Pi Node Updates – Pi COiNVENTION 2020

Pi Node Updates – Pi COiNVENTION 2020

Hi, everyone! This is Aurelien, from the 
core team, talking to you from Paris,  France.
I am one of the software 
engineers working on the Node application,  
and in this session, I am going to cover the 
recent updates we have made to the node app  
and the reasons why they are an 
important milestone in our roadmap.
To date, the node app has been 
installed by more than 200,000 pioneers,  
60,000 of which are active every day. 
We have also recently released Pi Node v0.3.4. This 
is a big milestone, because it is the first  
version that enables a set of selected 
pioneers to follow the Pi testnet blockchain.
The latest version is now v0.3.6, and this version 
makes more internal stats visible to users:  
some node availability stats, some internal 
data about the blockchain component,  
and finally some troubleshooting information.
Building v0.3.4 was a big chunk of work: 
as we went through more than 10 test iterations  
with community moderators and voluntary 
testers before releasing it to the general public. 
Due to its nature, the blockchain component has 
caused a fair number of compatibility issues  
with various devices and various operating systems.
Our goal remains what it has always been:  
make the interface as 
user-friendly as possible  
and eliminate as many issues as possible before 
we make a release available to the general public. 
We are still focused on user-centric design. 
We want to emphasize what you care about as a  
pioneer, and reduce the technical complexity for 
a majority of users. This is in line with our goal  
of building the most widely distributed 
and most user-friendly digital currency.
Right now, all node users can upgrade 
to the latest version. However,  
for technical reasons, we are not releasing 
the blockchain component to everyone.  
We are gradually making it available 
to users, on a rolling basis.
We have invited over a hundred node 
candidates, and we will be inviting  
more Pioneers to start following the pi 
testnet blockchain in the upcoming weeks. 
The point I’m trying to make is: Don’t be 
discouraged if you have not seen the blockchain  
feature. It will be available to you very soon.
Our goal is to eventually enable all Node  
candidates to turn on the blockchain component, 
and follow the Pi testnet blockchain.
Note that I am using the words 
“follow the testnet blockchain”. 
Let me try to explain what this concretely means. 
First of all, what is the testnet? The pi testnet  
is a full implementation of the Pi blockchain, 
but it is using a test currency. Whatever you  
do on the testnet does not impact your real 
Pi balance shown on the app. The purpose of  
the testnet is to validate that the consensus 
algorithm works in real conditions, before moving  
on to the real deal, called the mainnet. The next 
session will cover that part in greater detail.
Now, what does it mean to “follow the testnet”?  
What it means is that these latest versions of 
the node app enable a user to join the network,  
and locally record and validate the state of 
the Pi blockchain in real-time. However, those  
nodes are not receiving connections from other 
nodes. That will be part of the SuperNode role.
The next session will dive deeper into the 
specifics of the Pi testnet deployment,  
and how we’re planning to gradually move 
from the current system towards the mainnet.
Thanks for watching!

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