Rodney Keith Walker On His Home Business Journey, Making 7 Figures, Buying His Dream Home + More

In this live interview on The Builders Club Tv, We talked with home business super star Rodney Keith Walker! Rodney tells all about the struggles he endured in the beginning living in an 800 square foot apartment with roaches. Rodney even shared with us what his final breaking point was… It was the day he found a roach in his sons crib! Ultimately it was the only motivation Rodney needed…

Rodney Keith Walker is very open and transparent in this video… And family… You won’t believe his grind and what he did in the beginning of his network marketing career that eventually lead to him becoming a 7 figure earner in this industry and one of the most recognized faces on the internet…

Rodney shares with us his experience going from living in a small apartment to buying his dream home and now living a life of freedom.

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