Resistance Bands Chest and Back Workout || High Intensity Interval Training | Fat Burning and Toning

Resistance Bands Chest and Back Workout || High Intensity Interval Training | Fat Burning and Toning

Join us (James & Jazz) for a 30 minute chest and back workout using resistance bands. These couples workout routines we’ve been putting together are both epic, very effective, and amazing for your health. If you have set fitness goals for great fat burning and toning, then this high intensity workout is perfect for you. This 30 minute chest and back attack workout will have you training the FULL chest and back. We will be adding muscle to the chest through the several sets of push ups that we perform. We will be adding muscle to the back through the resistance band bent-over rows and straight leg deadlifts. We will focus on cutting up the chest (bringing in striations) through performing several different types of resistance band chest flies. To cut up the full pec major (clavicular head, sternocostal head, & costal head) we will be doing upper chest, mid chest, and lower chest flyes using the resistance bands.

This HIIT workout order is a 90 second warm-up jog, a couple minutes of stretching, 14 minutes of High Intensity Resistance Training using the Resistance Bands, 7 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training, a 60 second cool-down jog, and a couple minutes of stretching. Both the High Intensity Resistance Training and the High Intensity Interval Training are done with 20/40 interval splits (meaning the intervals will be 20 seconds hard and 40 seconds break). Doing this high intensity interval training is great for fat burning and toning because is spikes your heart rate when you are going hard on your interval and then allows your heart rate to drop on your rest break… this causes your body to train in the fat burning zone. I demonstrate the Advanced & Intermediate versions of the exercises, while Jazz shows you the easier (beginner) modified version of the exercises.

The required equipment for this workout is resistance bands. I also suggest having a bottle of water and a workout towel for this workout so that you can keep the sweat out of your eyes and stay well hydrated throughout the workout.

The couples workout exercises we do in this resistance band workout are: Upper Chest Flyes, Mid Chest Flyes, Lower Chest Flyes, Pushups (Knee Push-Ups), Straight Leg Deadlifts, Bent Over Rows, Fast Jacks (Jumping Jacks), High Knees, Single Leg Butt Kicks, Sprint in Place, Speed Rope (Jump Rope), and Skaters.

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Jasmine (Fuelberth) Ellis – 2017 Miss Nebraska USA, Coach, RED by Jazz CEO
James Ellis – 2011 WBFF World Champion, Fitness Cover Model, Actor

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