Pi network – Đã làm được gì trong tháng 1 – 2021. Nikolas nói về node


Pi network – Đã làm được gì trong tháng 1 – 2021
– Nikolas nói về Node

1. Vào app Store hoặc CH play gõ ” Pi Network”
2. Click vào ứng dụng đã cài, rồi vào ” continue with phone number” chọn ” Vietnam +84″ rồi điền số điện thoại mình vào.
Bạn ở quốc gia nào thì điền đầu số quốc gia đó
3. Nhập password cho tài khoản ( tối thiểu 8 ký tự có 1 chữ viết hoa vá 1 số)
4. Nhập họ và tên ( không dấu) vào ” first name” và ” last name”.
5. Mục ” Choose usename” các bạn nhập tên tài khoản, nhớ là viết không dấu ( ví dụ : tên riêng VAN A
6. Mục ” invitation code” các bạn nhập “huunguyen77” rồi ấn submit
7. Chạy 3 ngày liên tục lập vòng tròn bảo mật
8. Xác minh sđt, facebook
9. Bật tia sét kích hoạt sau mỗi 24h

Quang Tung hello everyone Today
we take a look at what pi Network did
in January 2021
in 2021, you
can say that Pi has no progress, how
many things happened in a month you
have. Find out and do you know what
Pi network has been doing this
January from January 1, 2021
announcing pi’s homepage 2021 will be
the next important period for the
community. and we are very
happy that you can join Pi
from 8 Jan 2021 had
the first Pi’s encyclopedia that
could further solve the problems that pioneers
faced with
the 9th January 2021 enters
light mode lite mode which only allows
basic Pi functions such as
log mining and register your balance
will not be updated in real
time in hybrid mode but after piapp is
back to normal rest assured that
when you are safe January 15,
2021 Brainstorm has repeated its
assessment function. a people you can
like it or rate the common good
January 23, 2021 video
of Nikolas sermon in stanford number of views
exceeded Hundreds of thousands in just a few
two days 27 Jan 2021 when there were more than
12 million people active pioneer
If possible Mining at a
higher rate with the development of a conventional mining
network that makes it increasingly difficult
for early contributors to become
increasingly scarce and scarce.
Don’t miss the same time the 4-dot
launch note
January 28, 2021 reset the
Pi node opens up a number of new features
since January 29, 2021 node version
0.4.1 has officially released a number of
bugs in this version has been fixed
on January 30, 2021 node pi version
0.4.2 has officially released continue to
fix bugs in the version before the first version of
the Beta Wallet when
officially released for one test
Mr. Nicholas said that as you can
see a new version of pi Node has
been released it’s v 0.4.0
h New photos will better support for micro-pi
can solve the problem node that
some members met to resolve the
issue in which some nodes can be
disconnected with testnet after power failure
support updates automatically and shows in
the user interface the number of nodes
associated with you and shows
many Are you supporting other nodes
or not, i.e. if your tiers
are open please repeat support the other nodes
are the prerequisites for becoming
a super node but it’s okay to be a super node
not everyone has
to be the last super node this new
version is compatible with
testnet reset. re-
join this release after
reset we plan to
stay in testnet sometime for the
next 24 hours
If you were part of the testnet during
the first reset your note
will switch to not running
consensus it Training the consensus then
switches back to Running it running it
but fish c block will start over from
zero. Once again Nicholas: we
are testing and gradually scaling up
to maintain your stats
properly we
have re-tested all the old nodes if you have
n’t upgraded to 0.4. 1 we forgot
to do so in addition we
are working on 0.4.2 to have more of
you small bug fixes please pay attention
and thank you guys for watching
Hello and see you again at


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