Pi network – Liên minh Trung Quốc thu gom Picoin hàng chục tỷ RMB

Pi network – Liên minh Trung Quốc thu gom Picoin hàng chục tỷ RMB



Pi network – Liên minh Trung Quốc thu gom Picoin hàng chục tỷ RMB, chuyên gia blockchain Trung quốc nói về Pi network
Welcome to Quang Tung, the latest information
on pi network would be conveyed to you today:
Hot news in China: Another alliance of tens
of billions of RMB starts buying Picoin
In the Photo taken in a Pi community chat
room on Wechat,
At current barter prices, you will receive
a large amount of money, each Pi base KYC
= $ 35.5212 = about 230 RMB.
If you don’t qualify for an internal transfer,
don’t add me.
If you ask, it’s a nothing question.
Currently, the team holds a large amount of
More than 100 million units, currently in
the money distribution market, will give priority
to official consumption of a large amount
of the basic Pi in China and will then be
speculated by capital markets and Pi holders.
can contact.
Are you shocked after seeing the photo above?
This Pioneer has threatened that their team
has tens of billions of RMB and holds a large
amount of Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS is preparing
to acquire the basic Pi in China at a high
price and they only accept Pi transferred
via IAT.
. We all know that only a few hundred people
can transfer Pi worldwide and about 30 people
can transfer Pi in China.
Therefore, this form of acquisition is not
very feasible.
The price they buy is 230 RMB per Pi IAT,
I think this price is still not the ideal
price compared to the later Pi ecosystem,
so if you trade you should think carefully!
The truth needs further testing, but this
is a positive sign
Although later seen the balance of the posting
account has several million RMB, we all know
that the balance in WeChat, Alipay can also
be used to simulate data and record the conversation
using special software, therefore the truth
of this matter requires us to do other checks
to be reliable.
Only after understanding can we make a specific
But what is certain is that financial institutions
may have smelled the Pi.
Other cryptocurrencies have hit an all-time
high, resulting in a large amount of money
being withdrawn and Pi has provided these
funds with a place to invest.
It is foreseeable that there will be a large
amount of funds participating in the competition
for Pi collection.
When financial institutions participate, more
corporate capital and retailer capital will
gradually participate.
When the retail investor realized it, it was
wrong, anyway, it depends on the individual
circumstances of each person.
The Chinese Pi community is active on Wechat
Wechat Group Chairman Zhang Xiaolong revealed
that every day 1.09 billion users open WeChat
and 330 million users make video calls, 780
million users at a given moment, 120 million
users post messages.
, including 670 million photos and 100 million
Short Videos.
There are 100 million users reading newspapers
and 400 million users using Mini programs.
This amount of information is very frightening
Let’s think about the impact that 10 million
active Pioneers can have.
Basically, every active Pioneer publishes
information about the Pi in its buddy circle
every day, and the minimum number of friends
following is 100.
According to calculations, the number of people
who can view the news is 50 people, so at
least 500 million people view the information
about Pi every day.
This is only a rough estimate and data may
be higher.
After all, not every active Pioneers can post
messages in the Pi’s circle of friends, but
this also reflects the impact that 10 million
people can have on it is absolutely enormous,
but still.
Not enough to support it this data explosion.
It remains to be seen that the number of people
possessing this data will skyrocket as soon
as the Pi goes to the main network.
It was not difficult for the number of Pi
users to reach 100 million at that time, and
of course more people will pay attention and
learn about the Pi more.
Pi has no value right now, but in the future
can it attract such value and many people
go crazy, not to mention the Mainnet?
People think about picoin in the future.
The best Blockchain development engineer in
China spoke about
We always say that the successful Pi development
in the future is an upgraded version of Bitcoin.
Even the founders have mentioned this.
Perhaps you think the founders purposely said
this because of the project’s outlook.
You may think that many of the Pi’s Pioneers
are savvy people.
If you don’t understand the gap between Pi
and Bitcoin, see how the best Blockchain development
engineer in China talks about
Pi feasibility from a technical level!
Actually, the above video is very long, I
only select one segment for everyone to see,
the specific content below will be briefly
The video of this Blockchain developer explained
and analyzed on YouTube, allowing people to
repeatedly understand the persistence or federal
Byzantine agreement consensus mechanism.
You can quickly understand the ideas of Project
from technical level, credibility level and
team is also very good!
Then, we will explain Pi
in detail from a thorough level

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