Pi network – Sẽ đột phá lịch sử nghành tiền mã hoá

Pi network – Sẽ đột phá lịch sử nghành tiền mã hoá


1. Vào app Store hoặc CH play gõ ” Pi Network”
2. Click vào ứng dụng đã cài, rồi vào ” continue with phone number” chọn ” Vietnam +84″ rồi điền số điện thoại mình vào.
Bạn ở quốc gia nào thì điền đầu số quốc gia đó
3. Nhập password cho tài khoản ( tối thiểu 8 ký tự có 1 chữ viết hoa vá 1 số)
4. Nhập họ và tên ( không dấu) vào ” first name” và ” last name”.
5. Mục ” Choose usename” các bạn nhập tên tài khoản, nhớ là viết không dấu ( ví dụ : tên riêng VAN A
6. Mục ” invitation code” các bạn nhập “huunguyen77” rồi ấn submit
7. Chạy 3 ngày liên tục lập vòng tròn bảo mật
8. Xác minh sđt, facebook
9. Bật tia sét kích hoạt sau mỗi 24h
Quang Tung Hello guys lately
The major Pi communities have been rumored
that the Pi will be listed on major exchanges
by the end of 2021 and that Pi
will be fully traded by that time
a convention This has been raised
many of you have questioned the
accuracy of the news I believe this news is
not without first basis
as the number of active mining
entities of the Pi reaches 12 million when it has
decreased basic mining output is down to
0.1 PIN per hour and Nikolas
also issues an official announcement
on the developer channel announcing that
Pi will enter main stage in
2021 when your Pi is on electricity. phone
will be replaced with pi on the pi network
after the Online Main array is
on the main lock pi and not on the same
network as the Pi you mined with your mobile
phone at this point
we need to Now an exchange
to replace Pi from our mobile phones
with pi on the main net is
on this main process. a primary
network when the mainnet is active Pi
can be exchanged and create second
value since Pi was born in
2019 gone has gone through 2 years of ups and downs to the
end of the year after it will be eligible.
The decision to list and trade on major
exchanges is a matter of course, with
experts analyzing the value of a
pi 10 years later it took just over 10 years
for Bitcoin to grow 26 million times to more than
$ 40,000 as as leaders
of Blockchain 3.0 Picoin we
will be the first product of real value
by supporting the ecosystem and the main
application will easily achieve value 60,000 $
in 10 years, may
be What with 60,000 dollars 60,000 dollars is the
average living expenses in one year of
a household car or
house in tertiary and 4
city ​​income 8 years of an ordinary person and
the life of Your children from kindergarten
to university education funding for
graduation are all savings
of a normal family at a
reasonable rate.

i existing operators do not need your ad can exploit 2.4 Pi per
day or about 144,000 dollars faster
than printing money, not saying much 10
years later meet again. Life sometimes makes
people feel tired, pressured
and depressed. Living in understanding
, not avoiding many
conflicts like being active, it’s better to learn to
be active and learn to communicate happily.
Instead of giving up your life learning to be
part of the world instead of diligently
pursuing control of life
by playing competitive tournaments is what
determines your success being
controlled by your life by people.
otherwise, you yourself will decide your
destiny not to be controlled by
money decide your happiness
is the contentment not controlled
by the enemy what determines your happiness
is openness life Should not be
dominated by looks what determines
your growth is that insight
you do not hit and hope you
never know what tomorrow will bring
too relying on a person it will
become your habit when the first difficulty
, not being someone but the main
pillar of spirit Your success
is life the way you like it. Don’t
forget what you used to own.
Appreciate what you have. Don’t
give up on what belongs to you. Remember
what you have lost if you want to
have it. Second, the heart only enjoy
life when it is hurt, then
be hurt, become strong,
people dig pi to make money.This is
understandable When people always talk about
money, but if you don’t have money To
invest, you need to take the time to dig
pi is to have money later what
Dr. Niklas equips you with is
the race track by 1000 meters a bright future
but you join with the mind of the race. there is 100 m
you cannot complete 1,000 meters it is a matter of ability mind you cannot see the end point it is a problem of vision
very simple and fast No one is
stupid but you have to constantly
right and wrong use today’s
work to make money
tomorrow some participants just
have to see pi from the point of view of
blockchain 1.0 the reason this is
they are not aware enough to jump out
out of my mind and not yet integrated
into the blockchain era 3.0 percent of
people in the waiting state seem to
understand g does not understand hope pi network
can be successful and
doubts whether it will succeed
and is susceptible to conservatives
and negative words for Pi
70 percent is pure white without
concerned about the appearance of pi mobile
phones they spend more time
watching videos and Tik Tok and Facebook
entertainment they do not spend a lot of time to
learn about blockchain but they do not
understand reminder same people who invited them
uncomfortably hit the lightning
with the notion of not investing money and hoping
to make some money. There were also
ten percent of highly consensus people who
wrote clearly about the Pi and in the end
ten percent. hundred have made many
cryptocurrencies you are welcome and you should
belong to this group now
Bitcoin is back to basically no
strong party only real
consensus left even if bitcoin rises to
$ 100,000 in the future does not
matter If bitcoin miners
have started early, every pain from the past
almost every people will sell all their money
after they go to the exchange to make money
and laugh as the number of this application
increases and the user will continue to increase the
price of Pi in case it goes up to
1000 dollars maybe it is no longer has
nothing to do with you because it has been sold out a
few times just because prices skyrocketed and
plummeted, but there is a circle of security
and the person who introduces human nature
takes decades to
unleash their energy. Strong calculation of the
safety circle and the Pi referral link
will be issued a little to you every year.
It’s a shame selling a few hundred dollars you
can’t take care of the big things in life
and can only buy one Daily necessities
as poverty alleviation money
some people say they even
forgot their personal password or forgot
their account registration information Dr. Nikolas
wants to make Picoin the world currency
affecting the calendar history of
world financial currencies I think Picoin
will be the peak in crypto history as
it will be the peak of all time. Of history because
ordinary people of the world were
involved in the world
‘s minting , the laws of different countries
allowed colonial participation and withdrawals
were impossible in the world and
above. Everything is fair After the
sovereign credit digital currency
decentralized data will not be
forged national digital
currency with also sovereign money issued by
governments in the future. It is also
possible to falsify the data. Since having a large issue
volume is not equivalent to
the legal tender of all countries in
the world, the issue of Pi is not
large at all because Pi is not a
country on the whole. The current world 12
million miners operating has created a
different world financial history it
now 100 million miners participate in
again influencing the world like
you don’t use Facebook to know what.
This many people still cannot get rid
of their thoughts and they are still stuck
with the amount of 21 million bitcoins
there are dollars no. It is used all over
the world to settle as it is worthless
not only with the current 6 billion base coins
averaging 100 million miners and
a large number of future sellers
it is too little on word upon the release of
Painstorm many pioneers showed
the power of calling magic and many different
ideas appeared such
as how to KYC many ways to KYC for different
countries of the world How
to recommend apps
Third party please have a look at an example Pi to
throughout the sustainable exploitation of the first removal
unit so base circle of security
and co-pi by invited bring platform
will inject 40 percent to reward
the first new entry
to the left base market remains locked for 3
months and the coins will issue
linearly for 30 years all the
base coins and the invite bring
convergence will be paid for
mining pools at a rate of 31.4 percent to achieve
sustainable mining even
on the network that is Pi trading
it. It can be exploited
continuously from new entrants In short
, the Speed ​​Tower
I understand Picoin However, the amount of money
issued is more and more if sending to
friends is to continue mining but not
issue more money. continue like
this, why fear the supply, the number of
users return has exceeded 3 billion
surpassed 27 billion
Facebook members while total pi
release remains unchanged increasingly scarce and
there More valuable At the moment I don’t know
if Pi core team will approve these suggestions.If
you have any good
ideas you can also submit them
via Brainstorm app, Nikolas is
the head is the best and everyone
is a Pi shareholder So please
express your opinion to
contribute to the project and the growing pi community
in the future Thank you for
watching Hello, see you again

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