| SLENDER BOMB | fat burning cream

| SLENDER BOMB | fat burning cream

This sub has been done for about a week and i decided to upload today cause i’m sooo proud of if, i can’t test it out cause i’m already skinny too 🙁 lmao. i’ve been planning on doing a weight loss sub since i already had some affirmations from my slender bomb cream formula i decided to revamp/rewrite it. my first ever weight loss sub so any and all updates would be insanely appreciated. enjoy, skinnies! and no matter what you’re beautiful.

ready to be skinner than mariah carey?

heavily, safely exaggerated but use with caution.

b e n e f i t s ;;;;

_mini booster:

_results in absolute infinity(absolute power subliminals inspiration)

_commanding, demanding the universe for an abundance of positive, full, rapid, obvious results immediately/deadlines

_subconscious repeats affirmations
_unstoppable, uncontrollable, permanent ideal transformation to the following affirmations

_the universe and your subconscious mind urgently, happily, intensely and quickly manifest all desires, ideals and affirmations from this subliminal immediately and permanently

/ reach ideal weight immediately
/ achieve ideal body fat percentage
/ideal figure, body and bone structure
/insanely mirror your ideal body & body type
/full, remarkable bloating immunity

/ lose 10 kgs each time you:
– smile
– laugh
– walk
– run
– drink water

/ waist immediately shrinks to 4 inches(exaggeration) 999 billon times faster every second

/ultra lifting & firming of the buttocks

/ eliminate love handle, muffin top, neck fat and unwanted cheek fat and hip dips

/ tight, firm, strong, lifted body skin immune to sagging

/ 6 pack stimulator, incredible, ideal toning of the abs, arms, forearms, neck, thighs & calves

/maintain ideal weight permanently and effortlessly

/ every muscle and bone embody the full, complete, positive effects of jogging 500 miles daily for an entire year

/exude and experience the uttermost abundant self love, joy, radiant confidence & happiness in the history of mankind

/ unwanted facial and body fat banishing, invisibility and extinction

/ undesired, unnecessary, facial and body burn fat vanish 999 trillion times faster every second

/completely reverse unwanted/undesired/unhealthy fat & weight

/metabolism 999 billion times faster than the speed of light

/body skin has an abundant, evident, clear, and prominent dewy finish

/widest, thickest, downright completely aesthetically pleasing thigh gap in all of mankind, the universe and the entire galaxy

/everyone adores, compliments, notices & admires your body

/ultimate perfect health, elevate and banish body dysphoria of any kind + anorexia & bulimia immunity & reversal

/ stretch mark & strawberry legs removal
+permanent results

thank you for choosing belle cosmetics!

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