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Hey everyone RJ here. Today is a big day because the Pi Network just hit a huge milestone of 10 million pioneers. It’s crazy to think that just last year we were sitting around just 1 million users. But.. Before we begin the celebration and talk about all the cool things to come if you’re just getting started with the Pi Network, I do have another video explaining in-depth details about what the pi network is and how to get signed up. If you need a referral code, you can use mine which is on the screen now.

So.. today we hit 10 mil pioneers. There have been many questions within the community on whether or not the mining should continue or stop. No matter which side you were on, the developers have chosen what they thought was best and the mining will continue to the next milestone. The journey to 100 million pioneers now begins. This is big news because the network is going to continue to expand in users and this also means we will probably have at least another year to mine the currency. Don’t worry if you are just finding out about the coin now, it’s really not too late to get started. The key is consistency and just remembering to press the mine button every day.

Another important aspect of this milestone is that the mining rate is now halved. We have moved from 0.4 pi/hr to 0.2/hr up until 100mil. So in all reality, if someone asked me if there is still time to mine, I’d say definitely. We are far from 100 million and even if we did reach it in a year, year and a half, an average user would still be able to generate several hundred if not a couple thousand pi coins.

I received pretty good feedback from my last pi video and I thought I’d continue creating these shorter pi update videos for those who are interested.

I enjoy them because I find that they are very few pi network videos online and I like to make sure people can find reliable information when they are looking for it. As an everyday user of the pi network myself, I know people question its legitimacy, so it’s good to be able to provide some clarification to those who want it.

I am excited about what 2021 holds, for many reasons honestly.. But in terms of Pi, I’m very interested to see phase 3 begin. Like I’ve said in my past videos, the pi network development team is very transparent in what they’re thinking and involve the community as much as possible. I’m glad I can count on their updates every couple of weeks.

In terms of other things to think about, I wonder how the growth path of the Pi Network will evolve. I would think that with more users, we’ll see some exponential growth, but also I feel like over the past year the growth has been fairly linear. So I guess we’ll see. It should be fairly interesting to pay attention to.

Also, with the mainnet just being announced. This is also huge news that I’d really like to review and talk about. But like I was getting at before, I’d like to keep these videos fairly targeted in terms of what I talk about, so there will be another video on my channel talking about the mainnet if you’re interested. I think both announcements are great achievements for the network and they get me really excited about the future of the pi network.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to drop a comment below. If you liked the video, please hit the thumbs up button and if you want to see more, please subscribe! Thanks for watching and hopefully I’ll see you in another video.