Secret Fat Burning Protein Smoothie – Fat X 101

Secret Fat Burning Protein Smoothie – Fat X 101

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This is one of Coach Rollie’s secret fat burning, high protein smoothie recipes. Implement this fat burning, high protein smoothie recipe in your diet, and your fat burning program for better results, faster!

Pick a good protein powder for your protein smoothies. Check out a Coach Rollie – Fat X 101 review:

Start on the 12 day Fat Burning Program designed by Coach Rollie. Check out the preview:

This fat burning protein smoothie will definitely help you get through the Fat X Workout program.

Coach Rollie
Fitness Coach – Pasadena Personal Trainer

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This workout is fun and should be done outdoors.

This fat burning workout is part of the 12 Day Fat X Program

This fat burning workout is nicknamed Dungeon Doom

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If you’re serious about losing body fat, you need to get stronger so that you boost your metabolism. A revved up metabolism is what burns fat at rest. Try this strength building workout.

Don’t forget that healthy protein smoothies, before and after your workouts can assist in your fat burning goals.

If you’re near the city of Pasadena, contact Coach Rollie if you need a fitness coach (personal trainer).

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Stay tuned for more Coach Rollie – Fat X 101 workout videos and quick fat burning meals.

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