feel like you’re struggling to get more views
on YouTube.
Here’s how I got to 20 million views on my
YouTube channel in three simple steps, and
then you educate and execute.
Show them exactly what you want to teach them.
You’ll say something like, “First, I start
with the research process.
You have to research before you record.
In order to do this, you need to use tools
like keywords everywhere and use a Google
search to find topics that are on high demand.”
Then you’re going to share your experience.
That’s the third part of this.
Reference your own experience in solving or
overcoming this problem.
I started with a window and a webcam and no
idea how to use YouTube and I’ve built my
channel to over 400,000 subscribers and 20
million views.
These are just three of the steps that I’ve
used to get to 20 million views for myself
and for my clients in getting them to 100,000
subscribers in less than a year.
That’s problem solving.
Then the fifth step is take action.
If you want to 10 X your views on YouTube,
make sure that you comment below and I’ll
be sure to shoot you over a DM.
Then from there, people are going to DM or
comment and every single one of those people
is a potential client for you.
Don’t underestimate if you’re getting one
like or one comment on your posts on social
media or on your videos on YouTube.
Those people are still people who are interested.
Even if they don’t buy now, everyone says
the money’s in the followup and it is, build
Plant the seeds.
Take this time to start becoming known for
the outcome of your program because that again,
is going to attract more clients.
Just build relationships, talk to people,
ask what they need, get to know your ideal
client inside and out because the better you
know your ideal client, the better your copywriting
messaging, funnel, et cetera, is all going
to be when you do have to put that into place,
but like I said, this is all about starting
These are the actions to take to start today
because you would be surprised that everyone
I showed you at the beginning of this video
didn’t have a funnel, didn’t have anything
set up.
They were using exactly what I just shared
with you.
Profitable content to attract their first
Next place to find clients is past clients
or your network that you’ve built through
the years or anybody who might know you for
being an expert at what you do.
If you had another business where you were
dealing with a similar sort of model or expertise
and people came to you for a similar thing
that your courses on, go back to those people.
Also, your friends and family.
Tell every person in your network exactly
what you’re doing and say, “Hey, if you know
anybody who would need my help, please let
me know.
Just shoot them over an email.”
All of these micro actions are going to lead
to your first clients.
Now the next thing to do is to get as many
people as possible onto Zoom calls.
This is where you’re going to tell people
about your program and actually enroll and
sell people into it, but you want to go into
these calls just looking for feedback because
again, the better you know your potential
clients, the better you’re going to be able
to sell and scale your online course.
You need to know what they need and want instead
of just thinking you know what they need and
want because that’s actually going to help
you sell the program better.
I say get on a minimum of 50 calls with people
in order to collect as much feedback as possible.
So that you can be potent at selling your
online course.
You can simply just set up those calls on
Zoom, so you can record them, listen to them
back, and pay attention to any specific pain
points or desires that your clients want and
Even if they don’t enroll or buy with you
right now, you’re going to pick up on so much
valuable information from them to help inform
future sales calls and future promotions of
your product and service.
The final thing here is just talk about what
you do as much as you can.
I’m still doing this to this day and like
I said, we’re doing multiple six figures a
month in my business and I’m still promoting
their products and services every single day.
Because I know it’s an act of generosity for
people to know about what I do because what
I do works so well.
It would be terrible for me to hide it away
from the world when I know it’s in demand.
When I know it’s in need and when I know that
it solves a problem.
Also by talking about what you do so much,
you are planting more and more seeds.
Maybe somebody sees a post of yours today
but they don’t end up enrolling or buying
until a year from now.
That happens all the time, but at least they
know and you’re starting to nurture them into
truly seeing you as an expert.
Now the next step here is obviously you need
to take payment.
In order to take payment for your online course,
you can use something like PayPal or Stripe.
I recommend starting with PayPal.
It’s probably the easiest.
I did make this video on how I started my
business for less than $100 and I dive into
all of the tools that we used to start the
business, but pretty much everything that
you need, I’ve already mentioned, but in order
to take payments, you do need to set up some
sort of payment processing.
I would recommend getting started with something
like PayPal.
Now the next step that is so vital in building
an online course business and really any kind
of online business is an email list.
Because you don’t own social media.
You don’t own Facebook, you don’t own Instagram,
you don’t own YouTube.
You own your email list.
Your email list is going to be your goto database
of clients.
Whether they buy now or they buy later.
Do you need to set up some sort of platform
to do this?
You can create a grassroots email list because
simply if you’re using something like a Mailchimp
or you’re using an ActiveCampaign, all you’re
doing is collecting people’s contact information.
Their first name, their last name, and their
email address.
That’s all you need to start with.
Every single person that you talked to on
those Zoom calls or any potential client that
you talk to over DM, ask them if you can have
their email address.
Then all you’re going to do is put it into
a spreadsheet.
Whether that’s spreadsheets on Excel or on
Google Spreadsheets, just store it somewhere.
So you have built an email list without having
to pay for a service or get caught up in all
the complicated tech because anything that
is a distraction right now, is distracting
you from actually getting clients in the door.
You need to get clients in the door to prove
your offer.
The next point is delivering your course.
How do you deliver your online course, especially
if you haven’t actually built it yet.
You deliver your course live for your first
round of it.
The reason you do this is because a lot of
people waste so much time building a course
and having no idea that people actually need
it, which is the value of talking to so many
people on the phone and enrolling as many
people as possible into your online course
because the more you can do that, the more
people you have in your program and can test
this on.
Online education really is a game of numbers.
If you’re trying to work one on one with people,
you’re kind of playing the lottery in seeing
if they’re actually going to get results.
You have to get people in the door to keep
each other accountable and to create a little
bit of like mentorship as well as competition
because people want to be the best.
You enroll as many people as you can.
You deliver your program live.
Even if you only have one person in there,
it doesn’t matter.
Ideally, you’re going to have a group of three
to five people inside of your first round
of your course.
You deliver it over eight weeks, set a set
time once a week to deliver that online training.
Deliver each lesson week by week through the
process of building your modules and your
lessons as we went over before.
You deliver the content live, tweak it as
you go.
Tweak the formula as you go because you might
think that it makes perfect sense, but when
you deliver it live, your clients could say,
“I kind of need you to reiterate that part
again, or I need you to redo that part or
that didn’t make total sense to me.”
So you’re getting that real world feedback
so that when you do turn this evergreen, it’s
the best possible course that it can be.
Don’t waste your time building your course
and then trying to sell it.
Sell your course, sell the outcome of your
course, and then deliver the curriculum week
by week.
In order to deliver that, you would deliver
it via Zoom and then you would have a Facebook
group set up for your paying clients to help
them and support them and customize feedback.
In my case, I have clients that are in all
different kinds of niches as I showed you
Astrology, skincare, mathematicians, accountants,
lawyers, doctors, everything across the board.
Obviously each person has some questions about
how it can be customized and our system, can
be customized to them, but the majority of
their questions are answered in the curriculum.
I go into the Facebook group every day and
offer customized feedback to individual people
if they have questions.
Then we do a live call each week to go over
any support questions as well.
That’s really the delivery.
Is you have Zoom calls to deliver your curriculum.
You have your Facebook group, and then you
can do an extra call each week just for questions,
Q and A feedback.
Now you want to over deliver in this live
version of your course because we’ve created
something called the online business flywheel,
which really is how I built my business.
What a flywheel is, is that it takes momentum
in order to get it going and it takes effort
to get it going.
This is really what you’re doing in the beginning.
By delivering your course live.
You’re getting people in the door.
It starts with your course, which you’ve created
your curriculum for.
You’ve then sold people into your course and
then you have to create their transformation.
The faster you can get your clients to transformation,
the faster they’re going to become ambassadors
for your program and then sell your program
for you.
They’re going to basically help you scale
your program because you’re giving them such
incredible results.
Those are really the four key components to
building an online course that is built to
last and to get amazing results for your clients,
which then turns them into your biggest ambassadors
and kind of like mini salespeople because
they’re going to tell all of their friends
and their whole network that they have to
enroll in this program.
In order to collect that proof, you can just
ask your clients who go through the live version
of your program, ask them for testimonials.
Screenshot any wins or successes that they
That is your proof to show that your program
truly does work.
Now the final step of this is turning this
all evergreen.
You’ve launched your program, you’ve finished
delivering your program live, and now you’re
going to just package it.
Instead of delivering it live, you’re then
going to take all the feedback you got from
your clients and you’re going to package it
into an online course.
You can use platforms like Thinkific, which
is our choice and the platform I’ve been using
for my courses for a long, long time.
The only platform I’ve ever used actually.
Then there’s Kajabi and Teachable.
So that’s where you package your course and
it becomes self study, but then you still
have your Facebook group for customized support
on a daily basis and you have a weekly call
to offer customized guidance.
It really frees up a ton of your time, but
still allows you to elevate your impact because
you’re able to reach so many more people rather
than trading your one on one time or trading
time for dollars.
It creates incredible mentorship and community
with your clients because they’re all supporting
one another and they’re all going on the journey
If you really want to truly understand how
to then take this because now you know exactly
how to start this online course business today.
Take this and turn it totally evergreen, which
means that it can run and grow on autopilot
without you.
Make sure the checkout
It’s my free training on to create an evergreen
autopilot online education business.
I’m excited for you guys to check that out.
Next step.
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