Pi network ( unofficial) Podcast # 3

1. Pi node application sent in
2. What is a node.
3. crypto currency gold rush
4. Question from the Pi Coinference. – Who should the pi network partner with?
4.1 – Fiat currency governing bodies to seek status as currency in as many jurisdictions as possible. tax reasons
4.2 – Dedicated service for global delivery of UBI.
4.3 –
5. deflation is good for saving
6. inflation good for stuff?
7. Question for Pi core team. Is there any plan to remove the centralization of power held by pi core to change the network and how it functions or does it stay as is for the life of Pi?
8. certainties in life, death taxes 21million btc.
9. ratio of pi to btc should be published or accessible on demand.
10. hodl -hold on for dear life.
11. Predictable monetary policy is a value aspect. one or two percent inflation is my suggestion.
12. Live to work or work to live? Pi can help.
13. All facts are on chain- if its not onchain its not true. Bankless podcast episode 41
14. voting process. start like up and down votes in the convention but then to “n” ideas presented to all in all languages for ” final ” vote? Takes a lot of trust and maybe still not final but great data to gather.
15. Many institutions that predate the internet will not survive the internet. Including the nation state – mind blown