Pi Network Not Scam | reply to Waqar Zaka [ReAction]

Pi Network Not Scam | reply to Waqar Zaka [ReAction]


Waqar Zaka show was a famous ARY music program that was hosted by Mr waqar zaka , now a days he is advocating for legalization #cryptocurrency in Pakistan

Pi network , pi cryptocurrency is a mobile based pi coin mining project which is now become a very large being used all round the world

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In this video I have shared my views in reaction on a #waqarzaka’s Facebook post in which he wrote #pi_network_is_scam I gave my opinion that still today after 2 years #picoreteam did not ask for investing in project even a single dollar! Even in #kyc update which is being discussed among the #piineer in #brainstromapp pi team has written clearly that they will invest Pi coin replacing #dollar to complete the #kycprocess and still no advertisement is allowed or shown on #piapps home screen so there is no way to say this huge project a Ponzi scheme!
But in the other hand Mr #waqarzaka himself is trying exploiting people’s emotions and asking to invest money for a unknown purpose sometimes he claims “he is going to launch a new #cryptocurrency and now he is trying to make money by giving #tradingsignals on telegram and even he is using #unethical photos in his videos thumbnail to attract people especially youngsters of Pakistan and India!
I advised people to not consider Waqar Zaka’s post because in future #picoin could not be able to make a price on exchange users si it’s loss free !! But if #pinetwork_make_its_value than people will feel they lost too much

Pi network value link: https://youtu.be/VVZsBzkUPlk

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