Small Business Expo: This Years Best HOME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY

Small Business Expo: This Years Best HOME BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY


Franchise Expo’s #1 Rated Home Business Enables You to START FOR FREE! Average Earnings: 100K! Take The Business on A Test Drive!

My husband of has published a variety of newspapers and magazines from his home office.
He was able to work part time and make 100K per year while we were living in rural North Carolina.
We are from NY and just lived there for a short time. We were not familiar with the area or the area’s businesses. To make matters worse, the area’s business owners were all native Carolinian’s and did not view the northerners, or as they called us, the Yankees very pleasantly. Actually, they hated the Yankees.
Even so, my husbands newspapers and magazines and his home business was super successful. What ever business owners would allow him to explain his concept of TARGETED ADVERTISING to them, was quick to sign on.
His part time home business was a huge success and since then, he has been teaching his business to 100’s of others across the world. He has successful students in the United Kingdom, Canada and naturally the USA.
This home based franchise style business model is ready to go and includes everything needed for you to start and succeed with your own version of his profitable newspapers and magazines.
His course has no franchise fees or royalties and includes everything needed for you to succeed. Such as the needed software (same as he uses), a detailed manual and sample papers which will close the sales for you. The sales pitch would be the same one he used successfully with and profited with for years.
My husband trains the students 1 on 1 on the Skype and teaches them the entire business in just a few days. The students not only come away with successful businesses, they come away as proficient graphic artists learning to design ad as well as lay out their paper and bulk mail them.
The business is similar to the Clipper magazine, Valpack and Coffee News except you need not purchase any franchises or are you restricted by any territorial limits or corporate rules. You can expand and grow as much as your abilities will take you.
You will learn the business from the bottom up whereas you will be dealing with the actual newspaper printers and cutting out the graphic artists as you will be doing your own.
This PROVEN home business model is ready, tested and available for you to start for free. Watch the videos on his website and learn the business and the sales pitch. Then go into your own community and speak with some of the business owners to determine if you can succeed with this business model before getting involved with the training.
Before you even determine if you can succeed with this business model you can call him up and he can check the demographics of your zip codes and determine if your community can support this business model. If you live in an area whereas there are no people, this business model will not work.
This business is a one person all cash business selling advertising to other businesses.
When you are trained you will go out selling advertising and look credible and professional with maps and routes from the USPS as well as magnificent sample papers which will allow you to close the sales and collect 50% deposit up front.
This deposit money will more than cover your printing and mailing costs and therefore this business model offers NO START-UP COSTS!
My husband has a host of affiliated printers across the country which will print your 12 page all color newspapers for under .10 cents per copy.
Well, I can go on forever but you should visit the website if you would like to learn more.
My husband is a SUCCESSFUL NEWSPAPER PUBLISHER looking for BUSINESS ORIENTED PARTNERS to START THEIR OWN NEWSPAPERS in their own cities. I have trained over 500 entrepreneurs, and now they are publishing their own Newspapers and Magazines in their own communities while making a great living. I have made over $100,000 for years publishing Newspapers and Magazines in my own community and I can teach you to do the same. If this opportunity sounds interesting, you should visit the website below and let me know if you would like the exact information about your particular zip code whereas you can determine if your community can support this type of business model. FREE TO START-NO START-UP COSTS! Art
If this information is not useful to you, consider passing it on to a loved one or friend who could benefit from it.

Thanks, Nancy

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