Pi Network Convention Part 3 in हिंदी | Building value with Pi Apps | Don't miss (3rd Session)

Pi Network Convention Part 3 in हिंदी | Building value with Pi Apps | Don't miss (3rd Session)

In this video I have discussed about the 3rd session of Pi Network convention or Coinvention in Hindi that started today in the homescreen of Pi Network. In this convention, core team members and 3rd party developers talked about their ideas on Pi Apps Platform and how they are gonna help in building value of Pi

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Pi Network Whitepaper in Hindi..

What will happen if our team members don’t verify ?

Crypto will ban or not ?

Watch this video before leaving Pi –

– Introduction
The session is divided in to 10 different videos and is based upon the Pi Apps Platform…
The main aim of Pi Apps Platform is to build an intrinsic value of Pi.. Unlike many other crypto projects whose main focus is to get listed on exchanges, getting some gains in the initial launching , manipulating prices with bots, and taking away the money of investors, Pi has a different goal.. At this time Pi is focusing on building a d-apps platform which will help in building intrinsic value of Pi.

1st video;-
In this video Dr. Chang gave some introduction about Pi Apps Platform and later discussed about the two types of apps
Business Apps e.g. Marketplace and Gaming Apps
Ecosystem Apps e.g. Crowd Sourcing Apps for the betterment of Pi Ecosystem
Later on she discussed about the Role of Core Team in providing facilities to the 3rd party developers and discussed about few types of apps which are not allowed..

2nd video:-
Here the other member of core team discussed about the updates and plans of Pi Apps Platform

3rd video:-
In this video cfan discussed about the apps initiated by Core Team..
The video consists of two parts
Apps to improve and build
(It contains expanding features of Pi Chats and expanding the use of Pi Homescreen for other pioneers also as a social media)
Apps to Guide
(It contains providing guidance to the crowd sourcing apps like Translation app for the Pi network and KYC solution for Pi.)

4th video;-
In this video Co-founder and CEO of FeverIQ thanked the community and the core team for helping in fighting Covid 19 . They have successfully made a Risk Calculator which is 2.7 times more accurate then other calculators. It is all done because of the effort of community by taking part in the Surveys.

Next Videos;-
Next 6 videos consists of proposals and demos of apps by 3rd party developers which consists of ;-
1. Task Bounties Apps (like freelancing platforms)
2. PayPi Mall (Unofficial marketplace for the Pi Network)
3. Gaming Apps (By founder of LiteMint)
4. Playground Safety App (Basically a survey app which will help identify the risk , nature of different locations)
5. Youpi Mall (Initiative by French Pioneers in building a marketplace for Pi Network)
6. KYC Solution (Proposal of Free KYC Solution for the pioneers in China and they can even extend it to the different countries later on)

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Copyright Disclaimer :-
This is an educational video on the Pi Network.
Official Website of Pi Network – https://minepi.com/
Thanks to Pixabay and its contributors for the images.


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