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code.. jeewan450

download link.. https://minepi.com/jeewan450


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Quick start Guide
Click the link: https://minepi.com/jeewan450
Or go to App Store, type #Pi network. to download and
Click on the Pi application installed, then go to
Continue with phone number?
Or ,Continue with facebook:
Enter the password for the account (minimum 8
characters # 1 uppercase letter and 1 number),
Enter #first name .and .last name,
In the #Choose username#field, enter your account
name, remember to write immediately without
diacritics (eg alice).
In the ,invitation code, field, enter # jeewan450. and
press submit.
NOTE Remember, after 24h your Pi will Stop So you
must open your Pi and remine it , Do it for once day,
Your earning team consists of the people you invite
Pi network setting new all time high of engaged
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