Pi network – Nikolas trao đổi với Pioneers cập nhật tin mới nhất

Pi network – Nikolas trao đổi với Pioneers cập nhật tin mới nhất



Pi network – Nikolas trao đổi với Pioneers cập nhật tin mới nhất. Trên kênh Developer mời quý vị theo dõi video để biết thêm.

Quang Tung Hello everyone Have a
nice day, all of you have a lot of issues
that we must be mindful of pi Network
the pi Network opponents have made
us angry, but
please ignore it. little
one, guys would like to update the
information on the developers channel between
Pioneer and Nikolas and C.Fan Nikolas
questions and answers, project is
progressing well please follow
the information like then
there is a nickname called a Cong Huu PR
huoc 2091 Hello Nikolas my
3 node has been active for a
long time but the consensus container is
not enabled there is a problem with my node
no more than 95 percent likely using
Nikoas: reply that no problem
with your node we are just
scaling slowly and carefully
while running many recent
example tests We reset our
first testnet Again, the
testnet has to be reset at least once a quarter
and after the main trial with 1,000
nodes the reset is easy. g more than
10,000 nodes and we learned a
lot in the process next time the
whole process will be almost automated
based on the infrastructure we
built this time.This is an example of the
reason why we scale slowly
Why we can scale Now
we are moving to the stage
where we are going to increase the size of the
active nodes

and another friend asked that Hello Nikolas
Today there is a block opened
why I crashed after and my online rate is
lower than I selected on the node that opened the
box But I was not allowed to
ask me if this block is okay no
random or exhaustive this question
seems a bit confusing
Mr. Nicholas replies thanks for your patience
this week we plan to
double the size of the testnet from 1,000
nodes to 2,000 nodes running copper
containers priority is given to nodes with
open ports sorted by their availability
and start date.
Pioneer named Lana has questions whether the wallet is expected to be
released this week
Mr. Nicholas replied that the
moderators operating the nodes are
testing the first prototype of the wallet, happy
to send each other pi This week we
plan to roll out an improved
wallet.These are the modes for further testing
We will then open the improved wallet
to everyone running the
node based on everyone’s feedback
we will implement improvements in
the user experience before
we launch the whole community is important
to make the experience for as
simple as possible before deploying
the whole community
must congratulate comrades You are already running the node
you will be opening the first wallet
in CFan with a few words as follows
in the first version of the wallet that has been
mode tested in different countries
this week, we hope to launch
session the second mode and then
we will test this version
for the node based on the test in
children n and collect ideas We will make more
improvements then we will use it with
all II pioneers with
a nickname Eric house w88 asking where Vincent MCPhilips is he is no longer a Pi core team
. no Nicholas replied
Vincent stopped contributing to the project for
9 months during which he did not participate
in any work or any decision
of peco heart. Although we are sad
to see him go. We have made tremendous
progress when he is absent as
evidenced by the milestones we
have achieved
without him in the past 9 months
including the debut of the note and the
tennis play. The first developer platform and
original third-party
applications global convention the growth of
our network exceeded the 10 million milestone of
development of peco mind and our commitment
to launch Mainnet late in the
project founder who
promotes vision of Pi and build our
technology Car i am working harder than
ever and more committed than ever to
successfully walk globally congratulations
project According to you have a nickname
named selfie kmode QC asking if the note is
awarded Pi Nikolas replied we have
not made a decision yet on the extra mining
rewards for nodes either way it
is possible to make I provision
to the running nodes creating external
momentum We need to look Is it best
that the pipe Network should have internal
or external motivation for nodes unlike
Bitcoin that supports live with that can create security advocates
that can run strongly with all
external dynamics? or inside Bitcoin
there must be an external incentive to run the nodes. I
expect that and closer to the finer domain
we will have to thoroughly analyze which
is the best strategy for the current Pi that testnet
works on Bi test. Not
real but not real on this application so there are no incentives for nodes here answer c Nicholas official
has a nickname ready 19 asks when will
Mainnet launch any clue
Mr. Nicholas replies we plan to
launch at the end of the year a nick named
quotes 328 Hello Dr. Nikolas
I want to ask Pi The network is comprehensive and
fair but I can’t see
it I tried digging pi and explained to 600
people or this group why can’t choose
nodes that hang for months then don’t open boxes
but some hang for days open crate
out Please tell me where is fair
. Nikolas replied I appreciate your
as we are working hard to
organize scalable KYC solutions that
will work for every Pioneer
and We are committed to putting in the
testnet all node with proper technical
level and reputation We have
about 1,000 nodes in the testnet at this
moment and hope to double this number
by the end of the week you have just followed
information on developers Thank
you. tracked Hello and see
you and you
yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah

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