Start up a answering service, virtual operator home business is this simple

FROM the Developer…
THIS IS A OLD VIDEO.. i am ongoing now 30 + years

NO RECURRING COST HERE.. YOU OWN IT Run upto to 5 operator stations.. Filemaker source code even available. Just need to pay your monthly voip provider.. Want to be in cloud,, WE USE FILEMAKER..rules.. and think about $80x12months is about a $1000 a yr.. and those additional charges add up too.. HOW LONG TO YOU PLAN ON BEING IN THE BUSINESS?

This is a Filemaker driven application that’s pretty fabulous
In reality, as the programer.. it’s as simple as 2 files, program & data.. video 5 minutes

I have helped others, maybe your interested in starting a answering service or virtual operator answering your clients calls. If I help you, using my 30 years experience doing this.. maybe it be worth helping me.. I need exposure, references, SEO, sales, other countries, this is the ONLY stand- alone messaging application of this type business with option to integrate to other VoIP provider. Also can run single-user on a memory-stick, support muliple and remote users following Filemaker rules See other subject videos, more info on my website too.