Solitary Man

A car magnate (Michael Douglas of WALL STREET) watches his personal and professional life hit the skids because of his business and romantic indiscretions.
There he is.
How are you doing, Chuck?
I can’t decide if you look
better in person
or on those commercials.
Smoke and mirrors, Doc.
What can I tell you?
Hey, I got a new dealership
right across the bridge.
I cannot keep them
on the lot.
Nancy was there
for the grand opening,
you know.
It’s a tradition
we’ve had since…
since I guess she was
pregnant with Susan,
our second dealership.
She just shook
so many hands, you know,
after we cut the ribbon
then she sold
three cars herself.
I’m sure she did.
She asked me
for a commission.
I mean, I thought
she was joking.
She was serious.
So I paid her.
You know what she did?
She went out
and she bought me
three suits.
She said I should look
like a businessman,
not a car dealer.
Well, some things
you can’t change.
Which reminds me…
that lease comes up
on your wheelbarrow,
you call me.
I’m gonna give you a ride,
make you look like
a Madison Avenue doctor, okay?
We have to do this.
Lay it on me, Chuck.
Let’s go.
Okay, I’ll see you
in a year, Chuck, huh?
Better yet, why don’t we
get a round 18 in
before the summer?
Before that, I think.
I… I don’t love
your EKG.
You don’t love it?
There’s an irregularity.
It could be serious,
so we need a better look.
Uh, We’re gonna set you up
for this diagnostic 64 slice.
It’s a new kind
of a CAT scan.
It’ll give us a peek
of what’s really
going on in there.
♪ Melinda was mine
♪ Till the time
That I found her

♪ Holding Jim
♪ And loving him
♪ Then Sue came along
Loved me strong

♪ That’s what I thought
♪ Me and Sue
♪ But that died too
♪ Don’t know that I will
♪ But until I can find me
♪ A girl who’ll stay
♪ And won’t play games
Behind me

♪ I’ll be what I am
♪ A solitary man
♪ A solitary man
♪ I’ve had it to here
♪ Being where love’s
A small word

♪ A part-time thing
♪ A paper ring
♪ I know it’s been done
♪ Having one girl
Who’ll love me

♪ Right or wrong
♪ Weak or strong
♪ Don’t know that I will
♪ But until I can find me
♪ The girl who’ll stay
♪ And won’t play games
Behind me

♪ I’ll be what I am
♪ A solitary man ♪
SUSAN: There he is. Dad!
SCOTTY: Hey, Grandpa!
SCOTTY: Grandpa.
Don’t call me that.
SUSAN: What?
Don’t call me Dad.
And you, you don’t call me
Grandpa, not now.
What should
I call you?
You, you can call me Dad.
No, that’s what
I call my dad.
Well, then, I don’t know,
call me Captain Ben.
Where’s this one?
Don’t look, don’t look.
You’ll screw things up.
The Miami blonde?
Yeah, she was checking
me out on my way in.
Hey, give me a hug.
Maybe she’ll think
we’re married.
Yuck. Dad!
I told you.
Don’t call me that.
BEN: Oh, yeah. She’s gonna
be really happy to see me.
My favorite grandson.
Hi, sweetie.
And, you, I can’t believe
you have the time for us.
What happened
to all the divorcees
on the eastside?
That’s not fair, Nance.
No, that’s true.
I left out the widows.
Why is it still
so good to see him?
Why is it still
so good to see you?
Because you’re not
married to me anymore.
NANCY: That’s why.
Why don’t you sit down.
Join us?
BEN: Uh, maybe I can stay
for a couple of minutes.
Benny, you’re
too old for her.
I don’t know what
you’re talking about.
Oh, deny, deny, deny.
All the time, deny.
WAITER: How are you,
Great, thank you.
May I take your order?
Uh, yeah I’ll have a,
uh, cheeseburger.
I’ll have the turkey burger.
A cheeseburger.
Well, it’s just a matter of time
before I get that phone call.
You’ve been waiting
for that phone call
for 30 years.
All right. I’ll have
the chicken paillard
with a little salad.
WAITER: Very good.
SUSAN: Uh, tuna
on toast, please.
WAITER: Okay. Young man?
Uh, grilled cheese, please.
WAITER: Grilled cheese?
Be right back, folks.
Oh, Dad,
I’m gonna take Scotty
to the Natural History Museum
this weekend.
Gary has to work.
You wanna come?
I can’t.
Aw. Why not?
I’m sorry, Scotty.
Oh, you’re gonna
love this one.
I’m going up to our old
alma mater this weekend.
No. Oh, my gosh.
What, did they finally
convince you to see
the Kalmen Library?
No. Jordan and I
are taking her daughter up
for her college interview.
Doesn’t she have
her own father?
Well, apparently
he’s got a life.
Why can’t she take
the kid herself?
Because of my relationship
with the dean.
Oh, do you even like
this Jordan person?
SUSAN: Dad, you’re
a 60-year-old man.
I am not.
SUSAN: Almost. And you
are dating a woman
because of her
father’s connections.
BEN: No, I’m not going
up there alone. I’m not going.
JORDAN: You promised.
BEN: I promised
to go with you.
JORDAN: Well, I’m sick.
I can’t go.
Well, reschedule.
Allyson can’t reschedule
her college interview
just because
I have the flu.
I told you, you should
have taken the shots.
I hate shots.
Now you got the flu.
Mom, it’s fine.
I’ll fly up there myself.
In fact, I’d prefer that.
See that? She doesn’t
want me going with her.
I’d cramp her style.
That’s exactly why I want
an adult up there with her.
Her style could use
a little cramping.
Otherwise she might
come home pickled.
Mom, I stopped getting
drunk in eighth grade.
JORDA: Doesn’t matter.
You’re not going
up there alone.
Can I have a moment
with Benjamin, please?
I don’t think this
is a good idea.
Didn’t you retire
from thinking?
Why, why can’t she go
with her father?
He’s in McLaughlin
in some factory
or something.
Before I forget,
I just got the confirmation
e-mailed to me.
I printed it out for you.
So it’s all set.
It is. So think of this
as a family weekend.
First you’ll go to the meeting
my father had arranged for you.
Then you’ll take my daughter
on her college interview.
This is a hell
of an open point.
Nice traffic pattern.
Nice? It’s outstanding.
With my banking
we’ll be up and rolling
in no time.
And this zip code,
it spends.
Daughter graduates
from high school,
SUV, six airbags.
Son moves
into his own house,
little two-seater
with a lot of zip.
Your old flagship.
It was north of here,
about 25 miles.
But the family name is good
here in the community.
Yeah, well, the research
certainly shows
that the name is known
in the community,
but the negative numbers.
Pete, I paid my fine, okay?
Full restitution.
And you think that’s painful.
You should try it sometime.
You know, I’ll sponsor
the Little League,
football team,
school car wash.
Negatives will disappear.
Mr. Kalmen,
I’m gonna speak freely,
okay? Out of respect.
I’m recommending
you get the dealership
because the numbers make sense,
because my first job
was in the finance
at one of your old places.
Yes. I grew up
watching your
commercials on TV.
“I’m Ben Kalmen,
New York’s finest car dealer.”
You know, you probably
inspired me
to go into this business
in the first place.
Pete, I am honored.
But I don’t think
my recommendation’s
gonna do any good.
You know, the dealership
development committee
is not in the habit
of handing out
open points
to people who have caused
the kind of public embarrassment
in the industry you have.
You put the recommendation
before the committee,
I’ll make sure about it
getting signed off.
Okay. Fair enough.
All right.
Let me show you
the service area now.
You’re gonna like this.
No, I think it went
as well as it could

but, Jordan, please,
you gotta have your dad
talk to the three guys
from Munich.

The three younger guys,
you know, who weren’t there
when I had my…

Shall I lay out his clothes
out from him too?
Or do you think
you can handle it?
Yes, sir, roger.
I got that, colonel, yeah.
Good. Dismissed.
Hey, I like this.
So, uh, about
this weekend.
Eve? Would you turn
the sauna up
as high it’ll go, please?
I wanna sweat
this thing out. Yeah?
Uh. Look, I don’t really
think Allyson wants me
up there with her,
all right?
Oh, yes, she does.
Just like my father
wants to squander
50 years of goodwill
and connections
as well as his position
on a board of directors
just to get
an admitted grifter
a new dealership

after he almost tanked
an entire company’s
Okay, Boston, here I come.
I’d feel a whole lot better
if you would just
turn and leave.
I can see how bad
you want to.
Go to Foxes for the weekend,
or the Hamptons,
you know, wherever.
Stay out of sight.
Come on.
That’s what you were
hoping for the whole time.
Just try not
to catch anything
you might give
to my mother later
’cause I don’t wanna
have to take care of her.
I don’t lie to your mother.
I call bullshit, Ben.
You call what?
That means ask me
where I was for drinks
the other night.
I thought you said
you don’t drink.
I said I don’t get drunk.
Okay. Where were you
for drinks
the other night?
The bar at the Warwick.
And what night was that?
The night you hope
it wasn’t.
‘Cause you were
in the back booth
with that Eastern
European web special.
That was my cousin Eva.
She was in town on business.
I don’t know, why didn’t you
just come by and say hello?
I was on my way over to.
And that’s when I saw you
slip your hand under her skirt.
I thought maybe
you dropped something.
But then she started
squirming in such a way
I thought, I don’t think
he dropped anything.
So that’s gin.
Means that you won
that hand.
I don’t play cards.
Well, at least you didn’t
sell me out. Thank you.
I’d cheat on her
if she was my girlfriend.
Have a good weekend, Ben.
Okay. I’m gonna
do this for you.
Not for your mother,
for you.
I know the school.
I know the dean.
I always regretted never going
to Susan’s college interview,
I was always too busy.
Hmm. Yeah, Mom said
you used to always be
on MSNBC and CNN.
And that you had dealerships
in every town in Long Island
and New Jersey
and Connecticut.
That’s a slight
She also said
you fucked it up
six ways to Sunday.
No exaggeration there.
Look, I promise I will not
ruin your weekend.
You know,
I’ll give you a tour
of the campus,
take you over to meet the dean,
you know, for your interview.
Smooth things out.
Shake hands.
And then I’ll go back
and crash at the hotel
and you can do whatever
the hell you want to.
And this time
I won’t say anything.
And you won’t treat me
like a kid, right?
Well, you’re not
a kid, are you?
Some guy is supposed
to meet us.
I don’t know
where the hell he is.
You know,
I thought you were
an involved alumni.
Alumnus. Just means
I write the big checks.
How do you know
the dean and stuff?
Uh, he comes visits me,
or he used to,
when he’d only leave my office
with an endowed chair
in the English Department
or enough funding to break
ground on the library.
And what about now?
Courtesy calls
when he’s in town.
That’s nice.
for when I can write
the big checks again.
Look out!
STUDENT: Hey, asshole!
Let the big dog hunt.
Let the big dog hunt.
Let the what?
Let the bi… Look,
put the Frisbee down.
We’re frolfing.
That was my drive.
You call me an asshole,
I’m gonna earn it.
Oh! He just threw…
ALLYSON: Oh, my God. Ben!
Let go.
BEN: Easy. Easy, easy.
Ben, stop it.
Hey, hey, hey!
Stop all this.
Ben Kalmen.
I’m here to see
Dean Gittleson.
Someone wanna tell me
what happened here?
We had a little
I’m willing
to forgive it if he is.
I’m willing.
Get outta here.
Not so fast.
I wanna know what you’re
doing on my campus.
He’s escorting me
for my interview.
Is she your daughter?
He goes out
with my mother.
He tell you to say that?
All right, let’s see it.
You’re the donor
of the, the library
and all that, right?
Support the college
any way I can, Officer.
So you’re also the guy
that sold my cousin
in Connecticut
the leased jeep,
turned out to be financed.
Cost him nine grand
on the back end.
We did have some
unscrupulous agents.
I take full responsibility.
Yeah, well, you do
anything else unscrupulous
on my campus,
you’ll take more
than the blame.
Yes, sir.
Wow. Smooth.
Mr. Kalmen.
Uh, yes, that’s me.
Hey, I’m Daniel Cheston.
I’m the vice president
of the student senate.
Dean Gittleson
sent me to find you.
Are you, you okay?
No, I’m, I’m fine, Cheston.
I couldn’t be better.
Hi, Edward, how are you?
Good, good.
rough morning?
This is Allyson Karsch.
Hello, Allyson.
Allyson has my highest
Oh, well,
I can scarcely imagine
a greater endorsement.
Here’s what
we’re gonna do.
Mr. Cheston has agreed
to get you reacquainted
with the grounds.
I thought you might like
to see the Kalmen Library.
And then you can
come back
and meet Allyson
at Freeman Hall.
Good. All right.
Look, Cheston,
you got anything else to do
besides show me around,
do it.
You don’t wanna
see the library?
Why, because
my name is on it?
You know, you’re
walking kinda funny.
You wanna go
to the school clinic
and get it checked out?
I don’t do doctors,
not anymore.
You wanna at least clean
yourself up a little bit?
You can use my room.
Cheston, you got a girl?
Cheston is actually
my last name.
My, my first name
is Daniel.
That’s a shame.
A million Daniels
in the world.
Anybody can be Daniel.
But you get to be Cheston.
Anyway, about that girl.
Uh, yeah, I’m kind
of exploring that.
Can’t get laid, huh?
I didn’t say that.
Everything about you says it.
I mean, look at your
side of the room.
Anyone who’s got the time
to put hospital corners
on his college bed
is not spending
his days the right way.
I didn’t even think
I did that today.
You had a girlfriend
in high school, right?
Right. You met her in, what,
Model UN Program?
We were assistant directors
of the community
outreach service.
Right. Then she went
away to college.
She met some junior,
stormed the
administration building,
the provost’s office.
Yeah, how did you know
he was a junior?
They’re always juniors.
And then you’re stuck
trying to figure out
how you lost…
Let me tell you something.
Out there is nothing
but possibilities.
Hey, Cheston.
What about that one?
Or that one?
What’s wrong with them?
Nothing they’re probably
just not interested.
Well, that’s because
you don’t know
how to talk to them.
Wait, we have to get… Okay.
What the hell
did you say?
We’re hanging out
with ’em.
No, I can’t tonight.
Tonight we’re gonna
go to a party
where they’re gonna be
and girls just like them.
Cheston, someday
you’re gonna be my age.
You do not wanna regret
a night like this.
Hey, hold up.
I didn’t say anything.
No, I know.
Only saps relive this shit.
Anyway, it’s nice the bench
is still here, you know.
I’ll take care of you,
don’t worry.
I’ll show you,
I’ll show you the ropes.
BEN: Sorry we’re late.
I tried to call you
on the cell phone,
couldn’t get an answer.
No problem. This is Ted.
He gave the tour.
Ted Loof.
I was telling Allyson
she should come
by the house tonight.
We’re having a party.
I figured it’d give
a good idea
of the social culture
we have here on campus.
Oh. Great. Great.
That sounds like,
uh, it sounds like fun.
I told you those girls
were not gonna show up here.
Well, what does
it matter? Huh?
I mean, look,
look at that one.
And, and this one over here.
We’re mixin’, man.
We’re, we’re in here mixing.
We’re standing
by a keg, pouring.
We’re pouring.
And I know you wanna be
right over there, don’t you?
No, no, your eyes
are wandering over there.
Go on. Go on over
and talk to her.
No, she…
She’s not the kind of person
you’d go up to at a party,
all right?
She’s serious.
She’s studious.
She’s here, isn’t she?
She’s got a drink in her hand.
Yeah, because her brother
is a member of the house.
Nobody hooks up with her.
If you’re not gonna go
over there and see her,
then I’m gonna tell you
a story, okay?
Now, this is a little raw,
but it’s all true
so I’m gonna have to ask
for your indulgence, okay?
All right, granted.
My, uh, my first year,
when I was here
I wasn’t exactly
what you’d call
one of the elite.
I mean, I never
would have been invited
to a place like this.
I actually had a job.
I was working my way
through school.
Yeah, me too.
No, I know.
I saw your wardrobe.
So I wasn’t exactly
what you’d call an innocent,
but I was intimidated
by a lot of what I saw,
you know.
Especially the girls.
So there was this one girl
who sat in front of me
in English Composition.
Her name was
Jennifer Angel. Really.
And every day
I’d stare at the back
of this girl’s neck.
And once in a while,
you know, she’d turn her head
and I could see her face.
And she was beautiful,
you know.
She was so smart and clean,
and, Cheston, I wanted her
in the worst way possible.
But I couldn’t
figure it out.
I just couldn’t screw up
the courage, you know,
to ask her out.
To me, she was like,
uh, an untouchable.
Yeah. Untouchable.
So, anyway,
a few days later,
I’m working.
I’m tending bar, you know,
at some college event.
And this prick-ass member
of the squash team,
he comes up
and he asks me for a jack
because his back is hurting.
So I said,
“What happened?”
And he says to me,
“Jennifer Angel.”
I said, “How?”
And, Cheston,
his answer
was like a Joe Frazier
left right to the belly.
He says, “I’m fucking
her, right? Hard.
“And she’s begging me
to go harder and harder.
“Finally, I’m banging her
so fucking hard
“my bed breaks
and it falls down
and I twist my back.”
Jesus Christ.
So, I mean, I lost my breath,
right there in front of the guy.
You know, I blushed.
And I’m not the kind of guy
that gets embarrassed.
But you know what?
It was the best thing
that ever happened to me.
Knowing how she liked it
and that she liked it
freed me up to talk with her.
And the next week
it was my bed
that was almost broken.
We close
in five minutes,
so if you want anything,
it’s to go.
Used to be I’d come
in Jimmy Marino’s joint,
I could stay in here
all night.
JIMMY: Well, that’s when
my father ran the place.
Jimmy senior must have
liked you for some reason.
Some reason could have been
that I saved your ass
in every math class
you ever took?
Oh, I seem to remember
the ass-saving,
but I was doing it.
Maybe not in class.
Yeah, I think
you’re right. Yeah.
You know, I called you
when you got
in all that trouble.
But I couldn’t get
past your secretary.
Oh, you know,
she had her orders.
But I got the message.
I appreciated it, Jimmy. I…
Well, I didn’t expect
a call back. I just…
I just figured
I wanted you to know
that I called you.
No, no, I knew.
And I hope
that you understand.
No, it’s important
that I tell you this
because there were a lot
of unreturned phone calls
and I’m sorry about that.
If there was anybody
I wanted to see in this town,
it would have been you,
you know,
when I was gone.
Yeah, you always said
you’d never come back.
And like you always said,
I’d never leave.
Well, you, you got
the, uh, the place here.
And now you’re here.
Now I’m here.
Is there something you need?
Can I get a sandwich
to stay?
The usual?
Yeah. [LAUGHS]
Give me the usual
5 years, yeah.
The usual.
Okay, I gotta do this,
but I gotta make it
without hair.
Looks good, though.
Looks good.
ALLYSON: Do you? Really?
Lacrosse has been
my passion lately.
TED: And Coach says to me,
you know, “I want you
to play defense.”
TED: Yeah, so I told
the Lacrosse coach,
“I played attack
in junior high.
“I was all county
attack in high school.
“And there’s no way that
I’m playing defense.”
ALLYSON: So you’re playing
in the front line now or…
TED: No, no, no.
He cut me.
But that’s not
the point of the story.
The point of the story
is that I stood up
for myself.
I went after what I wanted.
And, you know,
that’s what I always do.
I see what I want
and I take a run at it.
Are you regaling her,
young man?
It sure sounds like it.
Yeah, you look regaled.
Stories of what?
Or its punitive compatriot,
noble failure.
Now, I say punitive
because, you know,
and this, this comes
from a man
who’s failed
in starburst colors.
There is nothing noble
in failure.
Don’t you agree, Tom?
My parents named me
after Theodore Roosevelt
and it was he that said,
“It’s not the critic
that counts,
“but the man who fails
while daring greatly.”
But, yeah,
he, he succeeded.
I mean, that’s why
we know the quote
and he became president.
He bumped up against failure,
but he became a success.
That’s not quite
what I gleaned
from your Lacrosse story.
get you anything?
Hi. Can I get a Dewar’s
on the rocks, please?
I’m gonna go
to the bathroom.
I’ll be right back.
Well, he seemed
like one thing,
you know, on campus,
turns out
he’s something else.
Well, he’s not
from the city.
I think he’s cute.
Why? You gonna stop me?
No, no.
I’m not stopping you.
You go ahead.
Do whatever you want.
You going to report it in
to my mother?
I told you that
I wouldn’t, Allyson.
I don’t even care
what she thinks.
I care what you think.
What do you think?
Well, I think
it’s a waste of time.
I think you’re gonna
put in a lot of effort
with very little reward.
Well, you, you mean
up in the room?
I don’t think I gotta
draw a map for you.
I mean, a guy like that
with a girl
who looks like you,
he’s gonna go simple.
He’s gonna get up there.
He’s gonna go
through the process,
and he’s gonna…
you know, he’s gonna be gone.
And then
what are you gonna get
out of the transaction?
I mean, that’s what
it is, isn’t it?
I mean, I know, I know
what he’s gonna get.
But what do you get?
I don’t know.
I need another drink.
Shh, shh.
Shit, here he comes.
What do I do?
BEN: You’ve got
the information.
You’ve gotta decide.
What you said about
what would have
happened in the room?
You know, it’s right.
I would have ended up
staring at the ceiling
all night
while he slept like a log.
At least in New York
I could go home.
Has it always been
like that?
I’ll say it. Um…
My first time, I was 14.
And it was, it was okay.
But it wasn’t,
like, incredible.
You know, it’s never
really incredible.
And none of the guys
I’ve been with
really know
what they’re doing,
I guess.
Why don’t you
just tell ’em?
You really don’t have
to say much, you know.
You just have to kind of
take control of the situation,
move them the way
you want them to move.
Take their hands
and put them
where you want them.
And if that
doesn’t work, then…
show them,
you know, yourself.
I promise you,
they’re never
gonna forget it.
Yeah, but it’ll make me
seem like a whore.
You’re thinking about it
the wrong way.
When you’re with
somebody that you like,
don’t you wanna know
what makes them feel good?
Well, does my mother
know what to do?
No, come on, tell me.
Yes, she knows what to do.
But, um…
But not like
the Russian, right?
Well, it’s not
her fault, you know.
She, she’s older.
And, um,
your body changes.
There’s a, uh,
a, a thickness when you…
But she’s stick thin.
No one over 40
is stick thin, not really.
Trust me.
But she can get you off?
Yes, she can get me off.
That’s it. That’s it.
That’s it. That’s it.
You show me.
Show me.
That was, uh…
It was fun.
We had a fun night.
Thanks for coming
up there with me.
I’ll just tell my mother
that I had to go back
before you
’cause I had some work
to catch up on.
Well, when we see each
other back at the apartment…

What, you think
I never cheated
with anybody at school

and had to see
their girlfriends?

Don’t sweat it.
Don’t worry about
a thing. I’m cool.

You sure you never
played cards?
PETE: Well,
the committee has met.

The official vote
will be next week.
But I wanted to give you
a head start
on getting the zoning
in order.
Yes, oh!
Yes. That’s great, Pete.
That’s really, really great.
Kalmen Motors
on the uptick.
Yeah. You suddenly
had a lot of friends
in the right places.
Well, thank you.
Looking forward
to working together, Pete.
As am I. You have found
a heck of a location.
I mean, it needs just the kind
of dealership you propose.
In fact, if they hadn’t
approved you,
I probably would’ve
getting another dealer
to open in that very spot.
If you don’t mind,
let me show you…
Sure, yeah.
…how many cars
we’re expecting you
to floor plan
into the first
couple of months.
It’s Ben Kalmen
and we have a lot
of confidence.
So this is a celebration
all around, isn’t it?
Getting your dealership
on track.
Fantastic news
about Allyson.
I can’t believe
you were able to get
the information so quickly.
It’s fantastic.
Just fantastic.
Well, the dean,
he reached out.
I mean, he telephoned me.
How sweet of you
to say that.
I’m sure you did quite
a bit of lobbying.
Really, Mom?
You think he had
to pull on the strings
that hard to get me in?
You know how
hose things are.
You’re a suitable candidate,
but without Ben’s help…
We’re so lucky to have you
in our lives, right, Al?
How about
an after dinner drink?
Let’s go out
on the terrace.
Nice evening.
Allyson, you can have
a soda.
Or, actually, since you’re
going to be a college girl,
a little wine,
if you like.
No, it’s okay.
I’m going out.
I’ll see you later.
One drink first.
Allyson, come on.
I’ll get that.
Did you get my messages?
Are you crazy?
It’s so hard
to talk here.
Yeah. That’s right.
We can’t talk.
Come on, Ben. You know
what it was in Boston.
It was…
it was a kick.
It was really, really fun.
But, you know,
now I can check
two things off my list.
The spite thing
and the daddy thing.
The daddy thing?
And I didn’t even know
it was on my list.
Or I had a list.
Now I know.
Come on. I thought
it was gonna be,
you know, the difference
between you
and the guys my age.
You wouldn’t go
simple, you know,
be all clingy and stuff.
I’m not hanging onto you.
I just thought maybe
we’d spend a little time
together, that’s all.
You need to forget
about it.
You know, I appreciate
the time you took
to make me up to the school
and you spoke
to the dean
on my behalf.
And I appreciate
the advice you gave me.
It’s already worked.
What advice?
Well, you taught me to ask
for what I want.
You know, last guy
I was with, easy.
I just gave him a blow job
first before anything else.
And then another one
so he could last
when we finally did it.
And then I got
on top of him
and I told him
exactly what to do.
And… it was awesome.
Hey, you’re making this up.
Why would I make it up?
To put me off.
To put distance between us.
I mean, I use that
trick all the time.
But usually it’s because
I actually care
about someone and I…
Yeah, well, I’m not.
I just said what
you told me to do
when you were trying
to get me up to the room.
I wasn’t trying to get
you up to the room.
It happened.
I’ve got to go.
Mom, I’m going out.
Not yet.
Now, I’m a pretty
cool customer.
You know what I do
most nights?
Try to find
somebody to take home
and never see ’em again.
Yeah, most nights
you’re not with her.
That’s besides the point.
I can’t stop replaying
our time together.
Not just in the room.
When I was talking to you,
listening, we were connecting.
I forgot you were 18.
You forgot no. That I…
No, I didn’t.
Everything all right?
No, of course.
Of course.
We slept together, Mom.
In Boston.
We did.
Isn’t that fantastic?
Oh, Dad, you didn’t.
Ask me was it worth it.
Just ask me
if it was worth it.
Well, it was.
You’re actually
gonna gloat about?
I’m not gloating about it.
I’m just stating something,
which is, as I sit here now,
it was worth it.
Suse, it was a night
and a half.
I mean, the way
an 18-year-old
body responds.
No. No.
No way, Ben.
You can’t keep dragging her
into this nonsense.
Did we wake you, honey?
I’m sorry.
No. Forget about that.
I can’t have you listen
to this crap anymore.
I told you
it was unhealthy.
Your shrink told you
it was unhealthy.
Gary, will you stay out
of my relationship
with my daughter?
My wife.
Well, I’m both.
Sure. Now you are.
Because you’re what he has.
But before he blew up his life,
what were you to him?
That is a ballsy
thing to say, Gary.
Logical, but bitter
and a little small.
I would have hoped
my daughter would’ve been
with a bigger, bigger man.
You know what, Ben?
I take care of her.
I’m here for her, always.
You’re a great
provider, Gary.
But she and I,
we’ve got something special.
We bleed the same.
Susan, let’s go back to bed.
I’ll be in
in a minute.
He’s right about a lot
of that stuff, you know.
Guys like Gary
are right about
That’s why he’s got clients
bringing him 450 an hour
and partners
fast tracking him
and all that crap.
I mean, I never said
your husband
wasn’t a smart man.
You know, it’s just he, uh,
doesn’t take any risks.
I gotta hand it
to him, though.
You know, he had the balls
to come at me, you know,
and go toe-to-toe with me.
That took balls.
Although he didn’t
stay there.
You didn’t used
to talk like this.
Well, you know,
I used to shield you.
Now I don’t bother
shielding anybody anymore.
There’s no point to it.
I learned that
when I was in jail.
You weren’t in jail.
You paid a fine and settled.
Well, I was in jail
for a night.
And before I made the deal
I used to think about it a lot.
We can have this
conversation another time.
But you came over
this late for a reason.
Yeah, it’s about my rent.
You know how close I am
to getting the dealership
and rolling up.
It hasn’t happened
and my income stream
is short.
Gary handles the checkbook.
I mean, I handle it,
but he goes over it.
It’s his money.
The money he earns
by not taking risks.
Mom gave this
as a gift.
Half her commission
on a Classic Six.
I was gonna cash it
It should cover
two months or so.
That’s all I can do.
It won’t be long.
Ben, this is
Pete Hartofilias. BMW.

Uh, no easy way to say this.
You didn’t get
the dealership.

Someone, uh,
moved the board

to vote 7-0 against you, 7-0.
So that’s that.
BEN: So I count three down
for the one who looks
like an Eskimo.
Tan bag.
I’m gonna say, uh,
divorced three years.
Kids are with the dad
tonight and, uh,
she’s looking to play
for all its worth.
FBI should hire you out
as a profiler.
If they were smart they would,
but it’s not that difficult.
Look, she’s got
no wedding ring on.
She’s showing
her pictures on her phone
to the bartender.
By his reaction,
they gotta be of her kids.
This is why I was
so good on the lot.
I know exactly what kind
of car to put her in.
And I know
what she’s looking for.
I imagine you do.
Listen, Ben, I’ve always
enjoyed our dinners, but…
I can’t let you out of here
without turning the conversation
into a different direction.
We will. We will.
Uh, the lady at the bar
with the tan bag,
can you get two
of whatever she’s drinking
and tell her
I’ll be over there
in just a second.
WAITER: Yes, Mr. Kalmen.
You’ve been a private
banking client for…
One sec, let me
just see this.
Sorry. Okay.
So I can concentrate now.
The reason
institutions like ours
have private banking clients
in the first place
is so that our highest
net worth individuals
don’t have to deal
with financial minutia.
You’re kicking me
out of the bank.
After all these years.
Must have been why
you didn’t eat
your lobster cobb.
Bank usually sends a letter.
I wanted to tell you
in person.
Well, I’m gonna try
to say this nicely.
Fuck you, Steve.
I don’t expect
your sympathy.
But I have earned
your faith.
I’ve been successful
in business
since I was 22 years old.
You had my belief.
That’s why when New York’s
honest car dealer
decided to engage in a scam
for planting phantom cars
to rip off the manufacturer
and got caught,
we continued to keep you
and your family in the bank.
Continued to steer deals
your way.
I call bullshit.
I’m sorry, you call what?
That’s what they say,
The point is, you pretend
to defend your clients
when they’re going
through tough times,
when in fact,
you’re just waiting
to write off the debits.
We’re not the ones
who changed.
You used to stay up till
three o’clock in the morning
reviewing business plans
and sales reports.
Now you can’t even
get through a meal
without jumping up and…
I was yanking you, okay?
I know the lady.
She’s the mother
of one of Scotty’s
friends in school.
Carol Salomonde.
I wasn’t planning to take
a roll with her.
I wanted to say hi.
You were yanking me?
Steve, come on.
Just give me a year
to get this together.
This is gonna cripple me.
We have to do this.
We’re finished.
Yes, Mr. Kalmen.
Can I get the check, please?
JASON: About your
house account…
Oh, he’ll pay for it.
It’s the least
he can fucking do.
Baby aspirin, huh?
Did you have an incident
or are you, uh, just cautious?
Do I seem the cautious
type to you?
Not the first word
I’d use, no.
Yeah, no, I don’t
really know for sure.
Some doctor said he saw
something on an EKG.
He wanted me
to get some tests.
What did he see?
I never went there.
God, I couldn’t live
like that.
If you were my husband…
Well, thank God
for all of us involved.
I mean, what do I
wanna know for anyway?
I just wanted to do
the things I wanted to do
and only the things
I wanted to do
until it happens.
Whatever, you know,
“it” is.
You seem to have infected me
with a little bit
of that spirit.
Oh, shit.
How did I even
end up here
with the grandfather
of my son’s friend?
Because you’re in your
late 30s, Carol.
And if you were
in your late 20s,
you would have ended up
with a dissatisfied father
of one of your
son’s friends.
Who even talks like that?
Everybody. They just say
that shit to themselves.
I let it fly.
And you think
that’s a good thing?
I think that conversation
is not our long suit.
So maybe you ought
to get dressed.
Fine by me.
And I know, for sure,
that you’re not
gonna share this
with Susan, right?
Believe me, that is
the last thing I want.
Can you do me a favor?
Can you just check
on the time on the clock?
The clock?
Yeah, it’s in the,
in the drawer.
I threw it there last night
so the alarm wouldn’t wake us.
Isn’t that the idea?
I was drunk, you know,
what do you want?
It’s early.
Well, that’s good.
Yeah, I don’t have to get
the kids till 2:00.
I’ve got another
three hours.
It’s 11:00?
Oh, shit.
GARY: Oh, great.
Hey. Happy birthday, Scotty!
You missed the party,
Captain Ben.
I know, buddy. I know.
I had… a business
meeting came up.
But, hey,
I’m here now, huh?
Yeah. But the party’s over.
You didn’t get to sing
Happy Birthday.
You didn’t get any cake.
GARY: Capital work there, Ben.
Every time I lower
the bar of expectation,
you limbo right under it.
Thanks, Gar.
You know what?
We’ll have
an after-party party.
It’ll even be better
than your birthday party.
I promise.
We will?
You going back
to the apartment?
Come on, Scotty.
Let’s go, Susan.
SCOTTY: Can he come over?
Please, Mom?
No, there’s no room
in the cab, sweetie.
Suse, just put the presents
in the trunk.
I can ride there.
If you wanna come,
get yourself there.
And you better have a cake
and presents with you.
Yes, all right.
Good job.
Oh, we’re gonna save
that for after dinner.
But it’s my cake.
You already had cake.
Oh, come on.
It’s his birthday.
Let him have a bite.
At least let me
see it, right? Okay.
Prevent defense
never works.
You keep throwing
those Hail Mary passes.
I mean, that’s
a short-term strategy.
Nice. My ball.
This is the last
quarter, guys.
We just started
this game. No way.
How many games
have you already played?
Well, this is the last game
of the regular season.
But we’re only playing
three-minute quarters,
so we’ll be done
really soon.
Half hour more, you two.
That’s it.
We have to go to your
other grandparents house.
But I wanna stay
with Grandpa.
He said I can call him that
in private.
Well, Daddy’s parents
are expecting us,
so we have to go.
Hey, no fair.
I was talking to my mom.
Hey, you snooze,
you lose, buddy.
I love you.
I love you too.
Okay. Happy birthday.
I’m gonna say goodbye
to Grandpa.
You go get ready.
I’m glad we got
a moment here alone.
I need another
small loan from you.
Oh, you’re out
of your mind.
Gary’s right.
You’ve totally lost it.
I’m not gonna give you
any more money,
especially not after
today’s performance.
Didn’t Scotty
have a great time?
He has a better time
with you than anyone.
That’s the problem.
He thinks you’re magic.
That’s how he should think
of his grandfather.
No, he should think
of his grandfather
as consistent and reliable.
Consistent is boring.
His other grandparents
are consistent.
He doesn’t wanna
go to their house.
When he needs them,
he knows they’ll come running
and that makes him
feel safe.
That’s illusion
and you know it.
No one can protect anyone.
Look what happened to me.
All of my high-end friends
I cultivated over the years
and they run for the hills.
I’m not gonna go
back and forth
with you on this.
You missed his party.
He had a smile on his face
’cause that’s the kind
of kid he is.
But I know him.
He kept looking at the elevator
every time it opened
hoping you were gonna
come walking out.
Mom and I must have tried
your cell phone six times.
I’m sorry
I missed the party,
my alarm didn’t go off.
I know you’re sorry. I know.
See, this is what you do.
And you know whose fault
it really is? Mine.
If this happens
again, that’s it.
I’m not gonna keep putting him
in a position to get hurt
when you can totally
prevent it
from happening.
What are you telling me?
You’re not gonna let me see
my grandson?
You see the way
he looks at me?
Come on, I love that boy.
Either be in his life
or don’t.
Good for you.
As important as the future
of my circulatory system is,
Nance it’s at the top
of my list right now.
Truth is, I can’t write you
another check, not now.
I need you to float me
some cash.
Well, Benny,
I’m not gonna let you starve.
You know that.
Well, that’s very
thoughtful of you
considering how many
meals I’ve given you,
how much cash has flown
from me to you…
You are not that guy.
Don’t do that.
Yeah, you never even made me
take you to court.
You put in the years.
What was I gonna do?
@hat am I gonna do, huh?
What everybody else does.
What I did.
Things change,
you move on.
I mean, who thought
I would be selling
real estate?
And it turns that
I’m good at it
and I love it.
And I love my wine classes
and I love my poker games
on Wednesday nights
with my friends
and I love going to see
the Mets and the Rangers,
and I love my view.
Look at this view.
Yeah, I know. You got
the best view in the city.
Absolutely. That’s why
I never sold it.
What do you mean, mm-hmm?
Oh. I know that look.
What, do you think
I’m holding a vigil
for your return?
I want everything exactly
the way it was
for our reunion?
No, no, no.
You made that very clear
when you shacked up
with that Mark,
the orthodontist.
Look, he was a good guy,
and, you know,
you won’t be satisfied
till I go into a nunnery.
I just find it interesting
that you never changed
the furniture.
Not a chair, couch,
even the cushions.
Is that couch still comfy?
Most comfortable couch
you ever sat on.
Well, I don’t change things
when they’re still working.
That’s your move.
So, what did
I tell you, Pete?
Is this a kickass
location or what?
Ben, hi.
Hi, Ben Kalmen.
I know who you are.
Ben Kalmen, New York’s
honest car dealer.
This is Bill Rallye.
It’s his dealership.
Welcome to Rallye Motors.
Rallye Motors. I like that.
It’s got a nice ring
to it, yeah.
Now, Ben, I told you
I love this spot.
No, look,
I’m not here to protest.
I’m here looking
for a job.
You wanna come
work for me?
I can sell the hell
out of any car. Always could.
There’s no question
about that.
Bill, do you mind
just stepping away,
give me a moment
with Mr. Kalmen?
Not at all.
My pleasure.
I’ll catch up with you,
Bill. Thanks.
Ben, I’m not sure
would even let you
buy a car from us.
You really crapped
the bed on this one.
It’s like,
I’ve never seen anyone
turn friends
to enemies so fast.
I understand.
I saw the paperwork.
It was prepared.
You were in.
I don’t know
what you did exactly.
But it…
Now there’s no way. No way.
Pete, come on.
Come on, Pete, Pete.
Pete, come on.
Let me into the house.
I promise you a really
nice parting gift.
I can’t do it.
Mr. Kalmen?
Todd. Hello.
Mr. Kalmen, you’re
three weeks late.
You’ve only been here
two months.
Now, when I let you move in
with your questionable
financials, you remember?
I remember.
You convinced me that
I could trust you.
You can, Todd.
Okay, well, then
I need a check, okay?
Or else I have to start
removal proceedings.
By tomorrow morning,
my sense of honor
is not gonna allow…
Carol Salomonde.
You had to fuck
a friend of mine.
Someone I see at school
every day.
And then mock her
in the morning,
never call her,
never return her calls.
You had to put me
in that position.
You’re priceless, Dad.
Hold, hold,
hold on here,
hold on.
I just dropped Scotty
at Sean’s house
for a play date.
That’s Carol’s son.
When I get there she stops me
and tells me the story.
Says her nanny’s
gonna bring Sean
to the next play date
because it’s just too
awkward otherwise.
What does she expect?
That I should pin her,
take her to the prom?
Just tell her to grow up.
It’s not what she expects,
it’s what I expect.
Expect that
I should be chaste,
never have any sex
now that I divorced
your mother?
I expect you
to not fuck my friends.
Todd, excuse me.
Do you think maybe…
All right.
Well, I want it
by tomorrow. Okay?
Cashier’s or certified
or you’re gone.
Pumpkin, come on,
come on inside.
You’re not a kid anymore.
You have to realize
you can’t change your daddy.
I’m still your child.
It’s time you realized
you’re my father.
How, what do you
want me to do?
I want you
to get some help.
I don’t know.
See someone,
maybe try medication.
Just something to get
your balance back.
All right.
I’m not gonna do that.
Do it for me, Dad.
For Scotty?
I never complained
about any of it, did I?
When you left Mom,
when you blew up
your franchises,
when you spent all your money
trying to stay out of prison?
I didn’t say anything.
You used to be someone
I could look up to
and now you’re just slutting
around Lexington Avenue.
I turn on the news,
I see you in handcuffs.
Well… as bad as it
may have been for you,
it was worse for me.
Come on.
What was it?
Was it one thing?
What hit the switch?
What do you want me
to tell you?
Actually, nothing.
Don’t tell me anything.
‘Cause you’re just gonna say
whatever you think
I need to hear
and then you’re gonna do
whatever you want anyway.
Suse, come on, Suse.
No. If you’re not
gonna help yourself,
then just leave me,
my friends,
and my family alone.
I’m sorry to hear that.
But not sorry enough
to do something about it.
You’re really gonna let us
just walk out of your life?
Well, you’re making
the choice, not me.
If that’s the way
you need to hear it,
then, yes, I’m making it.
Stay away from us.
Hey, Jimmy.
Come on in.
Annie’s sleeping.
I gotta serve breakfast
early in the morning
tomorrow, so…
No, go, go.
You can stay in,
in this playroom.
It’s got a really good sofa.
And there’s some linens
in the closet and pillows.
Good night.
Good night.
Jimmy, um…
Listen, how do you…
How are you fixed
for help at the deli?
I don’t know how you get
any work done here
with all these distractions.
I look and go right back
to what I’m doing.
You’ve been married
how many years?
Thirty-four years
this April.
And you never once took
one of these girls
out for a picnic?
I’m married to Annie.
I know, you said that.
But not once, not even once?
It’s not like these girls
are throwing themselves at me.
These girls are into
economics, micro, macro.
They are… they don’t know
what 58k a year gives you.
They’re looking to find
somebody their own age
or some rich asshole.
No offense.
Why would I be offended?
All right.
You want me to tell you
why it doesn’t bother me?
All right.
When my father gave me
this place years ago
I used to dream
about these girls.
Every night, dreams,
all kinds of dreams about ’em.
But then I’d see ’em
coming back after graduation.
They’d come
to homecomings,
ball games.
They’d sit
at the same tables,
eat the same food.
And I look at them
and I notice,
they don’t stay like this.
None of ’em.
They put on years
and pounds and wrinkles.
And I got one like that
at home, so…
And we can talk
to each other.
I know her
and I’ll always know her.
There you are, $5.67.
MAN: Thanks a lot.
Mr. Kalmen. Hey.
Great to see you.
Good to see you.
I heard you were
working here.
Uh, I wanted to come
bring you your shirt back.
Ah. Even washed it.
Thank you.
Oh. De nada.
De nada?
Looks like
you’re doing fine.
Yeah, I told you
I was a good student.
Hey, this is, uh, Maureen.
Hello, Maureen.
How are you?
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
What would you like?
Um, can I have a black
and white shake, please?
You got it.
Actually, make it dos.
These are on the house.
Hey, Mr. Kalmen,
we are having
a little house party
on Thursday night.
We were wondering
if you would come.
You’re having a party?
Don’t you have classes
the next day?
Uh, yeah.
So I won’t sleep late
and miss a class?
Is that really such
a big deal?
Not if you’re sleeping late
at Maureen’s, it’s not.
I’d love to come.
Yeah, that’d be great.
Mucho gracias
por la invitacion.

He speaks Spanish.
Okay. Here you go.
This is weird.
I didn’t chase you
up here, okay?
I don’t…
I don’t know what to say.
Well, there’s nothing really
to say, you know.
This is weird.
I had to get out
of the city.
Jimmy offered me a job
and that’s why I’m here.
And this is the best
job you could get?
It’s a job.
You had to have
other options.
Well, your mom
was pretty effective
about eliminating
all of them.
You must be
so mad at me.
Not really. No.
You know, you had
an opening, you took it.
Had a good clean shot in
at your mom.
Boxing glove
can’t get mad at the fist.
So you’re okay?
It’s what it is, yeah.
GARY: Hello?
Gary, I wanna talk
to my grandson.
He went, went to sleep,
like, six hours ago.
Ben, do you know
what time it is?
I know, I know.
It’s late. It’s late.

Just wake, wake him.
He’s gonna wanna talk to me.

Your father is…
Dad, you can’t do this.
I, I gotta talk to him.
There’s things I gotta
tell him, Suse, you know.
I… This is important stuff.
I’m not gonna be around
here forever, you know.
Then who’s gonna show him?
This is hard for me,
but I’m hanging up now, Dad.
No, no, no.
Okay. I, I, look. It’s…

I’m sorry I called late.
Past his bed time, but…
I’m sitting here
on the bench
where I met your mom.
I gotta pass
this fucking bench
three times a day,
you know.
I’m sorry.
No. I’ll call back
in the morning.
He won’t be available
then either.

He thinks you’re
on a long trip
where there are no phones.
Which you are.
I’m going to speak
quickly and clearly
so that we don’t
one another, Benjamin.
That would be fine.
It has been explained to me
that you are on
Allyson’s campus?
I am at the school.
Yeah. I got a job here.
You are to leave that
campus immediately.
I will not have my daughter’s
environment threatened.
This is her
college experience.
I want her
to remember it fondly.
Has she complained to you?
That’s an irrelevant question.
I’ve never approached her.
Never tried.

Well, you’re mistaking this
for a conversation.
I don’t wanna have to tell
Allyson’s father

about everything
that’s transpired,
but I will.

And as you know,
he has a wide ranging group
of contacts and a far reach.
I’m sure he does.
Can’t we move on?
I have moved on.
The moment you put
your hands on my daughter,
you ceased to exist to me.
It is now as if
you never existed.
I believe I’ve shown
remarkable restraint
in taking this approach.
I take a great measure
of pride in it, actually,
to be able to transcend
the influence of a life form
such as yours.
But hear this. It certainly
isn’t the only approach
available to me.

Tomorrow, Ben,
you get going.
Or this file moves
from my desk
to Allyson’s father’s.
So I’m thinking, yeah,
Allyson was trying to get
a rise out of her mother.
She was trying to give
my attention to her mother.
You see,
see what I mean?
Yeah, yeah, dude.
You’re trying to
understand her behavior
through, through
Jungian archetypes.
That’s a slippery slope, Ben.
Well, you did
some homework
today, didn’t you?
I did do some homework.
Yeah. I still have to do well.
Don’t worry. I told her
I was, um, crashing out after.
In the morning, wake me.
Yeah. Well played, man.
Well played.
But, anyway,
getting back to Allyson.
I think she’s trying
to give me
some kind of message,
you know?
Yeah. Yeah, I think you,
you got caught up in her.
I did, yeah.
Yeah, you did.
Which is interesting, actually.
Because, um,
your counsel to me was…
I say a whole bunch
of shit, you know.
Some of it
is even the truth.
Oh, yeah.
This is good.
Thank you.
Is this new?
Um, no. No, it’s old.
Actually, I think it came out
when I was in 11th grade
or something.
It’s still good though.
Thank you.
Well done,
huh, young man?
Well done.
Thank you.
All the way around.
Yeah, well, getting into
Eclectic House
was really great.
But, um, being a junior
is just really different
than being a sophomore.
Yeah. But being a sophomore
is a hell of a lot better
than being a senior
because you’ve got it all
in front of you.
You’re Sunday breakfast.
Lumberjack special.
The two, the two, the two.
The cakes, the eggs, bacon.
You’re the guy
from Marino’s.
I kept trying to figure out
who you were.
And I remember you
for two reasons.
One, you got the hair
of Bancroft, Mrs. Robinson.
She used to drive me nuts.
And I love the way
that you eat.
You know,
you don’t give a fuck
what anybody thinks.
You just, you know,
you just go for it.
Wow. I never thought
about it that much.
I just like pancakes.
Yeah. That’s cool.
Right. So, um,
I’ll see you at Marino’s.
Okay. See me at Marino’s.
Hi. You want a drink?
No. Just some more ice.
Cheston, he’s…
he’s terrific, isn’t he?
He’s super.
He loves you.
He thinks you’re some sort
of arch Dr. Phil. [LAUGHING]
Dr. Phil?
No, no, no.
He’s a bozo.
When I give advice,
it’s target specific.
And what advice
did you give him exactly?
He’s very tight-lipped
about it.
Oh, well, I can’t reveal
all my confidences.
But you ought to know this
because I would never tell him
anything that you said,
you know, or what I saw,
or, you know,
what might gonna happen.
What’s gonna happen, Ben?
Well, it’s not really
the question
of the moment, is it?
No. No. The question
of the moment is,
what are you getting
out of the transaction?
What transaction?
You know what I mean.
Between the, uh,
the two of you.
I mean, you got
your little jokes,
you know, the Spanish thing,
interested in the same,
and the studying,
But, um…
are you getting it,
you know, where it counts?
Oh, Ben. Cheston thinks
you care about him.
This has nothing
to do with him.
He’s never gonna know
about this. Never.
Aren’t you a little old
for all this?
You’re still standing here,
aren’t you?
Yeah, ’cause
I’m contemplating
throwing this drink
in your face.
But I’m not going to
because I don’t want
Cheston to know
what you just tried.
So you can just
walk away. Please.
Nothing personal.
That is it, actually.
Since you asked,
that’s what I get from him,
something personal.
Besides getting it done
where it counts,
which he does,
Cheston and I
reach each other.
He’s tender and sweet and…
smart and funny,
a million things
that you aren’t.
I was once, honey.
It doesn’t last.
I’m gonna tell you
a few things.
Then I’m gonna do
a few things. Huh?
First, you’re not
getting robbed.
Just stay there.
My name is Nascarella.
Now, I’m giving you
my particulars
so you understand
you can forget about
going to the cops with this.
I was on the job 30 years.
They give me
a nice gold shield.
There’s no help there
for you, my friend.
Plus, I squared it
with campus security.
Seems, uh, you’ve thrown
the first punch before, huh?
Just like tonight?
The fu… fuck you want
from me, huh?
I picked up all my debts
in Vegas, AC, you now.
That’s damn good, pal.
But it’s got nothing
to do with me.
I run security for
Allyson Karsch’s father.
And the third thing
I wanna tell you is leave.
I mean, as soon as you can.
You were warned once before
but you ignored it.
Now, are you
gonna ignore me?
No. Uh, I’m gonna go.
You mean that?
It is a promise?
I’m gonna go…
I’m gonna go in the morning.
First thing, I’m gonna go.
Not sure you’ll be able
to get on your way
that quickly.
Come on, you can get up.
Come on. Let me help you.
Let me help you. Come on.
Let me help you.
That’s it. Good.
Good. That’s good.
Hey, you okay?
Do not ignore me.
No broad is worth it.
JIMMY: We gotta go
to the hospital.

BEN: No, no, no hospitals.
I just…
Oh, I wanna lie down.
I won’t let you
close your eyes
until we get this looked at.
What do you mean,
you won’t let me?
No. I mean, you could
have internal injuries.
You hit your head.
I mean, we need a doctor.
I don’t need a doctor.
Jesus Christ, you’re too
fucking good to be true.
What the fuck you care about
whether I get looked at or not?
You know,
don’t start all that,
that friend bullshit.
Well… Well, we are friends.
I haven’t seen you
in 30 years, all right?
That has nothing
to do with this.
See, that’s where
you and I, you know,
are a little different.
I don’t exactly have faith
in that racket.
What, the
friendship racket?
You know,
you had a lot of friends
when you were here, Ben.
A lot of friends.
I’ll tell you where
is the place for friends.
You know where?
It’s in that, that,
that, that mid range
you know, where everything
is comfortable,
we’re all the same.
Right there
in the middle. Huh?
But at your highest moments
and your lowest,
you’re alone.
I’m on the cover
of Forbes magazine, right?
I’m by myself.
I’m on the front
of The Times business section,
in handcuffs,
I’m there by myself.
That is not true.
Please, please.
They pull at you.
They smile at you.
All they wanna do
is kill you.
Literally fucking kill you
to take your place.
And I’m walking
on my way to court,
do you think anybody asks,
“Hey, wonder what’s going on
“in Ben’s mind,” you know?
I couldn’t give a shit.
Hey, I remember Nancy.
She would never
treat you that way.
‘Cause Nancy was legit.
And I was legit to Nancy.
And when I couldn’t be
anymore, you know, I left.
If it means anything,
when you were on the cover
of Forbes magazine
I was on the cover
of Forbes magazine.
I saved it
and everything.
I believe you.
I just, I don’t how
to be like you, Jimmy.
I don’t really know
where to start.
Go start tomorrow.
Let’s go inside.
Shit. Oh, man.
Oh, I think,
I think I cracked
a couple of ribs.
Hey, Dad.
At least I can understand
myself now.
They lowered
the painkillers.
They had to keep it
high at first first
so you wouldn’t move
and cause more
internal damage.
You’re gonna be okay.
You came to see me?
You’re gold, Suse.
You’re pure gold.
How long can you stay?
For now.
Then I have to take off,
but I’ll sit with you till then.
I’m sorry about
Carol Salomonde.
I shouldn’t…
Don’t think about that now.
Just rest.
Thanks, pumpkin.
Here, let me help you.
You’re feeling quite nicely?
Yeah, well,
it hurts like a beast.
Well, it’s gonna be
sore for sometime still.
The doctors will be in
after their rounds.
Now, I know that
they spoke to your doctor
back in New York.
And while you were
under sedation,
they ran a series of tests.
I know we’re not supposed
to discuss results with you.
Well, what kind of tests?
Who, who told ’em?
You did.
And you signed consent forms
when you came in.
I don’t remember that.
Yeah, you wouldn t.
You know, the alcohol
and shock to your system
was pretty extreme.
So, what kind of tests?
They ran a series
on your heart.
Am I hooked up here
to anything else?
Just to the IV.
You wanna take
this out, please?
That’s against
doctor’s orders.
Well, if you don’t take it out,
I’m gonna take this with me,
because I’m leaving.
I did you wrong, kid.
I’m here to make it right.
Yeah, you know,
you gave me back my shirt
and I never gave you back
the one I borrowed, so…
Uh, this isn’t my shirt.
No, no that particular shirt’s
in some storage box in New York,
so I bought you a new one.
And, you know, I thought
it would look good on you.
All right. Thanks.
Also, it appears
I might have
done you wrong
a couple of other ways too.
Yeah. Yeah, I know.
I know. She told me.
She didn’t want to,
but I saw that something
was bothering her
She said that,
that you were drunk,
that I shouldn’t be mad,
that it was just kinda sad.
That that’s who you are.
See, she might be
a good one.
I forgot to tell you
about the good ones.
You know, they’re,
they’re different
than all the others.
And, um… you know,
they’re rare.
And when you get a good one
you don’t wanna fuck it up.
Yeah, I know. I…
I figured that out myself.
Figured you would.
You’re a good one too.
Thanks for the shirt.
De nada.
Hi, Nance.
When was the first time
that a doctor sent you
for a heart scan?
Hospital called you.
Called your daughter.
Uh, Dr. Steinberg
ordered up that test
about six and a half
years ago.
And how long after that
did you start cheating?
That day.
And you never went back
to have the test done, did you?
No, I can’t use that
as an excuse, though.
It was a factor.
But, uh, you know,
things were building up.
Building up?
I was becoming invisible.
Look, 30 years ago
I’d walk into a room,
and that room would change
just because I was there.
It was, you know,
I was a graduate,
self-made man, great shape.
I had the TV commercials,
all that stuff.
And I remember I was
right next to the camera
when you shot them.
You know what it was like
back then. I was a lion.
That’s how people
looked at me.
But then, you know,
things started to change
over the past ten
or 12 years.
I’d walk into a room
and only the old people
noticed me.
They knew who I am.
And to everybody else,
I’m invisible.
You were never
invisible to me.
Well, that doesn’t count
because you were my wife.
Oh. Well.
You know what, Benny?
If you’re lucky,
that’s what happens.
You get old.
No, I, I accept
it’s biological.
I just don’t accept
that it happened to me.
So when Steinberg said
he thought he saw
something on the EKG,
I got nervous.
And when he called up
the heart scan
to see if there was
any blockage,
I had every intention
of walking out of his office
and going right there
to check on it.
But instead?
Instead I went into
a bar and grill
on Lexington Avenue,
had a couple of pops
to calm down,
and I picked up
the first young girl
who said yes
and took her back
to a suite at the Carlyle.
And what did that
do for you?
The truth?
Did plenty.
See, I figured
you’d see it on my face,
you’d know straight off.
But you didn’t.
You didn’t say
anything, you know.
So I kept right on going.
And then, you know,
awhile after that,
I’m up in my shop
at White Plains
looking at the books.
And I say to myself,
“Why should I be New York’s
honest car dealer?”
Then again,
nobody said anything.
Nothing, for years.
But you know, I…
I still don’t understand
why you didn’t go back
and have the test
just to make sure.
I’m gonna go to a doctor
and give him
that kind of power?
The, the when,
the where, and the how?
There’s no,
there’s no way.
You know what it’s like
when we get our age.
The best thing
a doctor can say is,
“Well, oh,
the survival rate is high,”
or, “It’s a good cancer,”
or, “Hey, you know,
no problem. We got it early.”
I don’t wanna hear
any of that.
And I wasn’t gonna go
get some of those, uh…
those, those beta blockers
and all that crap
that slow you down
and level you out.
I was gonna live my life
the way I wanted to
until that fucking thing
in my heart exploded.
But you can’t
cheat death, Benny,
nobody can,
no matter how many
19-year-olds you talk
into your bed.
I know that.
I know that now.
my car’s parked over there.
And I’d be happy to drive you
back to New York City.
If you’re ready.
Take a few minutes and…
you decide what
you really want.