Smarketly Review and Demo – HOW TO BUILD $1MM MARKETING FUNNELS !

Smarketly Review and Demo – HOW TO BUILD $1MM MARKETING FUNNELS !
What IS Smarketly?
A Behavioral-Driven Marketing Automation Platform

Smarketly is an innovative, cost-effective marketing automation solution that gives marketers the possibility to easily build advanced funnels not only from landing pages, but from emails, popups, rules, notifications and more based on behavioral data, put your most-liked marketing tools under one roof, and automate all marketing efforts.

Using builders just isn’t enough to set up your marketing tools or run full-fledged campaigns. You must connect, manage and analyze all of your marketing materials and operations from a single place.

Just simple workflows without any coding or designing to help online marketers of all levels run their marketing campaigns.
Get Ready For The Marketing Solution
You’ve Been Waiting For!
Say you had a One-Stop Marketing Solution that let you:
Build converting funnels and NOT just standalone landing pages, forms and overlays
Automate marketing tasks to focus on the core of your business
Manage all of your marketing campaigns without switching between web apps
Create marketing materials without hiring a team of coders or professional designers
Manage your email marketing campaigns with loads of behavioral trigger options
Use behavioral triggers from one web app to create actions in another
Get the Activity Feed of your customers from all your integrations, services and platform
Easily manage & re-route leads to multiple locations, boosting the value of each lead
Smart target your audience on Facebook based on behavioral triggers
That’d be totally amazing, right?
Well, this is now a reality.

A Marketing Automation System To Help You
Focus On The Core of Your Business
Funnel Builder
Manage your marketing campaigns with proven funnel templates or create new ones by combining landing pages, forms, overlays, emails and other elements in any order.

Choose from dozens of popular 3rd-party web apps and integrate them with your account with a single click of a button.
Automation Rules
Set automation rules based on behavioral data collected from multiple channels to perform certain marketing and sales actions.

Lead Generation
Capture more leads with your own or professionally-designed opt-in forms and overlays, and make use of multiple triggering and targeting options based on user behavior.
Facebook Automation
Set up smart custom audiences based on user behavior, target them on Facebook with the right messaging, and reach new audiences with Lookalike Audiences.

Email Automation
Run effective sequence and broadcast drip email marketing campaigns, and send trigger-based emails to deliver the right message to the right audience.
Embedded Analytics
Track embedded analytics in each part of your campaigns and analyze your customers’ Activity Feed to improve your online campaigns.

Online Forms
Create any type of forms, connect them to other online services, automate your data-collection process, track and analyze the data.
You Can’t Find All These Features In One Place & At This Price, Guaranteed.
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