Pi network – Giá trị Picoin| phân tích dự án| Pioneers Trung Quốc

Pi network – Giá trị Picoin| phân tích dự án| Pioneers Trung Quốc


– Pi network – Giá trị Picoin| phân tích dự án| Pioneers Trung Quốc.
Theo đánh giá của pioneers Trung Quốc giá trị picoin sẽ gia tăng sau mainnet, các tập đoàn tài chính sẽ đổ bộ vào Pi, số pi được giao dịch sẽ không nhiều như bạn nghĩ, sự khan hiếm khiến Pi tăng lên.

1. Vào app Store hoặc CH play gõ ” Pi Network”
2. Click vào ứng dụng đã cài, rồi vào ” continue with phone number” chọn ” Vietnam +84″ rồi điền số điện thoại mình vào.
Bạn ở quốc gia nào thì điền đầu số quốc gia đó
3. Nhập password cho tài khoản ( tối thiểu 8 ký tự có 1 chữ viết hoa vá 1 số)
4. Nhập họ và tên ( không dấu) vào ” first name” và ” last name”.
5. Mục ” Choose usename” các bạn nhập tên tài khoản, nhớ là viết không dấu ( ví dụ : Tên riêng VAN A , Họ: NGUYEN ).
6. Mục ” invitation code” các bạn nhập “huunguyen77” rồi ấn submit
7. Chạy 3 ngày liên tục xong lập vòng tròn bảo mật với các thợ đào thân cận.
8. Xác minh sđt, facebook
9. Bật tia sét kích hoạt sau mỗi 24h

QUANG TUNG Hello ladies and gentlemen, I
wish you a happy Sunday. Please
share with you and all of you the information
from the Chinese pi Network community that
you are welcome
to follow all of the Pi Project Evaluation
Analysis. What is the following content?
There are picoin pioneers
who want picoin to be listed on
the mainnet as soon as possible and realize
as soon as possible. However,
we observed that it seems that the
team participates. project is not enthusiastic about
listing on exchanges due to exchange
exchange will affect the
Pi ecosystem current situation is a
group of financial hunters
saw the potential of the Pi and they
have long been so
hot that even some exchanges have
launched the virtual currency pi imaginable
that picoin listed on
the exchange a large number of
financial institutions will pour rushing into picoin
this will cause huge volatility in the price of
the project group picoin locating currency Pi
as currency against money I need to
have a relatively steady state or a
relatively slow rise in value to give
the currency
an ecological advantage imagine that
a razor is worth 1 pi
a minute ago and only has can be worth
0.5 pi after 1 minute such situation
is unfair to
previous buyers and will affect the stability
of the entire ecosystem of picoin. Hence
listing on the exchange
is not the benefit of the
pi ecosystem because the exchange will
affect the ecosystem and therefore the whole
pi network so the project team will change their
mind and start the ecosystem first and let the
ecology fully the valuation co
pi even when the pi are
listed on exchanges in the future
its price will still be limited by the
ecosystem does not rise and fall, but even
if you do ecology before and
then Exchange the status of co-finances
to the ecosystem will not change
if you want to Maintain stability of a
strong ecosystem despite
consulting Options First, prohibiting exchange
trading without going on an exchange
without the financial and monetary industry
, there is no need to speculate because
this problem can basically be solved
but in practice after decentralization of the
Pi will lie. beyond the Control of
project teams and financial institutions there will be
many ways to coerce on exchanges
such as buying wallets from pioneers offline
mobicall or signing up for a new wallet and so on,
there are always more solutions than difficult towel
therefore most likely prohibits Pi from listing on
a High- starting Second Type exchange from
placing a high price on the pi currency to
prevent financial institutions from indiscriminately
repurchasing the pi coin thus stabilizing the
whole Pi ecosystem We find
that Bitcoin’s market value is
4.5 trillion RMB and
financial institutions can still take advantage of the price of
Bitcoin so the
Ministry of Finance cannot avail the price of
Pi price. Picoin’s market must at least
exceed Bitcoin’s value market
by a lot and the minimum must not
be lower than Bitcoin Price
currency market value pi is evaluated by
the market value of Bitcoin and calculated
according to the total amount Although it is 50 billion and there will be
about 25 billion will be listed on the exchange
then the price of pi will reach 180 yuan. you
must know that 180 yuan is only
calculated based on the market value of
Bitcoin as stated earlier.If you can not
use the money to mine Bitcoin
then the market value of a
Bitcoin exchange must reach 10 times 100 times. or
above the market value of Bitcoin in
terms of Pi currency prices respectively 1,000
1,800 yuan and 18 thousand
yuan or more The third type is becoming the
standard Let vi be a globally circulating currency
without What is the problem with the valuation
of Pi as the currency itself has become
the benchmark of corporate goods
and at this time just studying
the purchasing power of Pi as converted to
currency is also the end goal. the same
project team but in the middle there are too many
variables the sovereign states will
disagree for an outsourced
currency. Control In summary in these three
situations the first situation is almost
impossible to control the second
and the third situation is more difficult to do separately
then combining the second third strategy
to do so is difficult more difficulty and resistance
especially the second strategy
could be the main choice for the project Pi in the
short term so only
see the price of Pi high rather than
technically low picoin like
Bitcoin and ETH as an application. Decentralized Block application has
always been
one of the typical properties of
digital cryptocurrencies.However, when
funds participate in the
digital cryptocurrency industry the degree of concentration
of cryptocurrencies is
represented by Bitcoin increasing and the percentage of
transactions Bitcoin related to
investors problem retail has increased this trend
is being further reinforced when
this trend reached a certain level of
property decentralization was lost in a certain sense
and thus Now bitcoin is easily
manipulated by tycoons so picoin
will shake hands and o centralization path
is like Bitcoin
, my answer is yes but the speed
will slow down collection is the habit of
people observing around you will see
many people who have the habit of collecting, whether
valuable or not there are
collectors of calligraphic antiques,
stamp collectors, and collectors
Ultraman gold Bitcoin is also the target
of everyone’s collection even in legal currency
, people also have the habit of
saving. Why do people like to collect
I think the main reason is that the collection
makes people feel more reassured, similar to the
Pi funnel will also be booked before by many people
is one of the reasons that the Pi coin
will be concentrated. Due to the
preeminence of the Pi, after being
listed on the main network it will inevitably
arouse the interest of major exchanges
and a large amount of money from
financial institutions will be paid for in
pi even if the project team has no
intention of going on the exchange there will be
strong exchanges
after the mainnet takes ownership u projects
Pi does not belong to an individual or
organization even if the money goes not
listed on the exchange of money
can still be used offline to constantly
buy money Pi so with the accession of
the Funds financial institutions will
control a certain amount of picoin and gradually
expand the volume of storage that has an
ecological impact on concentrations for example with the opening
of barter stores and pre-micro
social applications. Slowly run from the
pioneers to the pi
in traders’ hands, to
the more high- end raw material traders
, and eventually the pi coins
in the traders hands will run to a
handful. However, the more complete the ecosystem
is, the more complex financial institutions are
, and the greater the resistance to the
centralization of the currency, the greater
the entropy value in physics, the greater the entropy
value, the more stable the system
at the same time. due to the two-node
contribution and the pi flow-sharing mechanism
it would strongly prevent the concentration of
pi coins and the The more complete the picking, the greater
the role of the sharing mechanism,
although there is a resistance to the concentration
of the pi coin, the concentration trend
will not change the mechanism of Pi coin issuance,
prolonging the concentration time of
Picoin. in the project team accounting for 1/5 of the total
remaining 4/5 is disregarding the amount considered
in the hands of the project team will not be listed
on a large scale so the total amount
of the coins will be issued
. meaning that almost half of the
shopee will be issued in the future
so the time it takes for the Pi to gather
will be longer at least there will be no
centralization in just 10 years like
Bitcoin. will
concentrate gradually But the long time to concentrate, the
coin gradually concentrates , there may
be unexpected situations, no one
knows what will happen to the
Pi all you
have to do is understand the work
progress. project side’s work
when everything went right then submit
it to the whitepaper Pi network Thank you
for your follow-up information.
Hello and see

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