Pi Node Intro – Pi COiNVENTION 2020

Pi Node Intro – Pi COiNVENTION 2020

Welcome to the first Pi convention. The past few days  
we asked Pioneers to come up with a unique name
to call our convention through a Pi Topic.  
And we received 186,173 suggestions. The community 
upvoted and downvoted those suggestions about half a million times.  
As a result of this process a very interesting 
name bubbled up. The name Coinvention.
Coinvention  resembles co-invention which means we are 
all inventing Pi together, but it also resembles  
coin-vention and convention. So, we decided to 
go with it.
Due to COVID-19 this convention is taking place 
exclusively online, inside the Pi Network app.  
Hence, most videos are shot in portrait to 
accommodate the way we like to hold our phones sometimes.  
Also since we are doing the convention online, 
the limitations of the physical world convention  
do not apply. For example, there is no need for 
everyone to travel to a central convention venue  
where the convention must complete 
within a short amount of time.  
Thus, the Pi convention will run over the course 
of a couple of weeks releasing a few videos at a time.  
Today’s Speaker Session is about Pi Node updates 
and future plans. we will have three talks:  
First, we will discuss Nodes 
updates from the past quarter.  
Then we will present our plan for the Nodes for 
the remaining of the year. Last, we will explore  
potential future applications of the Nodes and 
the significance of Nodes to everyday people.
I hope you will enjoy the Pi Coinvention.

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