Pi Panel on Community & Governance Intro – Pi COiNVENTION 2020

Hello Pioneers!
Welcome to another session of the first Pi Convention!
Today, we are featuring a community discussion panel about Pi Governance & the Provisional
In the White Paper, we outlined that a Provisional Committee would be formed after the network
reached at least 5M members.
The responsibilities of the Provisional Committee include soliciting suggestions from the wider
community and proposing suggestions to the wider community.
In addition, the committee may be organizing
a series of online and offline conversations.
In these conversations Pioneers will be able
to provide input on the long-term governance
structure of the network, and they will be
representing, leading and organizing the regional
For example, the organization of Pi Conventions
like this one will be part of the work of
the Provisional Committee.
So, we are taking the opportunity today to
discuss and make progress on the formation
of the Provisional Committee, and hopefully future global Pi Conventions along with more
regional conventions will be primarily organized
by this committee.
As the Core Team, we hope this Provisional
Committee will be composed of members who
contributed and will continue contributing
to the Pi Network.
We also hope that committee members will have
expertise in different areas that would be
helpful to building the larger Pi Ecosystem
and who have deep thoughts on how the Pi Community
can be organized on both the regional and
global level.
We are having this Panel today to hear what
the Pioneers want the committee members to
be and how they should be selected.
We plan to incorporate your ideas in defining
the future steps in forming this committee,
and along the way, we may be able to surface
some candidates for the committee itself.
Hello Pioneers, my name is Chris and I am
on the Community Team of the Pi Core Team!
In organizing this Pi Panel, the Pi Core Team
has been soliciting short video responses
from community members through an online application,
Chat Moderator recommendations, and email
We asked vocal Pioneers to express their opinions
on 3 questions:
1) What characteristics and qualities do you
think a Provisional Committee member should
2) How should committee members be nominated
& selected?
3) How long of a term should the committee
members serve?
And why?
About 900 Pioneers submitted about 2,000 short
video responses to voice their opinions in
this panel.
Because Pi Panels are global discussions and
are meant to spur conversations internationally
within the Pi community, we required English
as the language of the video submissions.
The Core Team reviewed all the video submissions
and selected a subset of them to be showcased
in this panel due to time limitations and
the audience’s attention span.
We tried to select videos that are representative
of different viewpoints from different geolocations,
that are clear, articulate and reasonable.
Even if your video is not showcased in this
broadcast, please know that we have listened
to your ideas, and we hope our selected videos
also represent your views.
For Pioneers who did not participate in the
discussion through video, please participate
in the current session through posting your
views through the Topic button on the homescreen
today, where the Core Team and other community
members can also view, upvote or downvote.
Now let’s hear what representative Pioneers
think about the formation of the Provisional
We’d like to clarify that any voices by
non Core Team members do not represent what
the Core Team thinks or decides.
The Convention is meant to be a place where
diverse and creative ideas from the community
emerge about how to solve issues and improve
various aspects of our network, where we can
continue conversations and ideas can flourish.

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