Start Your Online Home Plant Nursery Business with NO MONEY

Start Your Online Home Plant Nursery Business with NO MONEY


Making your own products takes out a lot of potential issues in your business and starting a home nursery will also be one of the cheapest option available.

If you’re a beginner, that’s an ideal business for you to learn marketing skills and much more with no risks and no investments.

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I will tell you how to start your own home 
nursery business where you will be doing  
everything from the production of the products, 
in this case plants to the final sale.
I live in an agricultural region with a  
lot of farmers and nurseries so I’ve 
been studying this market for years
I’ve myself grown and sold a lot 
of plants in the past and I’m still  
selling in very small high-ticket niches.
First let’s talk about sales. 
You should have your own website because 
it’s the most time efficient way to sell  
but you should also especially at the beginning 
be selling on social medias especially Facebook,  
Instagram and maybe TikTok because 
those are the best for that niche.
The product itself has a 
lot of marketing advantages. 
First because it costs almost zero dollar to make  
then you can produce a very 
high quality again for almost 0$
It is made locally by you at the 
beginning and then your employees 
Then it is a family business which has a 
very high value for some customers that  
want to boycott the big brands.
You will be shipping your products yourself 
which is a big advantage at the beginning  
because you can use fast shipping and 
branded packaging with your flyers  
and everything that is relevant 
for your customers inside.
It’s also possible to sell to local markets 
and avoid shipping costs all together.
If you want to grow you need to think 
about scalability from the beginning. 
Your margins should include the 
average employee wage for the  
time when you will want to outsource 
the production or hire employees.
When you will have a decent amount of customers 
you can start selling eBooks you can start doing  
online masterclasses or local workshops 
that you can outsource to local nurseries. 
You can even do training for professionals 
that want to sell their products online.
You must know that this business often 
requires a specific business license  
so make sure to check your local regulation.
Let me tell you the point that will completely 
make or break your business. That will either make  
it very profitable or complete waste of time.
This is of course the market research. 
You need to be very diligent about 
it especially in this business  
because a lot of plants are not worth your time 
that is why a lot of farmers and nurseries are  
barely making any profit and on the other hand 
a lot of small companies are making a killing. 
First you need to decide if you 
want to sell locally or nationally  
or even internationally but this often 
requires specific permits from the buyer.
Then you need to decide if you want to sell common 
plans which are very cheap but sell in a very high  
volume or you want to sell rare plants that 
are very expensive but are quite hard to sell.
You also need to decide if you want to 
sell to individuals or professionals  
and if you want to sell to professional do 
you want to sell to retailers, to wholesalers,  
to architects, to landscapers maybe, 
to bonsai artists or anything else.
Another important decision is do you want to  
use organic or conventional 
method to grow your plants.
At the beginning I advise you to start multiple 
channels to check which one works best for you,  
which one is most profitable and to train 
yourself with multiple species of plants.
You need to pick a few volume plants that sell a 
lot then some rare plants that are quite expensive  
then a few slow growing plants then 
you can learn the whole business.
Let’s take basil for example which 
is the second best selling plant. 
The best thing is it only comes 
with one to three varieties. 
It sells from one to three dollar plant 
depending on the growth you can easily  
sell it on the roadside or in local markets 
and it’s selling very high volume and you can  
also plant it in bulk by the hundreds or 
thousands in a very short amount of time.
Another example is tomatoes which are 
the best-selling plants the downside  
is this come with a lot of varieties, 
at least 10 for the best sellers. 
They’re also selling from a very 
wide range from 1$ hour to 15$  
depending on the rarity of 
the plant and the growth. 
But the best part is they sell in very high 
volume and most of the customers are buying  
more than one, they also can be planted in 
bulk buy hundreds or thousands like the basil.
Then you can go on a whole 
other niche like indoor plants,  
succulent for example they come with a lot of 
varieties, they are very slow to grow which  
is an advantage and an inconvenient 
but they are very low maintenance.
They have a huge range of price 
from just 1$ for the very common to  
more than 100$ for the very 
rare plants for collectors.
What I like the most about succulent is a 
very high potential for cross-sale and upsells  
especially for the premium pots that you can do 
DIY yourself with concrete or clay for example  
or you can do a partnership with a local 
craftsman and sell their products in your store.
You also have very high crossing 
potential with premium soil either  
from big brands or from your own DIY mixtures.
The biggest downside is the current is one  
by one planting or at least five 
by five so no bulk planting here.
Another niche I like a lot is underwater plants 
because they have a lot crossing potential with  
fish or drop service like aquarium 
maintenance that you can outsource completely.
You also have tropical terrarium 
plants or orchids or small trees. 
Small trees require more space obviously 
and are very slow growing but are very  
low maintenance and the price can go 
quite high especially for rare species.
Then another niche I love is medicinal plants, 
it has a very high potential for cross sells and  
upsells but the biggest downside is the business 
license which is often very hard to get.
Another idea would be selling seeds but  
keep in mind it requires a lot of 
skills to make it worth your time.
Overall the nursery business is something 
I recommend for beginners with a very low  
budget because you will be able to learn a lot of 
things from local marketing, online marketing, to  
do your own branding, to sell in the mass market 
as well as a premium niches and much much more.
I hope you really like this video and 
it will help you to start your business,  
if that’s the case please leave a thumb 
up and subscribe if you want to see more. 
Thank you and see you next time.

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