Product Food Costing for small home business


You will be the one to determine the correct cost of your ingredients but I will just give you an example.

1. You have to determine the total cost of the ingredients you use. Example if you purchased your sugar at 100 for 1kilo and you used 100 grams for that batch then the cost of sugar you used for that batch will be 10 pesos (100/1000 grams = 0.1 pesos per 1 gram. 0.1 pesos x 100g (the weight you use in your recipe) = 10 pesos/100grams used. Do the same for the rest of your ingredients then total everything.

2. You have to include the cost of the packaging used for the product. Example 1 styro tray cost 10 pesos then you have to add the cost of the styro to your food cost.

3. Food and packaging cost, if your total food cost is 100 pesos then add the 10 pesos cost of packaging the total cost will be 110 pesos. How would you determine your selling price?

4. The Food and packaging cost should be 40% of your selling price

5. You multiply the total cost with 147% the result of that add it to your total cost you will be able to determine your selling price.

Example 110 total cost x 147% = 161.7 (round it to 162)

162 + 110 = 272 as your selling price

Check if your total cost is 40% of the selling price

110/272 = 40%

so the 162 should be 60%. Then from 162 you deduct the following expenses:
10% labor cost
2% electricity cost
2% water cost
2% gas cost
2% marketing
2% wastage
2% product improvement/development
total = 22%

you still have 38% as your profit or 61 pesos ang malinis mo na tubo. Natanggal na lahat ng gastos. So if lumabas na zero or negative ang amount then nagpapakahirap ka lang gumawa pero wala ka talagang kinikita.

The percentage given is just an example it depends on the business how you will get those targets. The higher the cost you put into one area the lesser profit you will get.


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