Piku (Deepika Padukone) is a Delhi based architect who manages her small business,runs her home and takes care of her 70-year old father Bhashkor Banerji (Amitabh Bachchan).A hypochondriac, Piku’s Baba must ensure that he has her attention 24*7 leaving her with little time to do anything else. Romance and getting a life of her own, just don’t seem possible! While both are deeply attached with one another, they are equally strong headed, stubborn and just won’t let go when dealing with each other’s idiosyncrasies and quirks!
When Bhashokar emotionally blackmails Piku to take a road trip from Delhi to Kolkata , the owner of the local cab company Rana (Irrfan Khan) has no choice but to drive them personally since none of his drivers are willing to endure Piku or her eccentric father. During this undesired road trip they learn to deal with each other’s moods and idiosyncrasies and it reveals more than Bhashokar’s bathroom habits.
What follows is a heady mix of motion, emotion & commotion which culminates as Piku and Bhaskhor return to their roots in Kolkata, giving us an insight into the father daughter relationship where Bhaskor’s irritating yet endearing demeanor and Piku’s equally headstrong nature may always be at loggerheads but this seemingly crazy relationship is bonded by an understated and an unconditional love that leaves you wanting more.
(CBFC U/A DIL/2/65/2015-MUM)
Motion Is the Emotion’
Budhan, the laundry boy
would have come
and cut the fruits and keep.
– Yes, ma’am.
All I am saying is, dad
just go and sit on the pot
it’ll happen.
But I am still not
feeling the pressure.
Count these.
Hey Budhan!
– Yes?
Why didn’t you give me black
currant with my milk last night?
Of course, I gave..
This walking around
won’t help you.
Just go and sit on the pot.
I know my system better or you?
– Yes?
Make a note of 19 clothes
in the diary. – Yes, ma’am.
You’re still here, dad?
It won’t happen just
because you’re saying!
It will I say so!
Go and try.
It won’t!
All right then!
You just don’t want
to listen to anyone.
Breakfast is here eat
it after you’re ‘done’.
Look, I know that
‘potty’ feeling.
Just yesterday I sat
on the pot for an hour.
Please dad, no point
I’m already late for work.
Give me the list.
Listen, Piku. Piku.
Call me before lunch.
– Yes.
You’re late again.
Madam, I’ve been waiting
here for 20 minutes.
So am I lying then?
No, madam.
Move now.
– Yes, ma’am.
– Yes, ma’am.
Madam. Madam.
Sir won’t spare me.
Tell your owner I don’t
need your taxi from tomorrow.
All they know is
how to fleece you.
Send a cup of tea inside.
– Sure, sir.
Reema, PPT.
– Yes, sir.
Client is here..
– Yes, sir I know I’m late.
Piku, just try
not to argue today.
Look.. I can’t stand like a
beggar in front of the client.
I like to speak my mind.
If you’ve issues with that then
I am happy to not attend
this meeting.
You are meeting
Aniket for lunch?
Come on, not him.
He’s a jerk!
You can’t be so desperate.
– Yes, I am.
Shall we?
Syed, kept it inside.
See, I get your point.
But my driver was just trying
to save the other car
so he turned left.
You were coming from behind
in speed naturally it banged.
Your driver was speeding!
He hit and ran away so
how’s this natural?
Sir, Piku madam had said..
Stay quiet.
What else could this poor man
have done?
Who would cause an
accident intentionally?
Now where did this dent
come from? This one here..
That was another lady driver
but that’s not the point.
Oh really? Why do accidents
happen with only you?
Look, don’t deviate..
– What?
Why is it always that
the guy in front is at fault?
All I know that
he has broken this. – This..
Oh hello.. Settle..
– What’s this?
Or it’s a sure case of
hit and run.
You can’t be so safe with
the designs.
Otherwise there is no point.
– Sorry, sir.
Ma’am, your father..
What happened?
There’s a message from him.
– Read it.
Read it! Quickly.
‘Day before I had
Semi liquid motion.’
‘Since then
constipation and gas.’
‘What should I do?’
Will you say something?
I am talking to you.
I am talking to you.
– ‘Semi liquid motion first.’
‘Then two days of gas
and constipation.’
‘What should I do?’
What kind of a message is this
to leave at an office?
I think.. it’s a
serious health issue
and we should discuss it.
We could’ve discussed at home?
We live in the same house.
But you said you didn’t
want to talk to me.
Fine.. You could’ve
sent me a text.
Why did you give it
to the receptionist?
But in the morning you told me
you didn’t want to talk to me!
Didn’t you say that?
This morning, dad..
– Didn’t you?
I’ve kept the lunch
on the table
and I’ve have made
Grandpa’s dish.
My dish? Or ‘Moong pulses’
dish? Son of a pig!
Just go and keep
lunch on the table.
On the Table?
– What else did I say?
So I said the same table.
Dad, in the middle of my..
Hey, you better have
not put salt in my food.
Well how could I?
You hid it again today.
Open a new packet.
Hey, greasing is good
for motion.
Stop being so difficult, dad.
From last two days not
a single piece has come out.
I don’t want to
die of constipation!
No one dies of constipation.
Elvis Presley did.
Don’t look at me like that.
His body was found in
the bathroom, obviously.
He must’ve been
sitting on the commode.
Didn’t you keep the
yogurt in the fridge?
It’s gone sour..
Look, Piku, none of
my problems are small.
When you’ll be my age,
you’ll understand.
I don’t want to
get to your age.
You have problems
everywhere in your body.
Then see this.
– Yes?
Hemoglobin 15.. normal.
Urine test normal.
Diabetes negative. Kidney
function normal. ECG normal.
– Yes?
When did these reports come?
And why did you give it to her?
That’s not the point, dad.
Mr. Srivastava asked
for blood Count only.
Then why did you
get these extra tests done?
So there’s nothing
in the report?
Look at your face.
Everything is normal
but you are not happy.
Really, things will be better
off if something comes out.
Kidney or lung or diabetes
or something.
At least then, there will
a solution to this house.
Look, I’ve given
you full freedom.
Don’t talk to me like that!
– What freedom? Tell me!
I had to meet Aniket today for
lunch but I am here with you.
Is this how I am going to lead
my life? Discussing your shit?
Don’t bring my shit
in between. Don’t..
And this your
relationship status.
Yeah, Syed?
If you ask me,
I think casual is fine.
That works for me.
He’s just all the time
imagining. Hypochondriac.
Why are you here now?
I want to talk to madam.
She’s not here. Go away.
I know she’s inside.
I told you she isn’t, go!
– Dad!
Why are you so late today?
I’ve fired her.
She won’t work for us anymore.
I’ve left this job myself give
me my dues and I’ll leave.
There is nothing due.
Dad, please..
– You should leave. Go!
Did he say something?
When I mop the floor
he walks behind me
with his dirty shoes
checking the room as
if I’ll steal something..
So, so?
What is so wrong in that?
Three times a day
I clean the toilet
and he’s still not satisfied
and today he crossed
the limits.
He said I’ve stolen
the toilet cleaner.
You think I’ll do that?
Then where did it go?
One minute, dad
– Did I drink it up?
Nonsense. She’s talking
nonsense. – Just a minute.
Look he didn’t mean that.
No, he’s suspecting me
all the time.. – He just..
Just pay my dues
and I’ll leave.
I told you there’s
no balance. Fine, Piku..
Inside that drawer I’ve kept
eight hundred and fifty rupees.
She didn’t turn up for three
days I’ve deducted that.
See he’s deducted
three days salary.
– See.
You didn’t turn up
on Sunday and Monday
and third day you went
for a movie.
Dad, please..
– I’ll have to deduct it.
No, madam I was unwell..
– Keep your salary.
Don’t clean the toilets
from tomorrow. I’ll do that.
Take couple of days off
and think with a cool head.
Day off? What are you
doing, Piku? – Okay?
Keep quiet, dad.
No, no, I know this lady.
– Dad, shut up.
Let it be.
Whichever house you get
married in, I’ll work there
but here but till
the time he’s here.
Till the time?
What do you mean till the time?
I’ll be here forever and
even she will live here.
You go.. you go from here.
Even I am not interested in
working here.. – Goes on and on.
No one is going to
give you a job. – I’m going.
Nobody taught me to steal..
– One minute..
I am not a thief.
if I’d to steal I
would’ve stolen diamonds
laptop, that keeps lying
over there..
Will I steal the toilet cleaner?
– Gosh..
I’ve not had a good
motion since morning
and on top of that
dealing with this lady.
– You should be happy.
At least, there won’t be
any thief in this house.
She was the main
cause of his BP.
You keep quiet..
Why are you worried?
She’ll come back after two days
saying sorry. – No..
No, no, no..
That’s not the point.
This is the fifth maid,
we’ve changed in two months.
We live in a society, dad.
We need to maintain
good relations
with at least some people.
What relationship, Piku?
Should we take that cleaning
lady out for dinner?
Don’t talk nonsense, dad.
What is your problem, Piku?
Budhan is here to help you.
When your mother got me here
she said I’ll do
a respectable job.
Fine then you start going
to my office from tomorrow.
Hey, Piku.
– What?
And where are you going again?
Serve him the dinner on
time.. – Piku..
I won’t eat at home.
– She left..
‘Yes, Aniket. I’ll be
there at 9 o’clock.’
I am not in touch
with anyone. – Oh..
But do you remember Rhea?
– She had that funny hairstyle.
Well, anyway she got married..
– Oh!
Yeah, it’s surprising..
what’s happening with you?
Usual.. that Gurgaon project.
Check this.. – As if my
checking will make it high.
Shut up.
How much was it in the morning?
– Hmm..
At 12 PM, it was 98.6.
After that?
– After that 98.8..
See it’s increasing.
98.8. That’s normal.
Okay. I’ll call him.
Everything okay?
– Yeah. Sorry, just one second.
Yeah, yeah, go ahead.
Dad ate Bryonia twice.
He said potty was hard
along with mucus.
No, no later he said,
it looked like mango pulp. Yes.
And 98.8 fever.
Hmm.. Okay, thank you.
Thank you.
Should we order dinner?
No, actually..
I’m not so hungry now.
No. Just why don’t you..
why don’t you go ahead?
I’ll just drop Piku
and come back home.
Yeah, okay, bye-bye, bye.
He hasn’t seen any
of Satyajit Ray’s films.
And he doesn’t vote!
I was somehow tolerating him.
You were right.
He’s such a jerk!
Did dad call you up?
– Yes.
Why did you react like this?
Like what?
I said dad called,
so you said “hun”.
Right, I asked if dad
called you
and you said ‘Yes’
so I said ‘hun’?
So what’s wrong? – Who reacts
like that? What is ‘hun’?
Dad called me, so
you should say ‘okay’.
What is ‘Hun’?
I know but you said you
said ‘yes’, so I said ‘hun’.
No, you didn’t say..
You said ‘hun’..
Come on, Piku..
I just said ‘hun’,
so what’s wrong in it?
Piku mentioned yellow pulp..
Right, but then later..
It was greenish, not black..
but greenish.. – Yes..
Yellowish green..
Why don’t you both
sit with a shade card?
What percent of green,
how much percent of yellow..
Sit is shit.
Mind your business!
– But Grandpa..
My heart says
one day you’ll have
a great motion
just the way you desire..
– Yeah.
then I will die..
Happy.. satisfied..
Why is it a must to talk about
death early in the morning?
Why can’t he talk
about something positive?
What is so negative
about death?
I am changing the
medication, dear.
You can alternate
with this one.
And remember one thing.
Where there is a will
there is a way.
And the way is of
outside only.
Pappu, you need to
leave for Motibaug.
Make sure you get there
on time. – Sure, sir.
God knows when the
winters will come.
This summer has been harsh..
– I haven’t caused it.
Did I say it’s
because of you?
Then why are you telling me?
That’s because you’re
sitting here so I am talking.
Imagine that I am not
here and keep quiet.
It’s useless talking to you.
So don’t talk. Go home and
don’t come here from tomorrow.
Why should I not come?
Because I am trying to work.
Even after been thrown out of
your job you still have an ego?
Why is it really important for
you to remind me of that?
Why do you rake up my old wound
when I’m trying to forget?
But that’s the truth..
Himachal Taxi Stand. Yes?
No, no I understand Rosy
but your Piku madam said she
didn’t want any taxi from us.
So I didn’t send anyone.
Fine, I’ll send.
Hey whose turn is it to drop
that madam from Chitranjan Park?
Why are you guys silent?
She’s a regular client,
you’ll have to tolerate her.
So she insists on driving fast
doesn’t mean you do that.
She’ll dominate you.
Don’t you have your own mind?
See no one wants to go
so why’re you forcing them?
One minute, don’t you talk
like union leaders here.
Nannu, go take the car
and I am aware what you
and your daughter are up to.
Ritu is your sister.
Whatever it is,
just watch out.
Excuse me!
– Yeah, you both.
Aunt, how are you?
– Ah..
Hey, Bhaskor Da, how are you?
– Here she is.
Did you pass Motion?
– Hi Eisha..
Hello, ma’am.
– Hello.
These sweet pills won’t help
you much, start Allopathy.
– Hi..
Happy birthday, sister.
So tell me, what’s the latest?
Nothing.. usual.
How was your vacation?
Shimla was fantastic.
You must go once
and enjoy yourself.
Ah.. mutton is smelling good.
Anyways.. where is uncle?
Why such a swollen face?
What happened?
Well, she isn’t married yet
that is why all this.
Nothing serious, I guess or
am I missing something, Piku?
I mean, I am not saying I want
to take a long holiday.
But may be just for a
day or two I can go somewhere.
Piku’s right.
Every normal person
needs a break.
For relaxation.
– Oh, nonsense..
People aren’t relaxed
in their own homes
with their own families but
they don’t mind spending
on a train or a plane ticket
to get to some far away hotel
and using some
else’s used beddings
to feel relaxed..
– Right..
And these travel companies
are to blamed for it.
It’s all in the mind.
I am telling you, find
a nice boy and..
Isn’t your sex life active?
Your partner Syed?
It’s a need.
Right.. It’s a need
but that’s not a permanent
Why don’t you both get
Aunt, I don’t know.
I’m not even sure about him.
Ah, again that useless topic.
You don’t know marriage
is a bad word in our house?
People with low
IQ only get married.
You mean I am low IQ?
My sister was low IQ?
In this whole world everyone..
– Hi.
– ..is married is low IQ?
Hope you are good.
– Good..
Your Telegraph. Last 30 days.
Ah! Lovely..!
Nothing like Kolkata news.
Don’t change the topic.
– Don’t do it..
Don’t waste your time.
– Again?
To be together in
good times and bad
is it low IQ?
There’s no salt in this?
He hid the salt jar even today.
To take care of
BP best to avoid.
But we don’t have BP!
So stop hiding like this.
Again your changing the topic?
Was my sister low IQ?
Not just constipation, dad
has problems with women too.
No, not women but their
mentality is what I can’t stand.
Your sister too, all her life
she just wanted to please me.
That was her only purpose
no aim for herself.
I wanted her to be
independent but no.
She surrendered
herself in my service.
So what’s wrong with that?
– Everything is wrong!
Throwing away your identity,
your knowledge, respect, brain
in the fire while taking
the seven vows
and then leading your life.
Well that is a low IQ decision.
I don’t want Piku
to take this decision.
But don’t say like that today
on sister’s birthday at least.
When she was alive,
she was not happy.
When she was dying
she was not happy
and now even after
dying isn’t happy.
You’re really insensitive, dad.
Piku, she was my wife..
I can say anything.
But she loved you.
I also loved her and still do.
Then why are you
criticizing mom?
Because I am a critical person.
Brutal and honest.
I am entitled to think
whatever I want to about her.
But that doesn’t mean
that I don’t love her.
This shirt that I am wearing
she gifted me
on my birthday.
So I am wearing
it for her today.
Piku, find a right man
and get married.
I’ll look after myself.
Leaving your father’s home after
getting married
and living in another
man’s house
taking care of that
new one, how foolish.
I gave birth to you, didn’t I?
– Yes.
No tell me,
I gave birth to you.
Yes, dad
– Then.
I never left you and went
away so now I am your child.
You do the same.
I completely agree with
Bhaskor Da’s philosophy.
How did my sister tolerate you
for all these years.
No wonder she died early.
You only must’ve given her BP.
I give BP to you, to Piku,
even to Srivastava.
Did you all die?
Would you like some ice cream?
– I’ll have some.
Why I did I get it then?
Oh just ignore what Piku says.
She doesn’t mean it.
No, she should.. I’m giving
these bills to the accounts.
Just get the payment released.
– Of course..
By the way, how’s your mother?
Don’t even know how
I was born in that family?
Just waiting
to get out of there.
Anyway, tell your partner
to mend her ways
or get used to
travelling in a Metro.
Why don’t you tell her?
Hello, Piku.
– All well?
I know because of my drivers..
– It’s fine..
I don’t have time for
all this discussion.
So when should I come?
For what?
– To discuss this driver issue.
You’ve had a word
with Syed, right?
Yeah, but..
So then it’s fine..
See you..
You need to be a
bit easy with Piku.
I am really worried for her.
Why did you get married thrice?
If you were so worried.
Excuse me? – After
Piku’s mother passed away
Piku needed you.
So I should’ve shifted here
with Eisha in your house.
Gotten married to you?
Just because my sister
was no more?
only you can have
such idiotic thoughts.
Piku and Eisha were
never your priority.
All I am saying is that
and that is very sad.
Is this why you don’t like me?
No, I’ve enough reasons
to not like you.
But don’t you feed this marriage
nonsense in Piku’s mind, don’t.
Grandpa doesn’t
want to meet you. Just leave.
Tell him I’m not here to discuss
the selling of Kolkata house.
Then why are you here? To know
the condition of my stomach?
Good evening, sir. How are you?
Actually, I met a builder
He is ready to negotiate.
So, I spent my own money
for the flight ticket.
I called Piku.
She asked me to come.
You know my decision.
– Sir, try and understand.
There is no need to discuss
the same topic again and again.
– It’s a golden opportunity.
Super deal.
All these things must be done
while you’re still here.
Then you can peacefully.
Listen, Budhan
– Yes, grandpa.
Hope you haven’t
made tea for him yet?
I am about to..
No need, no need!
Just shut the door when
this man leaves
and don’t open it
if he comes back again.
Irritating man.
Oh that’s an insult!
I made so much of effort
to negotiate with the builder.
Is this how you treat me?
I’ll tell Piku.
She’s practical and will dispose
off your house. – Tell her.
Darn him..
I rang the bell for an hour.
Useless old man, wasted my time.
126/88. It’s normal.
How are you, respected sir?
Very serious. BP is normal.
This is not a joke, Piku.
Please sit.
– Greetings, ma’am.
That idiot, Nobendu..
He again came last night to
discuss selling the house.
I will not sell that house.
That old house is a pain!
– What?
I have told you before I
will not sell Champa Kunj!
This year I will
go to Kolkata!
I have decided.
End of discussion!
Fine, then end this discussion.
Tell Nobendu not to come again.
What’s there to get so affected?
Affected? Of course, I’ll be
I am an emotional man.
If you were emotional, my
sister would’ve been happy.
Listen you, Dutta sisters I
know your habit of blame game
and I worry Piku is also
becoming like one of you.
What your Banerjees are like
well I also know that.
That Moni Banerjee, your aunt.
Whole day she roams around
in just a flimsy night gown.
That too without a bra!
– Really, aunt?!
Mom, even you do the same.
Hey, shut up!
I only do that when
I am alone at home!
Anyway, what’s the point in
getting BP checked
100 times in a day?
Whatever this Nobendu came and
said and you started panicking?
These are all age
related problems.
What’s so abnormal in it?
But what if my BP shoots up?
– So..
Everyone has some issue or
the other in their lives.
Just for a day
if you haven’t crapped.
There isn’t any need
for this drama!
Nothing has happened to you.
You are just simply going
through menopause.
Even men go through menopause.
Oh ignore what she’s saying.
One minute
– What?
Menopause me?
No way, here take a look.
He’s Asaako.
He cycled even
at the age of 99.
Died just last week
– How did he die?
Heart attack,
cancer, brain damage?
Nothing’s written here.
He who cycles even at the age of
99, what can he suffer from?
Hey! Stop, stop, stop..
Let me try..
Is this your bicycle?
– Yes, sir.
I want to take a small round.
Sir.. Sir, I’ll be late.
Oh no!
– Wait.. wait, wait..
Be careful.
Just a few minutes more.
I need to go to
other houses too, sir.
Yeah, I know it’s okay.
Madam will scold me..
Don’t push I am trying
to balance.. – Careful..
Hey, don’t push, it’ll turn.
Sanju is coming
to have a talk. Now..
Go change your clothes
or go to the stand.
Why, what’s wrong
with these clothes?
And in any case, he’s not coming
to take you back with him.
Look, what he’s saying mom.
At least, we can ask
for a settlement?
Well, he’s already left you
so what are you going to settle?
Now earn live your
life respectfully.
You’re just frustrated and
you don’t want even me
to be happy.
If you were so worried
about your happiness then
why steal your mother-in-law’s
diamond ring and give it to mom?
It wasn’t your ring
that she stole.
What does he have anyway?
Do you even know
what honesty means?
Treachery never brings
happiness do you get that?
As if you’ve been
righteous always.
Exactly, how do we know why you
were thrown out from your job?
Hello. Again?
Honda. Where?
What, the taxi’s
been hit again?
Who was the client?
Piku again?
Three drivers
have left us already.
Hello, Syed, look, now this
another taxi has also been hit.
No, we need to sort
this out, my friend.
Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.
Played after ages..
– Yeah..
Going back to Saudi?
Not again..
Ah, Piku is here.
I thought you are going to bunk.
– It wasn’t my fault.
Shall we leave? – My driver
must’ve delayed you, isn’t it?
You guys chat,
I’ll just get my laptop.
Well, whatever it may be
these are known drivers.
You’re safe with them.
Not only do they listen to you
they’re also scared of you.
– Nothing like that.
So what about
that Honda case?
I was getting late for a meeting
so I asked him to speed up.
Normal speeding up. He banged.
This time again you told
him not to stop after banging
and even if he did, Delhi
Police listens only to women.
no matter whoever’s
fault it may be.
You mean I am making
them break the rules?
No, no, I have no problems
with that break them
as long as no one gets hurt.
In any case, I send the damages
to your office, so it’s okay.
No, it’s not okay. I can take
an auto. I can manage myself.
Come on, Piku.
He’s just saying that
he has some decent drivers
working for him.
So it’s my fault?
See the point is,
everything is mutual.
You don’t like them.
They don’t like you.
Did they say this?
No, but does it matter
when it’s the truth.
It means..
Got to leave.
There won’t be a
need to take an auto.
See you.
He’s rude..
Don’t be so judgmental.
Obviously, he’s your friend
you’re going to take his side.
It’s not like that.
You know what?
– I need a break.
I won’t come to
office for a few days.
But we have a meeting..
Piku, how am I supposed
to run this firm?
Piku, listen..
To Saket.
– Yes?
There is no water in the flush.
Budhan, how many times
to tell you
not to put the tea leaves
in the basin?
I heard, you’re driver
left the job.
Why not keep another?
Miser. We’re misers. Okay?
Hey Piku,
come, the whole gang is here.
No, I can’t come.
You guys carry on… bye.
I don’t need your taxi.
I’ll be ashamed if
you’re taking an auto.
I said I don’t need your taxi.
I’ll call you if I need it.
Thank you.
Look, we can always sort
out this driver issue.
Okay… thank you.
– Yes.
We’ve to go for Chhobi’s party
in the evening.
Have you booked the taxi?
Here it comes..
Yes.. Himachal Taxi Service.
C 124 CR PARK.
8 PM. Sharp.
See I told you.. you’ll need..
– Thank you..
Thank you, dear.
– Here..
– Happy anniversary.
Thank you.
Bhaku Da, you must have
a drink with me today.
Aunt, he can’t have this.
– Here..
That is why I said no.
It’s my anniversary. Come on.
He can’t handle all this.
Then you don’t know me!
Yeah, that’s
more like it. Cheers.
Unless the food is..
That guy..
– Just like..
Sourob. Sourob.
Excuse me, ladies.
– Come, come.
– Hi..
You know Bhaskor, right?
– Yeah, yeah.
And she’s Bhaskor Da’s daughter.
– Hi..
Sourob has his own business in
San Francisco and he’s single.
You are planning
fourth wedding?
– Sunita. Hi! Hi!
So what do you do?
– I have my own art gallery.
And you?
I actually work at
an architecture firm.
Do you plan to marry?
– I..
I am single, if I find
a nice girl, why not!
I mean a nice girl.
But she is very moody.
Like me.
And she’s not a virgin.
Right, Piku?
– No, no, no..
What do you mean by ‘nice’?
She has her own business.
She’s financially independent,
sexually independent… – Dad..
Need based, just looking
for emotional partnership.
So is she ‘nice’
according to you?
– I mean it depends.
Depends on?
– I am leaving.
Aunt will drop you home.
– Aunt..
Yeah, so…
what were you saying?
I said it depends…
No, no let me be.
Dad, it’s late.
I tried waking you up at 4 AM
but you didn’t open the door
so I called for Dr. Srivastava.
Nothing to worry.
A bit of shallow breathing,
pulse drop. That’s it.
Dr. Mukherjee has given
him medicines. He’ll be fine.
Right now, he’s okay.
At his age, we should
not take any risks.
Get his tests done.
It’s a must.
– Sure. Today..
How are you, young man?
How’s everyone at home?
All okay, uncle.
What happened?
Nothing serious. He just enjoyed
a bit too much. Indigestion.
– It’s all because of her.
He’ll be fine.
Yeah, cancel my meetings.
I won’t come.
Budhan, keep
the lunch simple today.
Put the pan..
On my head!
Obviously on the burner.
I’ll go to.
I’ll go to Kolkata.
That idiot Nobendu…
I won’t sell Champa Kunj
– How are you?
O mother…
– Dad..
I will go to Kolkata.
No, uncle,
I am not worried for him.
In fact it makes
no difference to him.
If he wants to go he’ll go, he
doesn’t care about anybody else.
What will I do?
Now do I write on
a stamp paper that
I will not die during this trip.
Will that be fine?
Look at his health.
Forget logic.
From here to airport
and from there to Kolkata.
It’s too much Dada
– Flight?
Who said I’ll take a flight?
I’ll get palpitations on it.
– Give me some tea.
BP fluctuates at that height.
Bathrooms are claustrophobic
palpitation, nervousness is
bad for my condition.
I am not going
by train.. certainly.
Train? Never. never. Never.
This train movement shakes
up everything inside.
I get constipation.
That is not a good option.
Just five days back
you’ve gotten up from bed.
You could’ve died. It was
my marriage anniversary.
Why did he have
to drink and dance?
And then he comes home
drinks.. Budhan, why did you
give him the drink?
Piku, you also didn’t bother.
This old man has gone senile!
Look you don’t interfere.
No one is asking you.
You’re my sister’s husband
that’s why I am concerned.
But your sister is no more.
So keep quiet.
Hey Srivastava.
There is one way.
I’ve an idea.
I was thinking
exactly the same.
You might get tired
but then you can stop
anywhere and walk.
Correct. Correct. Correct.
That way things
will be in control.
According to my convenience.
– Yes..
As in?
As in.. Nothing. Done. Decided!
Who’ll drive that madam
from CR park to Kolkata?
Day after morning at 4.30 AM.
Whose duty is it?
Come on, she’s not bad at heart.
Alright then, Dhani Raam.
Take the car that has
a carrier on top.
Here, take this.
– Give it to me.
– Yes?
Take out the other two
suitcases kept in the garage.
– Yes?
All this will not
fit in one suitcase.
Need another one.
He should be here any moment.
Where’s your Driver?
I am sure
he must be on his way.
Or may have stopped
for some fuel perhaps.
I’ve been calling
you since 4 AM! It’s 4:30.
I’ll check.
‘The number you’re calling is
either switched off.’
‘The number you’re calling is
either switched off.’
‘Please try after some time.’
I told you my father
will be travelling too.
He’s an old man.
Let me talk to him
and I am not old! – Dad.
Sorry, Piku. I can’t get through
any driver just now, so.
We’ve been waiting for 2 hours
with our luggage all packed
and you are telling
me there is no driver.
Look, look, I am trying.
Just give me some time.
If you don’t know
how to do business
then why did you even take
the booking?
How’s your shouting
going to help?
You just don’t talk
in a civilized manner.
And that’s the reason, none of
the drivers want to go with you.
Do you understand this? –
You should’ve told me the truth!
Yeah, so even
I didn’t know this.
That after listening your name
the drivers will run away!
‘The number you’ve dialed
is either switched off’
‘or out of coverage area.’
‘Please try after some time.’
Oh I thought you guys would’ve
left by now.
What happened?
– Driver didn’t turn up.
Good. Now take a flight later.
Useless plans end up like
this only. – Did we ask you?
I thought passing motion before
this journey
will give me some relief
on the way.
But no, it’s all
hardened inside.
Been on hold for 10 minutes
now. These airline idiots.
But why are you calling flight?
Call the driver.
None of the drivers
are ready to go.
So is this the luggage?
Is he the driver?
Budhan, keep the luggage
in the car.
Is this the time to come?
Because of you my stomach…
– All this..
– What is your owner’s name?
Dad, he is the owner.
He is the owner.
Oh, so he’s that same irritating
owner you told me about?
Well if the owner is like him
then obviously people under
him will also be as useless.
Keep this up.
Do you know, mister?
Because of you my daughter
is going through
so much stress.
– Dad, please.
No, wait a minute.
What is your name?
Rana Choudhary.
– Put the brown on the top.
Are you a Bengali?
– No, no, UP. Thakur.
UP? Where in UP?
Sandila. District Hardoi.
Oh that place is
famous for its sweets.
Get us a kilo or two when
you go there next time. – I see.
So you are going to take
us. Where is your license?
What license?
– Driving license?
Yeah, I have… – Check if
the taxi has a carrier or not.
Keep both the suitcase in the
front seat if there’s no place.
Where is it?
Had I known there’ll be
so much luggage
I would’ve got a mini bus.
Do you have any medical issue?
Eye sight? Night blindness?
Day blindness?
– Dad, do all this later.
Sir, everything is…fine.
Why a medical test now?
– Any bad habit?
Piku, have you kept water?
– Cigarette? Drinking?
You know, drinking,
driving, zipping.
Then bang.. accident.
Has it happened to you ever?
As if he’s going to tell you?
What a question?
– No.. fortunately, no, sir..
Are you speaking the truth?
I don’t want to go with a liar!
Sir, we’re already late.
I think we must leave.
Remaining questions
you can ask me on the way.
I am an honest man.
Can I have it back?
By the way, sir, your name?
My name? why?
We’ve to travel together
till Kolkata, so..
I am.. Bhaskor.
Bhaskor Banerjee.
– Yes..
– Yes.
I think you all
must leave now.
Don’t think you’re free now.
Please, what will
I do without your company?
Anyway, we’ll talk
over the phone every day.
Bye. Take care.
– Bye, bye.
Excuse me, sir.
– Yes?
This too needs to be taken.
Hey, Budhan.
Now where will this fit?
Sit behind.
What are you exchanging
the seats for?
I’ll sit here.
What route are
you planning to take?
Yamuna Expressway
then Agra bypass.
I am asking up till Kolkata.
It’s marked in Red.
Noida, Yamuna Expressway,
Agra bypass, Firozabad, Kanpur.
Allahabad Bypass,
Banaras, Mugalsarai,
Gaya, Assansol,
Durgapur, Kolkata.
Oh God!
That’s some distance.
It’s far!
How much time will it take?
Of course, it’s far .
1500 kilometers.
I didn’t ask in kilometer.
I asked you time.
40 to 45 hours.
Could be more also.
Hope you don’t intend
to drive after dark? – Why?
Night halt?
Haven’t thought about it.
Maybe Banaras.
Hey, sit on the seat. Idiot!
Yes, I’ll send the vehicle.
– Should I?
Should I?
– No..
Go with him…
– Go..
Where’s the toilet?
– Coming.
Hey, Budhan.. Come..
Fill up the tank…
– Yes, sir.
Keep saying.
Yeah, yeah, fine.. Done.
What was that?
Where’s dad?
– He’ll take some time.
Where’s the next stop?
Not before two hours.
After that wherever we find a
decent place
we’ll stop for breakfast.
Two hours?
That’s too far!
This is why I didn’t
want us to drive down.
Unnecessarily you force
your decisions.
No, I never forced.
I said. You agreed.
And you also..
– Yes?
When the driver didn’t turn up,
I almost decided
we’ll go by flight.
Who told you
to come last minute?
And at least you should’ve
called up before coming?
What?! Why are you dragging
me into this? It’s the limit.
I didn’t load your
luggage forcibly.
I would’ve dropped you at the
airport had you asked me to.
Amazing! We can go back even
now if you want to that is.
Go back?
Who said about going back?
What? Tell me.
– He said…
– Look, mister..
Don’t you interfere
in our family matter.
In my house I decide
everything, got it?
But this is a car.
That too his.
I know it. Donkey!
Here… Press this.
And Piku, you said you wanted an
‘adventure trip’ so this is it.
Adventurous trip.
You wanted to go out of Delhi.
Here it is.
So enjoy sing song.
What was that song?
“What if this road never ends?”
“How will it be,
tell me my dear?”
“What if this road never ends?”
“How will it be,
tell me my dear?”
Tell me.
You tell me.
– No, no you tell me.
You tell…
So Mr. non Bengali Choudhary.
Do you know the meaning
of this song?
This path…this
road that we are on
if it never ends,
how will that be?
Well then sing another song,
that has a better meaning.
To appreciate good
music is also an art.
Whoever wants to do whatever
can do it here.
We won’t stop here for long.
Where are you?
You’re asking as if you
really are worried for me.
Why aren’t you telling?
– Kolkata.
What happened?
– Bathroom’s very dirty.
It’s morning hours.
People must’ve used it.
– Why don’t you tell me?
God knows when
will Grandpa use it.
Keep down the phone.
All the driver are
sitting on my head.
I’ll handle them
and don’t take any bookings.
Haven’t you informed at home?
– No.
So what is your
father’s real problem?
A weak stomach… that’s it.
Then tell him to do
it fast. We need to leave.
In any case we
have that ‘throne’.
Whenever he feels the urge,
we’ll stop.
He doesn’t eat unless he…
– I got it.
There he is..
Not looking happy though.
Did the army win the war?
A bit. There were so many
mosquitoes that.
I could not concentrate.
You don’t have to meditate.
This is the only job that
happens on its own.
Without any effort.
So much butter..
– Here..
Yes, sir, all safe.
When I got the call, it seemed
you need to reach Kolkata today.
But the way family is going now
as if out for a picnic
forget 48
we’ll not reach Kolkata even
in 72 hours.
What was the need of
stopping there to buy bangles?
She could have bought them
at Kolkata.
She has got no sense of time.
I have no sense of time.
You’re not going to let me
get married.
Let me enjoy these bangles
at least.
Most would get their daughters
married just when they’re born
and he doesn’t want
you to get married.
That’s strange.
This doesn’t happen
even in western culture.
Western culture is not the
benchmark of progress.
Is that clear?
We were always ahead of them.
Always.. That Rani Laxmi Bai.
Sarojini Naidu and
Kadimbini Ganguly.
Vijay Laxmi Pandit.
Annie Besant.
All these fine women
spent their whole life
in serving the country.
and all she wants
to do is please a boy?
So many times I have told you
Annie Besant wasn’t an Indian.
Still she fought for
our country’s independence!
But all these women
were married.
Yes, but with a purpose.
Marriage is not wrong,
but it must have a purpose.
All that a husband wants is
that wife should serve food
during the day and sex at night.
But is that what a woman
is made for? No!
That is why marriage without
any purpose is low IQ.
Fine, but not all women
are nice and simple..
You don’t know…
Many of them are very
manipulative and scheming.
What does one do then?
Women should be scheming,
it’s not wrong.
Because man is like that.
That’s why it’s alright
for her to be scheming.
What are you looking at her for?
No, aunt.
Yes, the driver is fine. Hmm.
About half way.
Listen, they’re not bad people.
No, sometimes that man talks
sense then suddenly he loses it.
You want the slippers now?
– Yes.
Why do you want it now?
I feel I just got carried
away and now I am stuck
between this crazy
father-daughter duo.
As if you had a
great life at home.
I might just run away
in between.
I am telling you.
Gosh! Where is he?
No, still too far.
Not even half way.
I don’t know if they
really want to get there
or they’re just on a joyride.
Hey, look there I had kept
my slippers in the bag.
In the suitcase.
– Can’t hear, bad signal..
Hello.. Hello.
In the drawing room..
– What’s this?
Hello.. No, I was saying..
Are you planning to kill him?
Mad or what? It’s his.
Oh is he planning a murder?
Perhaps for safety.
– safety?
What can we do to him?
No, no this is very dangerous.
Hey, Piku, it is very dangerous.
Hey.. where?
One minute,
I’ll call you later.
What’s this?
Oh maybe, the driver
has kept it for safety.
We’re on the highway.
For safety.
So, keep it inside.
Don’t you know what’s kept in
your car and what’s not? – I..
You are lying. You are lying.
You must’ve only hidden it.
Sir, I don’t even know
how to use it.
No, no, no!
I won’t travel with you.
– What are you doing?
No, no.. I can’t trust somebody
– Don’t create..
…who has a knife! –
…fuss in middle of the road.
Please uncle, trust me.
Trust me. – I am not your uncle.
I am not your uncle.
I’ll just not go.
First throw this knife,
otherwise I’m not going.. – At..
How can I throw it?
No you throw it. Take it
in your hand and throw.
I can’t..
It was kept in the car.
So you agree it was
kept in the car.
I had told you I don’t
want to travel with a liar.
I am not a liar.
– You are a liar.
I can’t throw it.
– You are a liar..
Whole journey is left.
There’s a girl with us.
How can I throw it?
Girl? She’s my daughter.
How can I throw it?
She’s also my responsibility.
No, you have to..
– I won’t.
You will.. otherwise
I am not going. – Get in.
I won’t go..
– Fine.
Okay. Now sit inside.
– What?
No, you tell him to pick
this up and throw.
Throw it otherwise
I am not going.
I am not throwing it.
What happened?
Did the tire get punctured?
Why don’t you throw it?
There’s nothing else here.
So you must be having another
source of income as well.
Another source of income?
– None.
Are you sure?
– Dad.
Since when are you
running this taxi business?
It was my father’s
business actually, so I..
Oh the greed to
earn more money.
I had a job earlier.
Saudi… Civil construction.
Is this what an engineer does to
earn a living?
A taxi business? Sad..
They’d promised a big position
at the time of the interview.
But once I got there
I realized I was duped.
Why didn’t you come back?
My passport was them
with a contract of two years!
God! But who gives
the passport..
That’s the way it is.
So then?
I had a tiff with my supervisor,
even though I was right.
But still, I lost my job.
Hey Piku…your ‘Paanchu
babu.. (cry baby).
What’s that? What ‘Babu’?
If you know you were right
then why that sullen face?
Why do you feel sad
when you were fired?
All honest men in the world have
faced similar consequences.
It’s nothing new.
Well, neither will you gain
my sympathy
nor try to gain Piku’s.
So you came back?
Yeah and handling this
taxi business since then.
Yes, Srivastava.
She’s checking.
Yes.. 130/90.
Yes, I have Crateagus…
Fine then..
Budhan, get me Crateagus.
– Here.
Taansen sang ‘Raga Deepak’.
All the lamps lit up.
He sang ‘Raga Malhaar’.
Well it rained.
So why didn’t anyone
sing ‘Raga Motion’
you would’ve been relieved
by now.
Like ‘Raga motion’.
What do you say?
Here’s what I have.
Indian Basil and mint leaves.
Boil them in water and
drink it, you’ll be fine.
How do you know?
Will you boil these
or should I throw them?
No, wait. Budhan.
– Yes?
Get this done for me.
Trust me, whatever is inside,
it’ll come out.
Okay. Fine..
Is this the only topic that
you both discuss the whole day?
Both of you..
– Yeah..
I should’ve found out before
taking the booking. Well..
Prayers to the God
at 5 AM and check out at 8.
Lakhan, take them
to room number 112.
– Yes?
Keep the medicines ready.
– Yes.
I’ll see you in a bit, dad.
Piku? Where?
I’m coming.
This place is famous
for its desserts.
Would you like to have some?
Am I disturbing you?
Can we sit quietly please?
Yeah, sure.
You were calling
someone scheming?
Not you.
Better not!
I would’ve thrown
you out of the car.
How would your dad have
gone to Kolkata then?
I would’ve driven.
Really? well…
Had I known this earlier
I could’ve stretched
for a bit.
Now you drive tomorrow.
I don’t like driving.
– Why?
As in? women in Saudi
are fighting with the government
for their driving rights,
getting jailed too for same.
And you say you don’t
like driving… That’s weird..
Not really…
Those countries are like that.
Yeah, but your country isn’t.
Moreover driving
liberates a woman.
Are you saying all this
to impress me?
Or you really do respect women?
Isn’t it written on my face?
I’m not talking about that.
Well, you were arguing with
some Ritu this morning.. – Yes.
My sister.
And my mother,
another devious woman.
I swear, you can ask Syed.
Yes, dad..
Okay, I’ll be there.
Tell me something.
You’re really his daughter.
I mean…
Yes, I am ‘his’ daughter
and ten times more strange
weird, irritating, annoying..
No, no, no I didn’t
mean that way..
No, I know what you mean.
I know it’s weird, it’s okay.
But I am like that.
Hello, hello..
– There’s no room that’s vacant.
Excuse me, room.
I need a room.
All occupied.
That Bengali family just
walked in, I’m a part of that.
For me..
– Not here… Go..
Which room number is
that Bengali family in?
What happened?
There aren’t
any rooms available.
Apparently a lot of tourist.
I know, Budhan is also
sleeping in the car.
Hey, listen I am the owner,
not your driver
that I go and sleep next to him.
That dormitory is
infested with mosquitoes.
It’s midnight already.
– I’ll die there.
Please go and sleep.
I can’t go now.
I am not sleeping outside.
Is this the only
hotel in Banaras?
You behave as if I am..
– Go..
…barging in your
personal bedroom.
I’ll leave but this
is not.. I am taking the car.
Your luggage is there
and your father’s
throne as well.
Okay. Ta-ta.. bye-bye.
What time will you
be here in the morning?
Have no idea, not sure
if I’ll come at all.
Sleep here.
See that’s what I was saying.
But on a chair?
Shush! Now what is it?
Switch off the light.
Can I change?
Can you not make any sound?
– Right.
That basil water did nothing.
Sir, do you sit Indian
style or western style?
Do you sit Indian
style or western?
Huh? What do you mean?
There aren’t any toilets
with Indian style these days.
That’s the issue.
It’s the most scientific
way for excretion.
Rana, please!
Stop this nonsense discussion.
No, no, it’s not nonsense.
Did our forefathers ever have
this constipation problem?
Just try and remember. No..
Never.. Isn’t it?
No, I didn’t get you.
This constipation problem wasn’t
there in olden days, isn’t it?
Sir, let me explain you.
It’s a very simple formula!
Now this is our stomach.
– Yes.
Our intestines go
like this. See.
This is our stomach.
This turns here
and after that makes this
question mark kind of thing.
And when we… one minute.
Sit like this and it puts
pressure on our stomach
and intestines get pressed.
And whatever waste material
is there in the pipeline
that slowly comes out.
No need to put pressure.
It happens on its own.
Are you a doctor?
And aren’t we getting
late now? – It’s a common sense.
Can’t leave him
like this, can we?
Sir, should we try again?
Where? Here?
– Not here..
What if I fall down?
I want to reach Kolkata safely.
Dad has arthritis.
He cannot do this stunts.
Budhan will help
– Yes?
I can also come inside..
No, no.. I will try..
Dad, what’s wrong with you?
You cannot climb this!
This is western style.
How will I squat on it?
Let me help you.
– Dad what if you fall?
Wait. Wait Hey Budhan..
– Why did you give him an idea?
– Come here.
Fine.. when you’re done
with this circus, call me..
Sir, let her go. We will try.
Please hold my hands
– Sure..
Yes. Okay.
Now you are ready..
Go away you both, I need
to take off my night pants.
Should I also?
Yes, go…
– Will you manage to..
Not satisfactorily, but at least
got something new to try.
Don’t think you can impress him
or me with your home remedies.
We know everything
about constipation.
Oh, yeah obviously.
Grandpa’s been lying
still for a while.
Should I check him?
Keep quiet! He’s resting.
There’s no better place
then Banaras for last rites.
Shut up.
Just check on him, we can
still get back to Banaras.
Hey, why are you driving?
And why are you speeding?
I am not..
Look in front, look in front.
Oh God.
Relax and sing that path song
you sang earlier. – Relax, dad.
You should be there..
– Sing the path song..
We’re paying you to drive,
not sit. – I know how to drive.
She’s driving fine..
– I know how to drive.
Piku, you’ve never
driven on a highway.
This is how accidents happen,
dad. Keep quiet. – Quiet..
But what if she bangs…
I don’t want to come under
a truck like a dog or a cat.
I don’t like unnatural deaths.
I don’t like that.
Hey, stop, stop.. Stop the car.
Slow.. slow..
It doesn’t matter what
you like or what you don’t.
Whenever it’s time, you’ll die.
On a road, in a hospital.
Death and shit come unannounced,
anytime anywhere. Okay?
I disagree!
Do you know patience
is a must for a good driver?
I was just testing.
That’s all.
Come. Come.
Let’s go.
Who all stay in Kolkata?
Uncle. Aunt.
Actually my mother, dad and I..
We used to stay there earlier.
In any case one leg of Bengalis
is always in Kolkata.
Yeah, but I mean… I feel
totally at home in Delhi also.
Yeah, but one does
have connections
with the place one belongs to.
Correct. Correct..
– Yes.. What?
But there is nothing
for me, dad.
Few relatives.
I have no connection
with them and that house.
Which you want to sell off
but I won’t let you.
Are you going to
sell off your home?
Don’t know.
I had already kept
it ready. Hey Budhan…
Where did its cell go?
I gave it to you.
No, it was in your hand
when we stopped at that
roadside place for dinner.
Is it?
– Yes.
Turn back the car.
Turn it back… – What’s wrong?
Turn back the car.
– What?
My ear plug cell
has gone weak.
I think I’ve left it
behind where we’d stopped.
Hey why are you still driving?
U-turn, U-turn.
We’ll be in Kolkata in a bit.
Nobody is talking
to you, mister.
Do as I say.
I’m sure you have enough battery
that can last you till there.
We can’t waste time
unnecessarily.. – Unnecessary?
Oh, unnecessary!
This ear whistles
due to weak battery.
Strange sounds
come out of here.
Is it unnecessary?
Why do you think
I am a burden on you?
I am not a burden! Look!
I can do everything
on my own. Alright?
Dad, please, you…
– No, no.. you be quiet!
And you.. you are charging us.
If you don’t listen to me
I won’t care whether
you’re an owner or a driver.
I can take bus also.
Do you know?
I am fit. I’m not dependent
on anybody. Nobody.
– Hold on a second!
Why have you stopped here?
Fine. You can take the bus.
Stopping every now and then
even my patience is running out.
Please mind your language.
No, I have not said
anything wrong.
And what’s with
this burden thing?
I wonder why parents
feel satisfied
in emotionally
blackmailing their kids.
If you were a burden. You
would’ve been sitting in Delhi.
She wouldn’t have cared to take
you all the way to Kolkata.
So close your eyes and
sit quiet for some time.
Sky won’t fall if
you don’t hear some words.
If we keep going like this,
we will take forever to reach.
Okay, shall we?
What if on the way I feel
like passing motion then?
I’ll stop the car.
Keep your throne on
the other side of the road.
You can do what you need to.
Two hours more.
– Sleep.
Will wake you up
once we’re there.
Thank you.
Ma’am, they’ve arrived.
They’ve arrived.
Hey Binod!
– Brother!. Come. Come.
How are you, Binod?
Come, come, come. All okay?
Hello, aunt.
– Uncle, you’ve lost weight.
You’re all grown up.
Champa Kunj.
Hi, aunt. Sorry to wake you up.
– Sudha, Sudha..
Here I come.
No, no, whole night
we were just awake..
Brother, you must be..

…very tired?
– I am fine..
Get the luggage.
Nothing’s changed here.
– And whose idea was..
it to do this road journey?
Gosh! You need a heart
to do that.
Take this into that room.
Rana, come. Uncle,
he’s Rana Choudhary.
Greetings, Mr. Choudhary.
Please sit.
Hey Binod, he’s not Bengali.
He is not Bengali.
Not Bengali.
– How are you?
He’s the owner of Himachal
Tourist Taxi stand.
His driver didn’t come,
so he drove us.
Oh, that means Delhi people
aren’t as bad as
we think them to be here.
Please don’t mind.
Not her fault. Well, that is the
perception about Delhi people.
So, Piku…
Get that chair in
then I’ll leave.
Where? You can’t be going
back to Delhi right now.
No, no, no. You must be tired.
Go tomorrow morning.
Go in the morning.
No it’s fine really.
I’ll leave.
No one asked you.
– Yes.
Where have you kept
my luggage?
In that room down there.
– Downstairs.
No, keep it up
stairs in that room.
Push it there..
Not there! Keep it straight.
Keep it straight..
Keep it there..
Where did that
chair come from?
That’s grandpa’s commode.
Don’t touch it.
The whole feel of this house has
changed because brother’s here.
Yeah, but Piku…
Don’t know what
she has grown up to be.
First, she stays with her
aunt Chhobi, plus single.
– Living in Delhi.
Yes, Nobendu, right..
He has not told me anything.
Oh, okay.
What happened?
– Nobendu is saying
brother has come
to fix the house deal.
I am not surprised.
Must’ve done sitting in Delhi.
It can’t be true.
I warned you, but
you shouted at me.
Now see for yourself.
You respect him so much,
but for him, we are nobody!
You’re over-reacting.. I don’t
think it’s anything to worry.
How’s Dr. Srivastava?
He will miss you.
I don’t think so.
Dad just forces
him to come every day.
I never force anybody, never.
– There… Mr. Choudhary.
Join us.
– Hi..
Pass me some pepper, Piku.
I had no idea that your bowel
problem had become so chronic?
I don’t think it’s
in our family.
Of course it is!
– No..
Our father had it!
But how would you remember?
You were busy in fooling
around with life.
Fun women.. all that.
– If he was fooling around
were the elders just
watching the show?
And when sister-in-law
and almost decided
to get him married
to her sister Chhobi
then what was the need
to come and see me?
Next day I had my M.Com exam.
Final paper, but no one cared!
Mom just expressed
it to grandma that
it’s fun if two brothers
are married to two sisters.
But it’s not that she didn’t
love you when you came.
You were not even born
then, Piku. How would you know?
All I know is when mom was
in the hospital, she said
whenever I’d get married, you’ll
do the rituals on her behalf.
Not aunt Chhobi.
After mom, you are
like a mother to me.
Why dig the old graves? She’s
come here after so many years.
But what did I say…
– No, no. Listen..
Don’t stop her. She’s right.
This frustration is
not right. It causes…
…you know what..
– Negativity..
Negativity…and that
causes indigestion and then…
Amazing! How do you connect
everything with the stomach?
Amazing.. – Because everything
is connected to the stomach!
A person’s emotion
depends on his motion.
This is all your nonsense
theory in your own head.
It’s not that your
constipated all the time?
Why’re you getting
angry with me?
I am not getting angry.
But you don’t discuss
anything other than this.
There’s a limit.
Just relax, brother…
– I am relaxed.
And you don’t talk much!
– Just relax.
Do you know, Piku. For how long
your uncle sits on the pot?
What do you mean?
Father had constipation,
brother has
and you also have the same.
It’s in the family.
No, brother.
– Yes, father had…
No, I don’t have constipation.
– Binod.. Binod.
You had constipation.
– Why are you looking at me?
She is right.
– I didn’t..
You are right.
Uncle, you know about
the water shortage in Delhi.
Still he wants a bucket
full of water
because he’s not satisfied
with that jet spray.
No, that’s because that jet has
a sharp flow of water.
It hurts me here.
And in winters he
demands hot water.
Now tell me who needs hot water
to clean his back side?
You must know
that every third person in
America has the same problem.
In fact constipation
is their biggest health issue.
– Of course!
Still they live care free.
Looking at them can you ever
tell what goes on inside them?
Who cares? They’re the
biggest economy in the world.
No, no.. I care.
Now for any normal person.
Normal like, for example me.
How can you call yourself
normal so confidently?
Hear me out.
For any normal person
a breakfast, a lunch
and a dinner
these three meals is
all that is needed
to smoothly do
the job next morning.
But they, on an average
go once in three days!
All through the day
they just eat junk.
Collecting inside
as if a fixed deposit
and then one day they go
and well… do it!
– Gosh!
No, no seriously.
don’t laugh.
And your condition
isn’t that bad.
Do one thing, just chew your
food like this.. like a cow.
Next day, you’re bound
to have a clear motion.
Cow? Me?
Mr. Banerjee,
have you ever heard
a cow or a buffalo ever
getting constipated.
Or doing a hard cow dung
or loose. Think about it.
Tell me.
Right.. His logic is right.
Are you sure you
are not a Bengali?
Sir, not everything is
a copyright by Bengalis.
You didn’t know this?
There was a railing there?
I think, yes.
That was a new
construction, needs repair..
Will get it done.
Your family is
quite interesting.
Just because everyone laughed
don’t think everyone is
We are very critical people.
Oh, I know. Some people just
can’t like anyone. That’s okay.
You think I am like that?
You are, but can’t
blame you for it.
Actually, after a certain
age, one becomes like that.
Difficult to please.
Then don’t try to ‘please’.
Do you know, Piku
Binod was in secondary
when our.. Secondary? – Yes.
Binod was in secondary when dad
started building this house.
And same year brother
also got a job in ITC.
37, Virginia House,
Chowringhee Lane.
You remember?
Earlier we just
had ground floor.
When they shifted here, that’s
when this 1st floor was made.
Okay, listen… My head..
Can we go out somewhere?
Yeah… I’ll just give
dad his medicines.
The center of my circumference.
I feel is this place…
This courtyard.
Then after retirement why
did you settle down in Delhi?
You knew your brother doesn’t
earn as much as you did
to maintain this house…
– Can you keep quiet?
Why should I?
– No, no… Carry on.
She’s right..
A woman as educated
as her should not be
stopped from speaking her mind.
But tell me Moni.
In 1979
who wrote that job application
for you in that BATA company?
I had my connections there.
Still you didn’t take up
that job. Why?
Because then my salary would’ve
been more than his. – Hey.
That’s exactly what
I call a low IQ thinking.
You yourself are responsible
for your frustrations.
No one else. Yourself!
Anyway, such old
memories coming back
remember, Binod, after
mother passed away
her body was kept here.
Head that side… legs here.
And then Piku’s mother’s
body that too..
Piku, let’s go.
– We’ll just go out.. Just..
But where?
Kolkata tour..
Hey, Piku, don’t be late.
Yeah, I’ll come soon.
If you’re so emotionally
attached to this place
then why do you want to sell
it off? You don’t need money.
What? Have you lost it?
Brick by brick I’ve
constructed this house.
Champa Kunj can’t be sold ever.
It will never be sold!
Our mother’s name.. Champa.
that’s written on it. Got it?
But brother..
No, no, no! If you can’t
maintain it, it’s fine.
I’ll give the money.
Take a right from here.
Mom used to teach here.
Then she met Dad
and got married.
And left the job?
Why don’t you elope
and get married?
He’s not that bad.
Moreover you need
someone to run away with.
That’s true.
Why didn’t you marry?
Next stop coffee shop
and then by the Ganges.
There used to be a theater here
and now a building.
That’s what happens usually.
Don’t you want
to sell off your house?
One day a building
will come up there too.
I am just being practical.
No, no, I am not saying
you’re wrong.
Maybe this is the way forward.
Guess this is
what development is.
But if you pull
your roots out
what will remain?
You know what I mean?
Yes, dad. Crataegus.
Carbo veg.. 6-7 drops. Yes.
Yes, I am coming.
You guys must not be having
any medical expenses.
Looks like you manage
your own treatment.
How old is you father?
Must be at least 70?
And the way you’re
being his doctor
he’ll be around for another 20
more years which makes him 90.
And in next 20 years, you too
will become 50 approximately?
– So?
50, in just taking
care of your father?
One minute. Why are
you saying all this?
You know my situation.
You know he’s dependent on me.
Can’t hear or see properly.
Should I leave him?
No, no…
– How will he manage on his own?
I am not asking you
to leave him.
Even I haven’t left my mother.
I am just saying I hope you
realize he is a selfish man.
No, he’s not.
– Yeah, he is.
And even if he is,
he’s my father.
If he’s your father then
why do behave like his mother?
Because Rana,
after a certain age
parents can’t live on their own.
They need to be kept alive
and that responsibility
is of kids only.
So if someone
wants to marry me
…he’ll have to adopt
your 90-year-old kid too?
Of course.
Will you marry me?
I haven’t gone mad.
Then don’t worry about me.
No, no, I am not worrying.
Dad used to take us there
to show steamers.
There.. Can you see? There?
– Grandpa..
Please come down.
Aunt Chhobi is here.
Oh…Bhaku Da! Piku!
Binod, how are you all?
– Wait, wait.. I am coming down.
How come? Why… I mean?
– See!
There. Surprised you!
– Surprise… well..
Where’s Piku?
– Piku’s gone out, you..
Yes, aunt.
Your uncle suddenly made
a plan for Darjeeling.
What? So I thought I’ll meet
you all on the way.
What? – Where are you?
Now come fast.
Okay, okay.
Thank you, dear. Cheers!
Bhaku Da. Hey Bhaku Da.
What is it? Why’s your mood off?
Now you’re in Kolkata.
What’s wrong?
No, I am thinking…
– I was only seven..
About Piku? No point. That
Sourob is already married now.
You didn’t like him.
So what’s the need of this
‘thinking’ now?
I am thinking when
will you spare me.
I’m asking you about him.
– As in.
I can’t believe,
you’ve come here, too.
Okay, so if you’ve such
issues with me, I’ll go.
Last night, I saw
you seeing Piku.
Can I go, dad?
– No..
I was looking at you.
Oh really
– Yes.
Oh really, say the truth
or else you’ll be in trouble.
You want enema?
Look I am not meditating here.
I am ready for
fourth marriage also.
If you’ve done little
then do the rest later.
Let’s end this here for today.
So Mr. Choudhary,
ready to go back to Delhi?
Oh done with badminton?
– Yeah..
So who all are
there in your family?
My sister, mother and
father passed away.
Father died?
Death. Who said death?
Whose death?
Rana’s father… He died.
Not now, long back…
– What was the problem?
No problem as such.
Died without any problem?
I mean he had cancer.
So cancer is a problem. Why are
you saying he had no problem?
Well, he had cancer
but it was removed.
Oh okay. Where was it?
Throat! Smoking, is it?
Where are you going?
So they must’ve done tracheotomy
for him to breathe.
Did they reconstruct
Food pipe also?
Yeah, something like that..
– Food pipe..
What do you mean something
like that?
I mean… – You should know
what all the doctor did.
Dad, everyone is not so
interested in all this.
This medical nonsense
has become your hobby.
Hey, I am not talking to you.
I am also not talking to you!
Then hey, listen.. Where are
you going? Then what happened?
Nothing. He was in the ICU
and then on a ventilator.
Ventilator! You should’ve not
put him on a ventilator.
It is wrong.
Piku, what he did to his father,
you don’t do that with me.
I’m telling you. You see, all
this is commercial business.
Professional money-making.
Why did you allow them to do it?
Allow, I mean… I was..
No, no but why?
Why did you allow them to
do this to your father? – Sir..
Look, my father
was on death bed.
Doctor said we needed to put him
on the ventilator.
So what could’ve I done?
I couldn’t have said no.
It’s not my decision.
Of course, it is!
Do you’ve any idea how much
pain your father went through?
His whole body must’ve
been pricked with needles.
Drip, blood, catheter
down below. ECG machine.
It’s inhuman treatment..
You tortured your father!
You get up if the nurse
picks you up.
Be at her mercy to change
your clothes.
If you’ve passed motion in those
clothes or just keep lying down.
Oh gosh, no!
Look, Piku, when I die
don’t do all this with me.
I want to die in peace!
Do you always
have to overdo it?
But I was only telling you
what not to do with me.
Why did he go?
Did I say anything to him? No!
Brother Rana..
Grandpa has sent this for you
and has called you down.
You don’t need to be sorry.
I am alright..
I didn’t feel bad..
It’s okay. I am fine.
Sorry? for?
Check that our water
pump is not working.
You did civil right? You did
civil engineering. Check it.
What? There. Water.
Water pump. It’s not working.
Call an electrician.
It’s not my job.
What do you mean it’s not your
job? You must be knowing?
Okay, fine, I know,
but I am getting late.
So you call anyone else.
I need to go..
You’re going now?
Who.. who’s going?
No, no How can you go?
There’s no water in the over
head tank or in the bathroom
or the flush, how can he go?
– I don’t care…
Water or no water in flush
or tank or wherever else.
It’s a plumber’s job,
not mine.. – What?
How will I cook? There’s
no water in the kitchen.
As if you were making
mutton kebabs?
Fish rice, but that too
I can’t cook now.. – Not that.
We’ll have to order..
– No, no..
Dr. Srivastava told me
to eat only pulses and rice.
But brother how will
she cook rice.. – Hear me out.
That needs water too.
– You talk to him..
Binod, it’s a useless argument.
Oh she just needs an excuse..
What a useless argument!
– …to avoid cooking.
Shut up!
Where’s the water pump?
It’s on. Check the water flow.
Not coming.
Are you angry?
Not your fault.
Not yet.
Am I irritating you?
I have a good tolerance.
That means I am
talking to you forcibly.
Just like dad…
Ditto… Same!
Don’t compare me with that man!
Water is coming… A little.
With your attitude
you won’t find any companion
your entire life.
It’s not like that
if I seek actively
somebody or the other
I’ll definitely find.
Worry about yourself.
You shouldn’t be left with
Budhan for company in old age.
I’m serious.. Just be aware.
It’s better that you leave…
And there’s water now..
Fine, now I am also
leaving… – Okay.
There’s water..
– Got it.
See I told you
he’ll repair it.
This water pump company has shut
down, change the pump please.
Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Choudhary
thank you so much. Thank you.
Now you can leave,
better to take breaks.
Yeah, I’ll see where I get by
the evening.
You could’ve stayed
for a day or two more.
Why? Not needed,
he has his business there.
His family. No, no you must go.
You go, you go.
And once you get there,
inform me. Okay?
Do you know what the real
issue is, Mr. Banerjee?
– No one understands you.
You’re right.
Can I suggest something?
– Yes, tell me.
Will you listen?
– Yes, yes tell me.
Stop hiding salt.
Hey, mister, hey…
Wait.. wait.. wait.
In straight and simple words
stop being so difficult.
Do you meditate?
Piku, all well? Greetings!
Is your father in?
With this kind of a family
at least someone should stay
calm, balanced. You must begin,
you’ll stay relaxed.
I am relaxed.
Is it?
I’ll call you.
By the way my,
family is totally..
You thought
you’ll play this game
and we’ll sell off the house?
No, no, sir,
that builder said..
Otherwise later…
– Later means when?
Later even if all
these people have died
I’ll be still alive to take
care about this house okay.
Why will you take
care of our house?
Later when…
Aunt. Champa Kunj
will not be sold. – And..
And if uncle has no objection
then let’s find a tenant, okay?
Thank you.
Now you leave, okay?
What nonsense! Waste of time!
Why did they call if they
didn’t want to listen to me?
Okay, Piku. Take care.
– Bye, bye..
Of course, I’ll be there.
Hey wait…
Is this your bicycle?
It’s mine.
– Yours?
Yeah, Syed?
No, I don’t know
when I’ll be back..
How did he even go?…
And why did you
not wake me up?
But you know him, Piku.
Why didn’t you
lock the bicycle?
He’d taken the keys last night.
I’ve searched for him everywhere
but I couldn’t find him.
Go and check once again.
Sudha, go and look for him.
Whole life he kept mom
also stuck in all this!
She sacrificed her own happiness
to tolerate all his tantrums.
He said I want
to go to Kolkata
so I said fine, I left
everything and came with him.
See what he is doing now?
What if he falls
down on the road?
Ma’am, he’s here.
I saw everything.
Writers’ Building.
Dalhousie. Shyambazar.
and these dumplings.
Who’ll eat all this?
All my life I have eaten
pumpkin, bitter gourd
because of him.
And now he wants
to eat this.
Sweets and what not.
Get medicine from inside.
I know what drama
is going to happen now.
I am fine. No drama will happen.
You are not fine, dad.
And I will cycle
tomorrow also.
No, you will not!
Do you get that?
One month ago he had collapsed.
his BP had dropped.
Calm down.
Suddenly one fine day you can’t
cycle for 25 kilometers.
You think your lungs are
fit to do all this! Nonsense.
Your Heart cannot take it.
You are 70 years old!
Just doesn’t listen!
I said we’ll take a flight but
no he wanted to go by road only!
Have you ever thought
what I want?
Absolutely selfish!!!
Yes, I’ve had physical
but is this something he
needs to tell every man I meet?
That meet my daughter
she is not a virgin.
Which father does this?
Calm down, Piku.
Have some water.
Have it.
Have it.
Rana was right.
One should eat everything.
Like never before. Piku!
Extraordinary! The best motion!
Good. So no cycling
from tomorrow.
I understand you
all are angry.
But everyone’s way
to go has been decided.
Even mine. I know.
Even mine, it will be through
my digestive track.
My life will go from here.
So let me cycle.
I am enjoying.
Hey, Binod…
– Yes, sir.
Let’s go out..
Piku.. Piku..
Yes, uncle?
– Piku.
See what’s happened
to brother.
Didn’t wake up with
an alarm also.
I also woke him,
but he says nothing.
Moni. Moni, come fast..
Grand pa…
I switched on the
light in the morning.
He didn’t get up.
Get up, grandpa…
– Moni..
What happened? Bhaskor..
Call Dr. Ghosh.
Call the doctor.
May his soul rest in peace.
May his soul rest in peace.
Oh, that means either
cardiac Arrhythmia.
Basically irregular heartbeat.
Or sleep apnea.
Your dad always wished
for a peaceful death.
Yes, uncle,
no tube, no ventilator..
Dad was happy, he said
it was the best motion.
He always forced me to
listen to him, but..
He made sure death also
listened to him.
Let me tell you all.
Dad was in peace.
He was in no pain.
and those
who know dad, they know
he had just one problem,
but that too got
cured before he left.
So dad’s death was a happy
one and I’m going to miss him.
Now no one will call me from
this room, ‘Piku.. Piku..’.
Bhaskor Da was a
big attention seeker.
If that man sees Piku
is here all sad
roaming with her hair open.
He’ll come immediately
and take her away too.
Piku, I love Bhaskor Da.
He must be roaming
somewhere around.
He must be listening in on us.
– Piku..
Come here for a minute
– He won’t like it without us.
Or maybe he has already
made a plan of coming back
as Piku’s kid.
Don’t mind me saying, but I
need to tell you something.
But I will pray to God
if he comes again
then he should come
without constipation.
You and Syed are close,
it’s okay.
But your dad had
just one issue with this.
Look it’s my duty to tell you.
He felt.. in fact he was sure
that Syed too has constipation.
You want a drink?
– Do you have constipation?
– Do you have constipation?
Yeah.. – Why didn’t you
tell me before?
I mean.. it’s not chronic..
Just.. Piku.
Here is the balance amount
and this is for petrol.
And what about that
outing on Ganga Ghat?
And that mental torture I went
through because of your dad?
My God, he kept
everyone on their toes.
You can’t judge parents, no.
No matter how they are.
After taking care of
that kind of a man even you
come in the category of
Rani Laxmi Bai, Annie Besant
kinds, you know,
the great women.
Anybody in my place
would’ve done that.
No one does it these days.
So now?
Will you manage it alone?
I think so.
I mean, that much
dad has prepared me.
It’s a small spelling.
Bhaskor. Bhaskor.
K-O-R, not K-A-R.
If it’s not done by tomorrow,
I am not going to pay.
Ok come from tomorrow.

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