plantain banana chips packing machine automatic packaging machine for home business

Awesome! it increased 500% sales for plantain/banana chips!

Banana chips packing TGP-S200 is important for plantain chips storage and sales. Chips after being well packed by machine have a longer storage period time than those without packing by machine. And good package also attract more consumers to buy your plantain chips.

TGP-S200 plantain banana chips packing machine is designed for banana chips, plantain chips by Techinery Industry Co.,Ltd.

Packing machine can weighing, filling chips according to your setting weight for each bag, and forming bags at highly efficiency.

The weighing filling machine has micro computer system to ensure quantitative weight. High weight accuracy. Efficient working. Reliable performance, and easy operation.

3 sides sealing bags, back center sealing is available for users’s choice, but it is on different machine.

Thermal ribbon printer will work with packing machine fully automatically. It can print food manufacture dates, expire dates, batch code, Lot number on bags during the packing work.

This is also belong to vertical form fill seal machine. VFFS is a kind of automatic bagging machine in vertical form, comparing to horizontal packing machine.
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