|| Pi Network New Update ||

pi network kya hai youtube link :- https://youtu.be/CSqa1B8QIiY
Hello brothers as you all will know that some new updates have come in the pie network.
Before I tell you the new updates, if you do not know what is the pie network, then you can watch my previous video, whose link I will give you in the description, if you are new on our channel then subscribe to our channel padam baral ok Press the bell icon button
So friends, let’s talk about the updates in the pie network,
The first update has come that a few days ago, the PIC core team member Nicholas had told that Pai will add some other languages ​​in the network besides English, which has added these languages ​​today, these languages ​​also have Hindi language, If you have not updated your pie network application, you can update it.
The second update has come that earlier only the core team members could post on the pie network’s home screen, now the pie network’s core team members have decided that now the pioneers can also post the pirated message on the pie network’s home screen Will be able to
So friends, how did you find these updates in the network, if you liked this video, then subscribe to the channel and like and share this video
Thank you
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