Pi network New Nodes update in Hindi

In this video I have talked in detail about the new update on Pi Network regarding Nodes. And have mentioned the important points of this update…

Node hota kya hai ??

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New Node version v0.3.4
In previous version the switch in the Node only turns on Statistics Container , that collects information for selection purposes of node and super node . But in this update, one can now also run blockchain container with that switch for selected candidates..

Download and Accessibility
Since Blockchain is started for new candidates, but the new feature of running blockchain will be rolled out gradually to different candidates for technical reasons..

System Requirements
Windows 10 Pro or Home is required with latest version of Microsoft(2004) and WSL 2 + Docker Desktop is required .
In case of Mac OS, any version + Docker Desktop is enough..

Future work
Will enable other OS to run Node
Will try to work blockchain on Docker toolbox
Possibility of 2 new features , uptime and stability, so that you can check statistics of your own performance

Significance of v0.3.4
Blockchain can now be running on larger scale by Pi Node software.
Entering into Revision Stage
It will help in improving Consensus Algorithms

Behind the scenes of v0.3.4
Core Team is continuously working on this update from last few months, and have done 8 iterations of test releases with moderators and voluntary testers before releasing the final update with community..

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Copyright Disclaimer :-
This is an educational video on the Pi Network.
Thanks to Pixabay and its contributors for the images.

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