Pi Network unofficial podcast # 4

1.read pi mining , mainnet, utilities info. network effect of pi network
1.1-pi wallet
2. after kyc is done how is self sovereignty managed? Besides moving off chain and storing as another coin?
3. Rules without rulers- talk by Andreas. How does this relate to the Pi net going forward?
4. Is crypto a rival to the nation state? Bankless podcast # 42
5. Successor to the nation state? virtual state?
6. Different type of state that supersedes the various states that we familiar with.
7. Pi network might be the start of the dematerialization of the nation state.
8. Many companies get very strong when they dematerialize real world entities. Pi network or Pi Nation( term I just coined) Might be the Dematerialization of the nation state.
9. Bitcoin Nation, digital nations are Opt in Nations
10. Maybe different nations – Bitcoin, Pi, Tezos, Bat, Eth, Nexo,
11. These are not technologies, these are political movements…
12. crypto operates in civilizational spaces- neutral. The UN has failed.
13. religion, education, nationalism but crypto seems more natural for national cohesion.
14. great filter event- decentralization is the key to survival
15. Mental preparation is needed for the shift that in view.
16. I love YouTube. YouTube sucks! Can Pi network help with that? Video hosting sharing platform open and free. Maybe, maybe not.
17. need a video network that is wide open period. Let nature take its course with it. Sounds very scary. very risky. unacceptable
18. The value is in the eye of the beholder
19.education is free
20. Government is the largest corporation. If you want to complain about the DMV where do you go? If you want to complain about Pi. Where do you go?
21. Hearthstone: Exodia bomb build and mixed minion. Not in that order.