Simple & Easy Low Cost Product Photography Setup at Home — For Business or Fun!!

In this video we are going to show you the easiest way to create product photography setups on a budget using items you already have at home and around the house! If you want to start a product photography business, or take pictures of your products you sell on websites like Etsy, or just want to take product photos for fun, then this video is for you. We will cover backgrounds and foreground choices, props and scene decorations, lighting, and share our favorite “hacks” for inexpensive setups using everything from old tablets to garage reflector lights to shower curtains from the $1 store.

In the video we show several examples of product photography using “low key” lighting. The process is actually quite simple once you get the hang of it! We have a free lesson/instructions on our website — click here:–extras.html — when the pop-up comes up on the screen sign up for our email list and the download is available instantly. While you are there, scroll down for other free lessons and cheat sheets you can download for free. By signing up for our emails you will get new lessons and photography project ideas as they are published — all for free — and we won’t bombard your email box with advertising or requests for you to take online classes, etc. and we NEVER sell your information! If for some reason, the pop-up does not work (maybe if you have ad blocking), just send us an email from our website page and ask for it!

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