Pi Network Transactions Explained | pi network online marketplaces | pi mining on your phone

Pi Network Transactions Explained | pi network online marketplaces | pi mining on your phone


Pi Network Transactions Explained | pi network online marketplaces | pi mining on your phone

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Hello friends, welcome to my youtube channel. Your friend, your
brother Farhan Fayyaz is here. With a new video, in today’s video
, we will talk about the pi network transactions, the transactions that
are taking place, the products that are being bought. Which ones are being bought,
how are they being bought, aunty, there is no rate for
her studies yet, she is still a wonderful person, so how is it possible
that you are shopping for Eid, shopping is being done and
what is the meaning of it? This is what I am going to tell
you today in this video that is being translated. He
must watch his son from the beginning
till today. Maybe this video is very informative for you. It is
informative. Tease the son and subscribe to the channel and also
describe the paint so that they do not notify
the video that lives in their light . If it is easy to find out, talk. Pilot reaction is real
or fake if it looks bad. How does it mean that it is possible
because so far we are asking for it, there
is no option of transaction and no one of it. This is the final,
so let me tell you one thing, these are a garden show
that you can watch. I recently
returned to its official page, which I told you.
to be knowledge about it, you
have the purchasing end what it must know how to do
or something to show you a couple of tell as an example
You can see that the name of the current president is also present
here and the name of the current president is also not available to him. Being a
human being, the transaction that took place in February and a half has taken place
in February 2020. There is no doubt that you can see. So
let me tell you nowadays and here it is not the same. There are a lot
of positions. It’s just an example. I’m telling you, the
electronic thing has been purchased from here. Then when we will
have the things of the place and Also enough sports and also quite fast
walking also here in the head I’m just showing you as one
then it’s okay if i tell you it’s river or fake
i’ll tell you here its December 2019 I had created
a bridge transfer pilot program for which they had hired about
three hundred servants who also did not give time like us,
they only asked from here and they hired three hundred servants.
when in December 2019 I was not in the
village’s Translation here they had an application launch their Iran trip pilot program
which was three hundred slaves who demand
that our way was the pioneer who Pashtun
was not tagging a meaning above this type.
None of us had given this application
which they were translating from there and they were making you your enemy and
they were shopping it online. How did the goods that I
have told you become, the atoms fell asleep and the rest
was lacking , so let me tell you a name that is charming that one
day I will tell you if you go and see the official patch of this application.
If you go to the point above, you will find that there are a lot of
them and they have done a regular celebration and have uploaded a video
about translation and if you talk here. When he
hired those three hundred servants and translated them and the
result that came after that they will talk about the result and
how it became a conditioner
but this is the first thing that they did other services from their heads
then the currency. Someone like you and someone has
to translate on you, someone has to send or someone has compiled by
politicians can only do and then from which currency you could do even a day after that which is
It was a fairly good transaction , but many of them
started to miss it, which led to their bequests,
and then they shut down the system.
After they started translating, they will decorate their brides
. Then they closed the application and
whatever translation option was in it, they were worried and if you talk,
if you transact the first line of defense. The first meaning of the interaction
was made by the saints that it was also on the dollar. Some
people were also taking action there. After that, the dollar is also sending a
dollar above 500 500 . That rate means that he was better
, even when the Prophet’s rate is announced, it will be
much better even after that. I am going to tell him that the market place
which is very close to the pie has become. Marketplaces
that are not official are unofficial. They are like a
company. For example, you are talking about this big online shopping website
. We close the store here and see it as weather
. And I often say this happens to another
online shopping website. We are your product. If they want to
sell meaning on your websites, they act as
related articles and commission them. If they
give it to this company , then this thing happens here. It has
become a store in a lot of medical land. It
has been like this for a long time here.
If it means something better there, then I will tell you first. The H370 , which he gave
three hundred and fifteen days of translation
, is fresh for them, meaning that because of them, things would not be
enough . There is nothing left to be done. Stores have become that you
can shop online yet the update will
come in your application of its operation then you should
shop online here I should mean anything above that
no If you have left, you can remember it,
and I would like to tell you in the morning that if you are a thief
, many people will make a store, but it means
that you already have that. After that we are going to
refer to it so that you can send it to those who have
a festival, then you have to avoid them. You are
also learning from you and what you mean. Even in the department, now the product is the
same, so it is always fine. The translation is real
or the fake translation has been perfect. CR Office Prado will do it
, then you will be weighed and the rate will be given to
you. Understandably, this is a good video. If the Jews like
this video , please like it, and if not on the channel,
then subscribe to the channel, and I also describe the bell icon
so that because of them, my Every new video download in
Pakistani video goes to Chile

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