Red Aspen Work From Home Business Kit PLUS Cash Bonuses in April ONLY!

Don’t miss out on our Limited Edition Work from Home Business Kit.❤❤❤ A $86 (non-PV) value for only $30, this Business Kit is the perfect option for someone looking to work from home. A lot of things are going on in the world right now and times can feel a bit uncertain. We want to provide a low financial barrier to entry option for anyone who is looking for a way to supplement their income.

As always, people who join with the Work from Home Business Kit earn up to 35% Commissions, join a compassionate community of boss babe women, and to top it all off – we’re even covering shipping for the kit!


💄Kathryn & the Ballet Slipper Dash
💄Miss Lash
💄Full Size Glue
💄Nail Dash Bag
💄Tribe full of love and support!

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PLUS CASH BONUS, BABE. This April only, all qualifying paid as Brand Managers (BMs), Senior Brand Managers (SBMs), and their direct upline mentor, will earn an awesome, one-time cash bonus, in addition to their commission check. Mentors bonuses are UNLIMITED!!

**This is a commission based work from home opportunity – be a representative of our company or affiliate and make money to promote the products.**


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