Renderman 22 pxrSurface shader – in depth

Renderman 22 pxrSurface shader

In this in depth renderman 22 tutorial we look at the powerful pxrSurface shader shipped with Renderman 22. I break down each section of the shader. I explore diffuse shading specular and goes in depth in at all aspects of the shader. If you are new to Renderman 22 this is the video to watch. In upcoming episodes I will use what we learned in this tutorial. 

The tutorial quite long so grab a coffee and I post section timestamps in the comment section so you can more easily find the section you are interested in

0:21 Introduction
2:12 General setings
3:26 Diffuse parameters
6:50 Specular parameters
13:19 Clear Coat
18:12 Iridescence
20:15 Fuzz parameters
21:43 Subsurface scattering
29:46 Glass shading
34:28 Glow
36:33 Global settings
40:11 You made it to the end

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About Renderman
Renderman 22 is an advanced path-tracer developed by Pixar, and is used by Visual effects companies such as Pixar, ILM , MPC and Dneg. Renderman started off as a Reyes renderer but has in later years adopted the now popular path tracing method.

About Pixar surface shader
PxrSurface shader is an advanced shader for visual effects supporting almost all type off effects. It handles diffuse, specular, rough specular, iridescence, subsurface, glass ,clearcoat both physical and artistic driven shading as well as bump and displacement and options for the new Manifold walk introduced in Renderman 22


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