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In this video I have discussed about the Lite Mode in Pi Network in Hindi. Do we have to worry about that ? Why we are having this lite mode.. What are the other errors ??#WeeklyupdatesinPiNetwork

If you haven’t heard of Pi :-
Pi is a cryptocurrency developed by Stanford PHDs with an aim to make cryptocurrency available to everyday people all around the world.
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Content :-
In this video I have discussed about the Lite Mode in Pi Network..
You don’t have to worry at all, sometimes due to technical problems in the backend, there can be server outage. Your Pi will be safe in the server..
Firstly when we have this error of Unable to sync with Pi Network, just wait for some time and try to start again.. In the mean time, core team gets updated by the moderators regarding this issue, and they already start working on the issue, if the issue is big, then core team releases the Pi Lite Mode, so that atleast everyone can mine in this situation.. And as I said, your Pi will be safe in the server, If you see less Pi in app, it may be a visual bug..
In this mode, we have also seen someone who has already completed KYC, getting option to start KYC, that’s also a visual bug, no need to worry,, and you don’t have to do KYC again

When it can be solved..
It usually takes few hours, sometimes a day too.. so don’t worry, your patience is required.

*Pi is not listed in any exchanges yet, so don’t get fooled by other scammers.*


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Copyright Disclaimer :-
This is an educational video on the Pi Network.
Official Website of Pi Network – https://minepi.com/
Thanks to Pixabay and its contributors for the images.

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