U ovom video klipu cu probati objasniti IAT pilot program koji je bio na volju i znacenje KYC.Sve sto vas zanima mozete upitati ostavljajuci komentare dole ispod.Pozivni kod za registraciju vaseg pi racuna nakom sto ga skinete aplikaciju sa google play ili minepi.com je : b05n14n.Hvala vam
In this.video ill try to explain on question from Astrain Acker aboutIAT pilot program and KYC.If you have any more questions leave them in comments below..The code you need to register under my earrning team is b05n14n.Thx

Greetings & Welcome back to PI Balkan Network
Today i supposed to talk about Pi Market but i’ll need to leave that subject for the next video.
because YT user *Astrain Ackers* asked very good question and requested a video explanation about IAP & KYC
Therefore i’ll try to explain this

IAT platform was meant for trading of material goods and services in exchange for PI inside PI Network.
IAT is planned and meant to keep PI safe from bots and fake accounts
and to ensure PI market’s economy.
The chance to apply for this was offered in earlier days
Where community members could recomend up to 3 pioneers that they belive are best able
to help bootstrap pi’s peer to peer economy.
In wich you could trade/get clothes,shoes,make up etc.etc. all of that
in exchange for PI, like it was showned in one of their official video
i belive you can find it on their facebook page.
Anyway around 99.000 users were recommended for IAT pilot program
from wich only small group were selected.
All of those selected ones finished verificaiton of their account’s
and were able to participate in those transactions (material goods/exchaange for pi)
At this moment IAT is closed.
And it is not available wich leads us to next question *KYC*

I belive i mentioned this before
KYC is basically *Know your customer*
Thats a process which all of us will need to complete to confirm identity of a real person
The process works on that way that you’ll get a pop up msg inside your PI app
that your selected for KYC verification,after that you’ll need
to take a selfie and take a picture of your nacional document (Passport,ID,driver licence)
Currently for last 2 months rolling relase for KYC verification is for those
who applied for SuperNode & Node
but that doesn’t mean that all others won’t get that chance.
In time we all will complete that verification because it is also a process of elimination of fake accounts.
Because of that immportant thing to say here is
For example if you got 1.000 PI and you also got 10 people in your earrning team
Once you complete KYC you’ll have 2 balance’s.
The first balance is Total balance where you have those 1.000PI
and the second one is Available balance which means balance of tradeable PI’s after KYC
Only those pi’s that you earned by yourself without help of activity from others in your team.
Every time when someone from your team complete KYC,pi’s from Total balance will be added to your Available balance
In time all those pi from Total bal. will end up in your Available balance
Except if you have people in your earning team who left,are not active anymore,bots,fake accounts
those PI’s wont be added to your balance.
I hope that i managed to explain what is KYC & IAT pilot program
If you have any more questions leave them in YT comments below
I’ll try to answer them or i’ll make a short video response
Thank you & see ya next time.


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