Pi Network, My Review After 2 Months of Mining Crypto on My Phone.

2 months ago I began mining PI Network on my phone. It has been an interesting journey of discovery. As an old-time cryptocurrency user it was a foreign concept to me, to be able to mine crypto on my phone.

Although we are not truly mining crypto on our phones the idea is something I believe will be a reality soon. PI Network has released a few updates since I began mining 2 months ago.
1. They Began the KYC Process for Verified PI Network Miners.
2. The Release of Computer Mining to Decentralize the Pi Network is Coming Soon.

What I Look Forward to in 2020.
a. The Network Will Further Decentralize.
b. Transactions Between Users Will Go Live.
c. Account Verifications Via KYC for Everyone.
d. Crossing Fingers for Exchange Listing.

Use This Link to Sign Up or Use My Code Hm2ski.