Pi Network Convention in हिंदी | Nodes से क्या पैसा कमा पाएंगे ? Don't miss

Pi Network Convention in हिंदी | Nodes से क्या पैसा कमा पाएंगे ? Don't miss

In this video I have discussed about the Pi Network convention or Coinvention in Hindi that started today in the homescreen of Pi Network. In this convention, core team members talked about the potential of Pi Network in their Nodes..

Telegram group for Pi network updates in Hindi
Pi Network ✔️

Pi Network Whitepaper in Hindi..

What will happen if our team members don’t verify ?

Crypto will ban or not ?

Watch this video before leaving Pi –

– Introduction
The session is divided in to 4 different videos and is based upon the Nodes,…

1st video;-
In this video Dr. Nicolas gave some introduction of the Pi network Convention and why they have named this convention as Pi COiNVENTION..

2nd video:-
In this video Mr. Aurelien discussed about the updates placed in Nodes in 2020

3rd video:-
In this video Aurelien shared the roadmap of Nodes , how they are going to implement further upgrades in the Nodes, and talked about the selection process of Super Nodes and how they are going to implement consensus algorithm and make it suitable using different experiments and consensus graph manipulation so that it can work on Mainnet without any problems…

4th video;-
In this video Dr. Nicolas talked about the unleash potential that Nodes have and how they can use it in different ways which can generate passive incomes to the Nodes..
Potential of Nodes :-
We can use it in different economic applications like decentralized finance for example in Tokenisation of Real Estate
We can use Nodes for preventing us from the risk of removal from centralized app stores
We can earn Passive Income by sharing our resources through Nodes..
1. Sharing Disk Space
2. Network Bandwidth
3. Processing Power

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Copyright Disclaimer :-
This is an educational video on the Pi Network.
Official Website of Pi Network – https://minepi.com/
Thanks to Pixabay and its contributors for the images.


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