Pi Network Review: Mobile Mining (MinePi)

Pi Network Review: Mobile Mining (MinePi)


Pi Network is a Cryptocurrency you can mine on your phone. It just takes 2 seconds every day to start and the system will mine you coins for the next 24 hours passively.

In Q4 of the project, you’ll be able to send coins peer to peer and even use them for marketing advertisements. I think this is where the real value of the coin will be evaluated.

Many exciting things are to come with Pi Network, so it’s best to get started now to start mining before it gets harder to mine!

With more users everyday (500K+) joining the platform, it’ll become harder to mine because the share of the “Pi” gets less and less. Just how Bitcoin first started out.

Early days of mining BTC you were able to easily get 10 BTC a day (now worth over $80k USD), you’d be lucky to get around .05 BTC a day using some strong processing computers that cost thousands of dollars to own and operate.

If you start mining Pi today you’ll be setting yourself up for good money in the future.

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Ciao, thanks for watching!
Hello, welcome back to another video.
here on this channel I like to talk
about cryptocurrency that you can mine on
your phone especially once they can do
it for free without any cost to
start and Pi Network is one of them so
let me just talk about Pi Network real
quick, it’s a peer-to-peer market
exchange or so it would be.. emm.. you would
mine coin on your smartphone and later
on when it opens on the marketplace you
can exchange coins through the platform
peer-to-peer and that’s what will give
value to the coin right now there are
two coins on the market PI Network and
PI coin, Pi Coin is not the coin you are
looking at currently PI Network does not
have a value in the market exchange so
if anyone tells you that the PI Network
coin is worth something they are lying
they it does not have any value at this
moment PI network started about 6 months
ago and now it has about close to over
500,000 active users every day and to
use this is very simple so first let me
just let you watch this video real quick
all the remedies and no one wants to be
left behind
mining bitcoin is time and energy
intensive requires extensive physical
resources and advanced technical
knowledge introducing Pi the first and
only digital currency you can mine on
your phone that’s big
this novel approach developed by
Stanford PhDs allows you to mine
cryptocurrency on your phone by
leveraging your existing social
connections have a phone
you’ve got PI it’s time to join the
revolution download pipe today for an
Apple or Android can get your piece of
the pie okay well there you have it
that’s it and if you are ready to
download the app just hit the download
button on the bottom right corner and
use philgooddaily for the referral
code you can only get into the system by
referral code only so I’ll hit the download
and obviously, I have already downloaded so open
here I have been mining for about five
I really have 45,000 and more ish I’ve
invited over 253 people only about half
of them mine every single day because of
the timezone and it’s really easy to
mine all you have to do is hit the
lightning button on the right side the
green button and then it will start
mining passively for the next 24 hours
where and then if you want to make more
for every members you invite you get
about point 39 after it hits 1 million
after hits 1 million members it’s gonna
halve so it’s gonna be like point 18 PI
per hour so you better get on it right
and the cool thing about it too is that
you can chat with your
members, you have an earning team you can chat
with them so if you join my team you can
chat with us and you can learn more
about PI this way and I think that’s it
that’s all I want to say so happy mining
get started right now use the code feel
good daily if you want more videos like
smartphone cryptocurrency mining just
hit the like button and subscribe to me
and I will make more of these, thank you and
see you again

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