Review: CTVISION 4K 8MP Home Business Wired Security Camera Systems,8-Channel 4K 8MP PoE Networ…

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These are real rewiews abaut CTVISION 4K 8MP Home Business Wired Security Camera Systems,8-Channel 4K 8MP PoE Network Video Recorder(4TB HDD),8pc 4K (4… from customers who has bought this product share their experinces so you can make the best buying desicion Super easy to setup especially with the power over Ethernet connections. 1 wire to each camera makes life so much simpler. crystal clear views in light or dark situations.
complete coverage of my entire property. already have had some severe weather including hail, thunderstorms and high winds, no damage or fault in the cameras what so ever.
they work just as good now as they always have. plenty of storage on the dvr to keep rolling for days without having to record over footage. i am very pleased with the overall function and reliability.
i only wish i had gotten them sooner. very sound investment would gladly buy again
This camera system builds in the PoE, the one it replaced required a separate switch for that. The cameras have a clear picture during the day that is definitely 5 stars.
The night vision is 4 stars, but still clear enough to make out faces and license plates, so thats good. I didnt use the included ethernet cables, but its nice that it comes with them.
My only complaint is that I cant expand it. They make 32 camera systems, I wish that the only difference was the number of cameras, because Id love to expand to 16 or more cameras when I can afford them.
The base systems look the same except for the number of ports, but it does seem like there is a software limitation so I cant move up without replacing the whole system.
One suggestion would be to make the systems able to daisy chain so I could buy a second when Im ready! Anyway, that lack of expandibility is the reason I took a star off, if you never will need more than 8 cameras, this is a great choice!
The CTVISION UltraHD 4K 8MP (4X1080P) Home Business Security Camera Systems was well packaged. Set up was easy, POE cameras were recognized by the DRV without user intervention.
The 8 megapixel looks great on our HD 4K TV using the HDMI cable supplied. Two of the cameras were mounted outside and have survived during the storm.
I have to say, I am absolutely, jaw-droppingly shocked at the quality. Remote access using the Android app and the PC client work well when we are away from home.
Email and message feature work as expected for alarms, the apps allowing real-time and historical views as well as configuration. Daytime vision is impressive, nighttime vision is good.
The cameras come with 60-foot cables which were not long enough for some of the areas outside of my house. I purchased the outdoor-rated ethernet cable and was able to run the cable myself and connect the cameras without any issues.
The software on the NVR is decent. The zoom works well on live, letting me see license plate numbers from 100 feet away. Camera picture quality is great when completely zoomed out.
As with any camera that relies totally on digital zoom, you lose picture quality quickly when you try to zoom in on something. I do suggest you mess around with the Image Settings for the cameras for when they are recording in night mode.
I had one camera, especially that had pitch-black background after about 30 ft from the camera. I upped the brightness on the camera and can now clearly see what was in that area.
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