Review on Timestope (Time Cryptocurrency) by NV Media

Review on Timestope (Time Cryptocurrency) by NV Media

In this video I have shared my opinion on the new project Timestope (Time Cryptocurrency) emerging nowadays. I have given my Review on Timestope and discussed the positives and negatives of this project.

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– Introduction
I have discussed positives and negatives of Timestope

1. Copy of Pi Network, ( 24 hour clicking, same Chatting system with different interface, same requirements of KYC)
2. App Permissions (Asking for lots of Apps Permissions for example access to Gallery, Storage etc)
3. Terms and Conditions ( It is clearly Mentioned that, Users will be responsible for their own information to prevent any damages arising from information theft )
4. Blockchain ( Since Time is claiming itself as a Cryptocurrency, where is the blockchain, or their idea on blockchain, there is no such discussion on White Paper)
5. Approximate Value ( It is not listed on any exchange, so how can they claim its value close to 1 cent.. Basically a technique to lure more people)

1. Copy doesn’t mean a Scam
2. Free to use
3. We can hope that it might be a success

I have given you my points, now its up to you to decide
Asking of me, I will not join, as I don’t want to take risk..
If you want to join, use precautions, don’t give any personal information or access to them..

Copyright Disclaimer :-
This is an educational video on the Timestope
Thanks to Pixabay and its contributors for the images.

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