Pi Network Convention Part 4 in हिंदी | Pi Mobile Mining का क्या Future होगा ? Don't miss

In this video I have discussed about the 4th session of Pi Network Convention / Coinvention in Hindi that started today in the homescreen of Pi Network. In this convention, many pioneers from different parts of the world expressed their opinion regarding the future of Pi Network Mobile Mining.

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Watch this video before leaving Pi –

– Introduction
The session is based on the discussion on Future of Pi Mobile Mining. Should we stop Mobile mining after 10 M or not. And at present we have reached 9 Million engaged pioneers..

1st video;-
In this video Dr. cfan gave some introduction regarding the panel, and said at first they have shown in Whitepaper that we should reach 100 million users , however at that time, they were uncertain about few things:-
1. How fast the users will join
2. Progress of Pi Ecosystem before 10M
3. Progress of Mainnet before 10M
Now they are opening this discussion with the pioneers, and wants them to share their opinion on it,
In the same video Dr. Nicolas told that we have reviewed each videos, and selected few videos out of them, and based on these videos and community topics, they will decide about the future of Pi Mining

2nd video:-
In this video, Many pioneers shared their opinion, some are in favour of stopping mobile mining at 10M and some are against this..
Basically the main reason of Stopping mobile mining is :-
If the mining continues, the supply will be very large, it will be in trillions, and it will create difficulties in building the value of Pi, as supply plays an important role in determining value.
The reason people are in favour of Continuing mobile mining is :-
Since we know the main goal of Pi Network is to make cryptocurrency available to everyday people all around the world, and if the mining stops, there will be no incentive for new users to join the network..

My Opinion :-
I think the mobile mining must continue for some time, otherwise stopping mining will conflict the vision of Pi Network which is to make cryptos available to everyday people in the world for daily transaction. I know supply plays an important role in determining value, but if the supply is increasing, the user base is also increasing… And if mining stops, no new user will join, and the community of Pi Network will remain near 10M. This is what I think, what’s your opinion..??
I am open to the discussions…

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Copyright Disclaimer :-
This is an educational video on the Pi Network.
Official Website of Pi Network – https://minepi.com/
Thanks to Pixabay and its contributors for the images.

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