pi network unofficial podcast #5

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1. Money is the greatest social network of all time- Winklevoss twins.
2. The Netflix to golds blockbuster
3. Crypto adoption is in dog years
4. Bill of rights for the metta verse ( pi nation?) What would that be.
5. What are the fundamental problems that digital assets seams to solve
6. What is the fundamental problem that people have?
7. KYC so important. My thoughts are that the mail first pi network wallet holds coins regardless of ability to pass kyc. Coins not movable. KYC is different for people around world.
8. 6 degrees of separation so if people can show that they are connect to 6 other people on the pi network in their trusted circle then they pass kyc? Is that too trivial. that way a web is formed.
9. If there is a bad actor in the group the entire group is penalized in some fashion. May they need to pay 2% of their pi balance to an account that rewards network engagement and support.
10. Avee gatchi – value behind nfts, underlying asset gone. NFT related is gone.
11. Perfect money imperfect people. When the wrong man has the right tools. The right tools work in the wrong way. How does the influence the direction of the Pi network.
12. We like or need things that give us meaning. Bitcoin does that for some. I can see Pi doing that for me. Is that too fast?
13. Everything is energy at the base level. There are ways to leverage energy to get a sort of flywheel effect. The initial push of the pi button to activate mining for that day uses traditional solar energy. The energy is then magnified by psychic energy and that is related to how many people you have in your network. It is the idea of popularity on a smaller scale.
14. It shook my brain to hear this idea. If bitcoin uses proof of work then the US uses proof of war. – Andreas
15. Question for Pi core, what kind of consensus mechanism is used in Pi? Proof of work, or stake or other?
16. This is one of the ultimate applications of brain over brawn. The atom bomb is more powerful that the entire roman army. Crypto is more powerful than all the nation states.
17. Bitcoin is bedrock to the fiat currency sand.
18 bitcoin is a gateway drug that leads the way to other digital assets like weed, it does not die. and leads to other drugs.
19. The first mobile wave was communication, the next mobile wave is money. All of it.
20. Historically strong institutions have helped to protect and guide the USA. Going forward strong code infrastructure will protect the virtual nations.
“21. I am like a fish. I get hooked on things. I like things that are actionable immediately if possible. – Narrative is linear, but action has breadth and depth as well as height and is solid.

Thomas Carlyle

22. As long as something can stop you. You will be stopped. The key is to become unstoppable. This is a state of mind. A state of being. – T is unstoppable. Tesla is an Idea. Bitcoin is unstoppable. Bitcoin is an idea.
23. Flag bucks. The pi network symbol is like a flag. The bitcoin symbol is like a flag. Flags for various worlds or nations.
24. Pioneers is a correct term. The travel and settling of the new world was a vote with feet against the old world. The early USA gave humans a chance to exit the structures that were not serving them well. Crypto is the new frontier. Every dollar stored there is a vote against the old system with our financial feet.
25. Is there a difference between physical violence and other types of violence? Or can there be only one type of violence.