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Now a similar cryptocurrency is coming called Pai which is mobile based and the pie is getting free now and in the coming few months, the pie will be launched on the exchange platform, then we can buy only by paying rupees, if you Don’t know what pie cryptocurrency is, then you can watch my last video, in which I will give you the link,
As you see this graph in which the price of pie coin has been forecasted, in this graph it is told that after a few months of launching the pie, its value is going to be more than $ 100 i.e. more than Rs 7000 and then at $ 80 Will come and stay
Right now, a big expert in the cryptocurrency field has done a price prediction of pi and told that in the coming few months the value of 1 pi will be more than 100 dollars (7000 rupees), if you do not know what cryptocurrency you are You can see my video in the link below which I am giving
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