Single BEST Way to Build Biceps Into Grapefruits. "Brand NEW"

“Famous” Physical Therapists Bob Schrupp and Brad Heineck present: Single BEST Way to Build Biceps Into Grapefruits “Brand NEW”

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Bob and Brad the two most famous physical therapists on the internet
Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp, physical therapist. Brad Heineck, physical therapist.
Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet in our opinion of course Bob
Today we’re going to show you the single best way to build your biceps into grapefruits
It’s a brand new way. And you know for those of you are, you know, heavy-duty weight lifters out there
You’re gonna look at them and say well who are they to give us this opinion. Well we’re physical therapists
So we’re going at this from kind of a scientific viewpoint
not necessarily, you know, I mean, I’m okay for 58 years old
Are you 58 now? I’m going to be soon, in a week. Right we’re not body builders but
understand the body and how it works and we’re going to show you a safe way how to lift it an effective way
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So Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’m sure a few you have heard of him, the big bodybuilder and actor
Yeah the Hulk, he’s not the hulk, close, he wasn’t the hulk, that was Lou Ferrigno, oh yeah I was close
So anyway he used to do 7, 7, 7 for biceps. The reason he’d that and I’ll show you what he did with that
The hardest part of when you’re training your bicep is when you’re right at this right angle
Because right now the weight is maximally far away from you
The lever arm is the longest
It’s right, it’s this long and you’re fighting gravity the most here because right here now I’m starting to go this way
We’re looking at the vertical length went from 12 inches to less than that, 6 inches. If I was going like this,
yeah, but you know, I’m going like this so now it actually it’s easier here and it’s easier here
So what he would do is he would have you work the bicep in three different ways
He had me go from here to level
Okay, and then he’d have you do 7 reps
I believe you take a rest and then you do 7 from here to here
Again, working that easier part and you might even do this with a heavier weight, because this can handle heavier weight and then
the last one you probably have to go to a lighter weight because you had to go all the way through the full range, right
So 7, 7, 7
We’re breaking it down first half second half range of motion and then full range of motion
So the new technique that we have is in order to make it hard all the way through
that you’re going to be working through, we’re actually going to use a band
along with the weight. So a combination of resistance band and weight. Yeah
So what I’m doing is I got the band all hooked up here and
I’m using again a kettlebell
but you could use a dumbbell and
what I’m gonna do is something go ahead and I’m going to work the first section here. I’m going just up to level
But the band makes it, it’s giving me resistance all the way through now
and if you really want to truly get the bicep you can actually
supinate it too. You could start pronating it. So, he’s talking about rotating the wrist as you work the range of motion
It’s already fatigued out
That’s how quickly it does. By the way you should warm up on this too. I like the bands for that
It’s a great way to warm up the muscle first, lighter resistance. Yeah, so then I’m gonna go ahead and do to 5 reps or
if you’re gonna do these all together without a rest, I’d only do 4, 4, 4, but I’m telling you right now
You’re probably gonna want to do slip up part. I’m already struggling here Brad because now, this is not easy anymore
Now I’m getting resistance all the way through.
And the higher you go the more resistance
The weight is consistent. That’s why when you combine the two you get some good benefits. It’s really difficult. So then on the last one
we’re gonna go ahead and get the full rep. And of course the further away you get, the harder it is, right, with the bands
Man, Brad I’m already fatigued out already
Are those biceps bulging? Yeah, you’re lopsided
So, and by the way we want to do this based on science too, if you really want to isolate and you know, they found out through EMG studies
that if you wanted to get the muscle the most is you do isolation bicep exercises.
So normally what you do is
you’re going to support the elbow against your leg because it’s going to take the shoulder out of it
You’re not going to be able to use the shoulder to help.
So you’re going to go ahead and you can actually, you can do this too, again, you can do pronation supination if you want
And that’s going to isolate that bicep, now you can also add in the band with this
The reason is, is when you supinate, a lot of that range is from the bicep. Yeah, so we’re combining, it gives you more complete
That’s the action that it does, it actually turns that lower bone there
So I can go like this and step on the band here and now I’m going to go ahead and work up here and I’m really isolating that bicep now
Oh man, man, so you can see
you may have to do what you can, he’s holding both, oh Bob now you’re starting to
well, you should try it once here
We should probably say
Ok I’ll give it a try here we go so yeah
That’s nice
I actually just use the bands for mine right now
And I do too. I can feel you know, this is clearly a different feel then when I isolate that.
Yeah, you could do the rotation
There. Typically eight to twelve reps
of something like that, do three sets of those, rest in between. And then you’re gonna start getting bulk.
Right, along with a good diet and protein and all those other things
Alright I hope this was helpful and you know, strong like bulls, oh that one too. Thanks.

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