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This post is intended to help tell pioneers how they can find support in a PI network.

The first place to look for answers to your questions about the pie network, for example, how to earn a pie, or how the pie app works, is our FAQ (FAQ) inside the app or on our website : Merapi. . To learn more about Pie Network’s mission, vision and long-term strategy, please see the white paper in the app or on our website: Minepi.com/white-paper.

If you have additional questions after reading the FAQ or white paper, the Pie App chat room has chat moderators that can help provide clarification on questions and troubleshoot guidance. Pie chat moderators will have a purple colored circular M in the top right corner of their messages.

After searching for resources provided inside the app or on our official website, the Pi Network Community Wiki is the next best step. The community wiki pages are edited and maintained by the Pi Chat Moderator community and are not official statements of the PI core team. Currently, the Community Wiki is in English, and in future translations to other languages ​​submitted by the Translation Task Force will be added. Pie chat moderators will continuously add more content to the community wiki over time. You can see the community wiki here: pi.app/wiki

As a final step, PI is the network support portal, where you can enter keywords in the search bar, which will then suggest community wiki pages for you to read or email request forms. Please read the related community wiki on this issue before submitting an email request. From the help portal, you will be able to select the category of your question, from which you will be able to send us an email request. On the email request page, there are different request forms for different issues, so that the appropriate information about a specific issue can be collected by category or subject. See the help portal here: pi.app/support

The purpose of the help portal and community wiki is to help pioneers troubleshoot and resolve a problem on their own before starting an email request. The purpose of our email request system is for pioneers to report bugs and troubleshoot bug issues with the app or your pie account that are not covered by the community wiki. As ticket volumes are high, we will prioritize creative proposals and feedback on important issues, which may not be addressed by FAQs, community wikis, or PI chat moderators. The core team welcomes your meaningful questions and feedback, and even if you do not receive a response, your messages are monitored by members of the Pai core team.
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