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Carbon Copy Pro is an online premier internet marketing company bringing to you a platform to create abundance in all ways.

January I was introduced to CCP and quickly my life began to change, the 80-100 work week began to dwindle down and my life began to become mine again.

My finances, which once were utterly out of control, began to become fun to learn about and begin to respect what money can do for me by investing not only for my daughters future, but also for my own personal investment: myself!

In a short 7 months, my life has completely changed, radically actually! I now spend every day with my daughter, go to the beach, wake up when the sun comes up not when an alarm clock tells me to get out of bed because I have to go to my studio in the heart of the city or present a seminar later in the evening. EVERYTHING is done from home, I”m loving it! I know my daughter, Luminous is so very grateful to how our lifestyle is now compared to how little time I used to spend with her.

If you are looking for an opportunity to change your life, without the traditional overhead, home meetings, making your list of 100 people (does that really work?) or selling any products.

Get yourself over to this website, check it out and see what it can offer you, your family, your sanity and your wallet…your future really…

I am creating a team of business partners over the next few months, people who are seeking the lifestyle of an entrepreneur, full training in marketing, no overhead, work where ever you…

I’m off to Mexico & Guatemala to work while I vacation. All I need is my laptop-everything is on it, my virtual office, my VOIP to speak to my clients and team members around the world and to do my radio shows, all from my computer anywhere I am.


If you feel you are ready to change your life, go to my website fill out the application and see if you qualify to be one of my business partners.

From there we can chat and find out where you are, where you desire to be and how willing are you to get there.

Our Mission Statement and Truth To You:

We are dedicated and committed to the personal development and growth of who you are willing to become.

We have a clear vision for building your success as an online professional marketer.

We have deep core values and stand in integrity in what we believe.

We have a clear connection to source, which enables you to be mentored and trained by individuals who leave their ego’s out of the equation.

We desire to make a difference in your world and to those you love.

We support your growth, dreams and aspirations and will give you the tools to be the best you can be.

We look forward to enhancing the quality of your life.

If these words resonate with you then email me at to set up your application process and to qualify to be on our team of leaders.

To Your Global Success,

Skye King